Rush asks if the Pope is Catholic, Geopolitics and much more: Links 1 on Feb. 20 – 2016

1. Rush on the Pope

(Many of us have been saying for a while now that we don’t know what the pope is but he is clearly not Catholic)

2. Japan ‘commits’ cultural appropriation on an industrial scale

(In the unlikely event that a Japanese person or leftist who reads this and may be bereft of a sense of humour, I think this is a perfectly lovely bit of whimsey and think its a near perfect example of multiculturalism en extremis but in a functional and valuable way. I post this as a form of contempt for the people who now use the fully bogus and fully selectively enforced notion of ‘cultural appropriation’ as a vector for attacking all people of classical civilizational backgrounds and not against, say Africans who visit an actual doctor. Or Chinese people that make and use goods by way of Henry Ford’s assembly line methods etc.)

I think they’re turning Japanese I really think so

3. Cameron announces end-of-June referendum for the UK to decide on EU membership.

(So that gives him just over 4 months to leverage whatever he wants out of the EU before rolling out a dishonest referendum question (Canadians will remember the various Quebec questions that were designed for a specific outcome) as well as a phony procedure tilted towards the desired answer. I don’t think it would take 4 months to set up a referendum on a simple issue. But it would take 4 months to get the EU bureaucrats to set up the right answers and fake the right policies to appease a British public fed up with seeing their culture not ‘appropriated’ but obliterated by decimation via dictatorial bureaucrats passing laws from Brussels for the sake of Germany’s Merkel)

4. Labour Students launches ‘immediate investigation’ after more allegations emerge of anti-Semitism within Oxford University Labour Club

(Should be a cheap investigation to complete. Jus buy a full length mirror and its done)

An “immediate investigation” into anti-Semitism within the Oxford University Labour Club (OULC) has been announced after co-chair Alex Chalmers resigned and more members came forward with allegations of ‘anti-Jewish’ incidents.

Labour Students – the autonomous student wing of the UK Labour Party and the largest political student organisation in the country – has released a short statement, which reads: “Following the allegations of anti-Semitic behaviour at Oxford University Labour Club, Labour Students have launched an immediate investigation.”

The announcement has come shortly after Oxford University Jewish Society (Oxford JSoc) released a second statement on Wednesday, in which it said other OULC members have approached it with reports of “anti-Semitic statements and incidents.”

5. NATO warns Turkey it can’t count on support in a conflict with Russia as tensions escalate

(Lets hope this is a meaningful warning as opposed to the ones Obama gives and red lines drawn etc.)

European diplomats have warned the Turkish government that it cannot count on the NATO support should the conflict with Russia escalate into an armed conflict, according to German media.

Ankara has called for a joint ground operation in Syria with its international allies, insisting it is the only way to stop the country’s five-year war. Saudi Arabia has said it would be ready to take part in an international force to be deployed in Syria.

6. SWEDEN: Rapist migrant from Eritrea gets deportation sentence after SECOND rape case, however officials say deportation is very UNLIKELY to happen due to dangerous conditions in Eritrea.

(This is an unknown translator to us, so I can’t authenticate this story. Perhaps Google Translate of the original link can give an indication)


Eritrean rapist Henok Werie Fri, 35, was ALLOWED to stay in Sweden after attacking and raping a young woman. After release from prison, as he obviously could committ the same crime again, he is sentenced to deportation.
One evening in April 2011, a woman was on her way home to work when she was attacked in an overpass elevator at Gymnastikgatan street in central Eskilstuna and brutally raped. The man beat her and threatened to kill her during the assault.
DNA evidence led police to Henok Werie Fre, which previously was convicted of a similar assault rape of a female newspaper distributor in Boden 2008.
Werie Fri chose to flee to Italy, where he stayed away for nearly five years. In the email that he sent to the Swedish police, he claimed that he had not raped the woman but only hit her. He also claimed that he felt “OFFENDED” by the investigation.

7. As was 100% predictable, Cameron’s ‘referendum’ was a sales job for a deal he made with the EU.

(A deal which does not give back any sovereignty to Great Britain etc. This won’t be a referendum at all but a rubber stamp on Cameron’s legacy. Just watch)

David Cameron today confirmed the EU referendum that will determine the future of Britain and define his career will take place on June 23.

