French government doubles down on totalitarian crushing of ideas critical of regime

This is serious.. Four people arrested at a demonstration critical of the arrest of General Piquemal two weeks ago in Calais

at the Calais demonstration on Feb.


The arrest can be seen here in the video below, which was surprisingly difficult to find. It seems like the videos with the name of the General don’t show the arrest. You have to watch ones that don’t get the name right to see one that does. Curious that.

I guess totalitarian regimes know a Casus Belli when they see one.

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6 Replies to “French government doubles down on totalitarian crushing of ideas critical of regime”

  1. The leftist governments of Europe turning into oligarchies doesn’t surprise me, this is what the left does to all nations they seize control of. The resistance of the European people doesn’t surprise me although the length of time it has taken them to start resisting does surprise me.

    The big thing that does surprise me is that it has taken so long for the Islamic invaders to start taking off their masks and showing what they are really like. Next comes the times that try mens souls and it will show the people what they are really like, we will discover if the people of the west will show that they are worthy of the freedom their ancestors died to give them or if the leftist attacks on all of society and culture have removed all signs of courage from Europe and those of European descent.

    • I have always thought that genetics plays a bigger role in human actions then the left wants us to know, this invasion is going to let us find out if nature can overcome left wing nurture.

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