Blasphemy laws back in Denmark, Trump lays it out for Europe, Geopolitics and more: Links 2 on feb. 13 – 2016

1. Donald Trump: mass immigration from Islamic nations would lead to the “end of Europe”

(If these quotes are accurate, Then Trump may be the only politician in a position to potentially have influence that both understands the issues and is willing to say them out loud)

Trump also predicted nothing less than “real revolutions” if there was not a change in policy—presumably as native Europeans rise up against their own treasonous leaders. [EXCLUSIF. Trump : “La France n’est plus ce qu’elle était”, by   André Bercoff, February 10, 2016]

The interview created headlines all around the world, notably in outlets like the London Daily Telegraph, Newsweek, and RT (formerly Russia Today). But despite mentions in The Blaze and WND (formerly WorldNetDaily), the Beltway Right seemed unconscious of a prediction of the imminent end of Western Civilization from the GOP’s leading contender for President.

2. Twelve rapists, a 13-year-old victim and a terrifying truth Britain still won’t face: The disturbing full story behind the gangs of Pakistani men who target white girls

One of the most familiar buildings in Keighley — an old mill town in the heart of Bronte country in West Yorkshire — is the former police station, with its underground car park, on Devonshire Street.

The ‘cop shop car park’ — as it is still known today — is the unofficial divide between Keighley’s two Asian areas: Highfield, which lies on a hill rising from the centre of Keighley up towards the moors, and, at the opposite end, Dalton Lane and Lawkholme.

Young Asians from these neighbourhoods refer to themselves as ‘Top Enders’ and ‘Bottom Enders’ respectively. Rivalries between them, fuelled by the drugs trade, have sometimes spilled over into violence.


3. Europe’s classical liberals distribute pepper spray to women to protect themselves from raping, robbing, groping refugees.

(Notice how RT frames this issue. It really wasn’t that long ago that they would have been called ‘far left’ activists for doing exactly the same thing. They still would today if a case could be sold that it was white Europeans that are the problem. Then the left would be out there giving away Soros-bought tasers and testicle shaped cattle prods. But since it is rational people giving a defense to women against a genuine threat, muslim illegals, suddenly they are “far right”. If ever there was an appropriate use for the 80s slogan, ‘think for yourself’ its in response to how the MSM labels people today)

Austria: Vienna’s far-right distribute pepper spray ‘to save women from refugees’

Austrian members of the far-right ‘Identitarian’ movement distributed pepper spray cans in Vienna on Thursday, in a bid to encourage women to protect themselves against attacks. The activists claim that following a large influx of refugees into Europe, women should be prepared for a purported increase in sexual abuse cases.

Following dozens of attacks on women in Cologne over New Year’s Eve, Europe’s far-right have stoked fears that the recent influx of refugees will increase the rate of sexual abuse cases and violent crime. Self-defence equipment and personal weapons sales have reportedly sky rocketed in European countries taking the majority of asylum seekers.

In neighbouring Germany, applications for small-weapons licences have doubled since the beginning of 2016, while 300 requests were made in Cologne alone in January.

4. Hillary Clinton’s loyalties.

Almost a month ago, Fox News reported that the FBI’s investigation of possible national security violations stemming from Hillary Clinton’s private email system had expanded to include a corruption angle, centered on the Bill, Hillary, and Chelsea Clinton Foundation and the possibility that Foundation donors received favorable government treatment during Mrs. Clinton’s tenure as secretary of state.

The Fox report prompted indignant denials from Mrs. Clinton’s presidential campaign that there had been any broadening of the probe. Yet, the government is not required to disclose the course of its investigation publicly, much less to its subjects. And now, there are additional indications that the government is indeed scrutinizing the cozy relations the State Department enjoyed during Secretary Hillary Clinton’s tenure with both the Clinton Foundation and a Clinton-connected consulting firm called Teneo.