Following a landmark Cabinet meeting that lasted more than two hours, the Prime Minister addressed the nation in Downing Street.

But within minutes of the speech, six of Mr Cameron’s Cabinet ministers appeared at a Vote Leave rally to sign on to the campaign against the Prime Minister.

Commons leader Chris Grayling said Mr Cameron’s deal had failed to secure power over Britain’s borders or allow the Government to strike trade deals around the world – insisting a ‘sovereign country should be able to do that’.

And Justice Secretary Michael Gove said he had wrestled with his conscience but had to back Brexit despite the Prime Minister’s view.

8. Minister rejects EC critics over caps

Austria’s combative interior minister rejected Saturday EU criticism of its cap of 80 asylum claims per day, saying a letter of complaint to her from the bloc’s migration commissioner was “sent to the wrong address”.

“It should be generally known that Austria does not have an external EU border and is therefore not the first safe country that these people (migrants) set foot in,” Johanna Mikl-Leitner told the Austria Press Agency (APA).

“If everybody stuck to the content of the letter (from migration commissioner Dimitris Avramopoulos), then Austria would not have a problem with it. But the letter was clearly sent to the wrong address,” Mikl-Leitner said.

Instead, the complaints should be sent to safe countries that the migrants pass through on their way to Austria, she said, in a reference in particular to Greece, the main entry point in the European Union for migrants.

(Like the United States, the EU does not like its own laws when they interfere with the post modern agenda)

Thank you M., Tico in FInland, Wrath of Khan, Buck, Kathy, Maria J., and all who sent in so much great material. There is more. In fact some really great stuff is in the oven, such as a new Jeppe video, the Danish Pat Condell or Ezra Levant. Sort of a cross between the two with a dash of Brian Lilley perhaps. Anyway its great and I hope to post it very soon.

There is something I would really like to see in the comments under this post and that is a discussion on episode 4 of Season 1 of the new X files. A highly disturbing episode about muslim suicide bombers with some serious semi-subliminal iconography in it. I would really like to know what people who read this site and saw that show thought of it please.

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  1. Regarding article #3

    Cameron and pals will pull out every dirty trick in the book but they will be quite deliberately obvious about it.

    The overt tampering with the process will be used to make plausible the hidden rigging of the outcome.

  2. 2- Now if only the Tards could be convinced to appropriate OUR culture on such a scale there wouldn’t be a problem. We should all convert to Judaism. By the millions. The whole country. Wouldn’t see much more of their little peacenik games like “Hijab” days. The sooner the gloves come off the better.

  3. PS to #1 : I just had a micro epiphany: What if this Pope would actually be playing Devil’s Advocate and be a closet right winger? … What if he MEANT to help Trump which, as it turns out, he did?

  4. I don’t know if Ezra Levant would like to be called ‘in the oven’. lol
    As for today’s movies, I download them all as torrents, I won’t spend a penny on those commie propaganda garbage. They should pay me for watching them. Did you people notice how 99% of doctor roles are given to blacks? Anyone know why? I do 😉

      • When I was 15, my first year in Canada, I barely knew a few words in English, but I noticed when watching The Simpsons, how March is always smarter then Homer and Lisa was a genius next to Bart, of course the doctor was black. This didn’t represent reality, but back then I thought it’s just to be original, didn’t know about the leftist propaganda.
        Then I started noticing that in movies and I kept telling myself I’m paranoid, try not to notice it. Now I know in advance who’s the good guy, who’s the bad guy, who’s smart and who’s dumb, simply from their skin colour and the hardware between their legs. Yet the vast majority of people don’t have a clue about these things.
        Back in Romania they had commie propaganda for kids and I knew it’s bs. I was only watching it waiting for the 5-10mins of Tom and Jerry. They had a girl vomiting praise for Ceausescu that was so exaggerated, she looked and sounded as if she had an orgasm. I guess when your stomach is empty, it’s harder to make you swallow the lies.

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