Calais, the protest, the hero, the turn-around and the questions

As this site reported, during the protest in Calais by PEGIDA that the government banned but citizens did anyway, a former general and commander of the French Foreign Legion in the 1990s, General Piquemal, was the figurehead and champion of the people of Calais for this demonstration.

Regula readers of this site might have noticed a somewhat conspicuous absence of information after the brutal and well videotaped arrest of the General by police, even while ‘ANTI-FA’ violent protestors went unmolested.

The General was in jail that night and in hospital the next, after which he gave a stunning speech about how wrong he was to be at the protest and made other noises consistent with current government policies in France today. After he was released, he made another sharp turn and spoke again about the plight of the indigenous French.

It will take some time and research to come up with some kind of definitive explanation for these events but the video below may offer some data points at least. It would not be unfair to suspect that the General may have experienced some kind of government pressure to say the things he did subsequent to his release. But this is speculation for the moment.

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8 Replies to “Calais, the protest, the hero, the turn-around and the questions”

  1. Why can’t they just do the same thing to the General that the Democrats did to David Petraeus? If they can threaten to bust their top general down a star for nothing, why couldn’t the French Government threaten to bust General Piquemal down to Private? Hell, what’s to stop them from saying they found unmentionable porn on his computer? These people are threatening the French Government, why is it inconceivable the Government might play hardball? Tell an old guy you’re going to take away his pension and destroy his reputation and he might well just fold his hand right then and there…

      • There really are so many ways you could coerce an old retired general, or anybody else for that matter, aren’t there – especially if you’re the government. Depending on how dirty they want to play it, there is really a wide open vista of possibilities at their disposal. And all it takes is for them and their media buddies to label you an extreme right-wing racist and suddenly you’re a concentration camp commandant being hanged for his crimes against humanity. It’s ludicrous… It works…

        • All of you are right, and it is coming to all nations, this development is part of a historical pattern that we will never break. What the left never seems to learn is that the people will always resist enslavement and people will always step up to lead the resistance. I hope the current resistance movements in Europe have been reading about how the resistance worked in WWII and also on how to topple authoritarian governments.

  2. Nothing new here ,those in power , and intent on keeping their grip, will do all in their power to declare those who pose a threat to them as an ‘enemy of the state.

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