5. Muslim Tory Councillor Admits: Some Muslims Think Girls Abused by Gangs Had It Coming

A Muslim Conservative Councillor in Bradford has admitted that some local Muslims believe child victims of Muslim sex-grooming gangs are complicit in their abuse. “They believe it takes two to tango,” he said.

His comments come after 12 Muslim men were sentenced to a combined 143 years in jail for the year long abuse of a vulnerable 13-year-old girl.

On Monday, the twelve men of Pakistani origin were handed sentences at Bradford Crown Court of between three and a half to 20 years for their role in the sexual exploitation of a 13 year old local girl who was repeatedly raped by the gang, the Daily Mail has reported.

6. Turkey and Saudi Arabia ready to send in ground troops to the Syrian theater

(Russia made some strong suggestions yesterday as to the consequences of such actions)

7. Denmark fines citizen for Facebook post, critical of islam

(For Danish News story on this issue please click here)

8. Russia: New cruise missile ship leaves for Syria

(One may wonder about why the Russians are broadcasting this other than they may want those NATO members capable of knowing what this naval asset can do to know what Russia is capable, and presumably willing to do)

9. Swedish police investigate killing at refugee center

Police are investigating a killing at an asylum center in Sweden after a fight broke out among residents.

It is the second such incident in a month after a 22-year- old employee at a refugee center for unaccompanied minors was stabbed to death, prompting concerns that authorities were being overwhelmed by the number of asylum seekers in the country.

Police said the fight broke out on Saturday afternoon in Ljusne, a town of about 2,500 people on Sweden’s east coast, some 240 km north of Stockholm, but gave no further details.

Swedish media said four people had been involved and a sharp object had been used. It appeared to be a fight among people living at the center and no staff were injured.

10. First Calais, Then Dunkirk, Now Zeebrugge Is Set to be Overrun by Migrants Clamouring for Britain

Migrants determined to get into Britain are abandoning the camps at Calais and Dunkirk and making for the small port town of Zeebrugge in Belgium, where security has not yet been beefed up. The rapid influx of migrants to the area has many locals alarmed, as they fear social unrest of the sort recently witnessed in Calais.

Calais is currently on the front line of the European migrant crisis thanks to the 7,000 migrants camped out at The Jungle on the outskirts of town, not to mention the hundreds of far left activists who have flocked to the area.

(Funny, the people of Calais have not noticed any reduction in migrants there)


Thank you WTD., M., Richard, Buck, Maria J., Wrath of Khan, Oz-Rita and many more

A lot more coming tonight. Some very good material from Europe.

Also this is an amusing bit of wishful thinking about El Al. But beyond the amusement value, it is a decent rhetorical device against leftists that claim they are not racist but of course are.

You can ask them if they are against terrorism and racial profiling. They will likely say yes. Then ask if they would be OK with such a device as it doesn’t profile and then listen to the stony silence as they do the math because even they know that 99%+ of all that get blown up in said manner would be muslims.

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11 Replies to “Blasphemy laws back in Denmark, Trump lays it out for Europe, Geopolitics and more: Links 2 on feb. 13 – 2016”

  1. look at these ugly monsters from the pakistani rape gang .. did they all crawl out
    of the ass of a dyin’ goat ?? how can a young child possibly deal with these
    sub human scum .. homicidal whenever i see this ..

  2. 1. Trump. What a buffoon! What’s needed now is a leader who has the odd ability to disarm the corrupted American media. A man who speaks the truth and not the leftist narrative. A man who is rich enough to be above using his office to line his pockets. A street smart man, not a con man. A man who embodies the American spirit as a proven risk taker and winner. A man who rises from the populace and presents the small hope that he may be The One of Churchillian proportions as a war time president. A man who distinguishes himself from other good and patriotic candidates with his charisma–essential to leadership. A leader who panders not for affection and election by using a welfare state as bribery, but rather embraces private enterprise as the driver of wealth and freedom. What America, and the western world needs now is “some chicken, some neck!” That elusive phoenix can be only Trump, Trump Trump. What’s in a name, America?

  3. Regarding article #4

    We will see whether Hillary is indicted immediately on the evidence currently gathered or whether this “widening” of the investigation is merely a means to stall having to act until after the election.

    I’d bet on the latter.

    • It is a widening of the investigation to delay the decision and a search for more evidence. The FBI prays that the next President will indict her and the left prays they can crook the election enough to put her in the White House.

  4. The two most obvious reasons for Russia to make the statements about the ship are to warn Saudi and company to back off since the ship is a more secure place to launch tactical nukes from then artillery near the front line. The second is to warn NATO to pull their planes and personal out before they get caught in the bombing.

    • In all of the possible scenarios I have looked at about what is going to happen in the Mideast this is one that I never thought of. Thinking about it now it makes sense, Russia wants to keep the iihad our of Russia as much as they can, and they wnat to keep the port in Syria for their fleet in the Med and the Atlantic. (although the straits of Hercules are a choke point they will have to run).

      Given their long border and the problems they are having internally the use of tactical nukes make sense if you don’t care about what the rest of the world thinks. Especially with the US deterrent pretty much neutered while Obama is in the White House.

      The big problem for them is how will Saudi and by extension Pakistan react? For that matter Iran probably won’t like the idea of non Moslems using nukes on other Moslems. The Iranians may consider the Russians as mercenaries that are working for Iran but Saudi and Pakistan may do that as well and Pakistan may decide to retaliate against Iran.

      This is game that is part chess, part poker and part Go, is Putin bluffing, does he have some other plan, what will the counter move by Turkey and Saudi be? What will Iran do and what are all of them doing with the hand that isn’t visible. Look for the hidden motive and the moves being made behind the scene.

      • The “Russia will use nukes” assumption is invalid.

        The same thing was said of the Israelis in several conflicts where they were vastly outnumbered.

        In the end it was the difference between shitty soldiers and skilled soldiers that won the day, not superior firepower. Putin is not stupid. He won’t give the west a pretext to get involved. From what I hear the Saudi army is big on dollars but doesn’t have a handful of guts between the lot of them.

        Nobody in the CAPSLOCKCREW seems to be bothering to discuss how Turkey and the Saudis would even transition the narrative from an anti-terrorism sweep of rebel held Syria to an invasion of Assad’s turf.

  5. #6. Turkey and Saudi Arabia ready to send in ground troops to the Syrian theater

    This could be an extremely bad development if the Turks and the Saudis fire one shot in the direction of Bashar al-Assad’s forces, which is probably exactly what they’re planning on doing. Do you really think those two Sunni nations would get this worked up about just killing ISIS? The world may have just gone truly mad.

    What the hell is Obama supposed to do now? Are the American’s just going to say, “Thanks for the help”, as the Turks and the Saudis come in and start attacking the Regime and the Russians go into full battle mode? The Americans have, after all, been fighting that very regime for years, as well as constantly insisting that Bashar has to go before peace can be achieved, which is exactly what the Saudis are saying now. Is Erdogan thinking that his Nato “partners” will have to come in on his side if their hand is forced? Well, duh…

    This is all the Americans’ fault. If Obama hadn’t made the Lord-high-and-mighty decision (Along with John McCain) to replace the president of a peaceful sovereign nation, whom they had been dealing with successfully for years, that section of the world may well be at peace at this very moment. As it is, the United States and the Russian Federation now seem to be on a head-on path to war. Thanks, Barry…

    We could be about to experience one of those “shot heard ’round the world” moments.

  6. 4. Hillary Clinton’s loyalties.

    If the FBI decided to open such a multi-pronged, deadly serious investigation into Hillary Clinton at this stage of a presidential election, and it was found that there was no evidence and that the investigation was spurious or personally vindictive, the Special Agents involved would find themselves running security at the Vostok Ice-station for the rest of their miserable lives – without long underwear!

    When the cameras are off and the crowd is gone, Hillary can be found curled up in the fetal position on her bathroom floor making high-pitched mewling sounds and repeating, “Make the bad men stop”, over and over again. And I take absolutely no pleasure in that…

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