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9 Replies to “French General and former leader of the French Foreign Legion, speaks in Calais immediately before his arrest”

    • Or they take orders from those who are not ethnically French…or who have converted to Islam…or are supporting the Islmomarxist alliance of mutual benefit.

  1. so french police just pissed off 7,700 men (and women now) of 11 elite regiments of the french army, i wonder how thats going to work out for them.

    • Probably not too well in the long run.

      But most of the European Police Forces have been suborned in a similar fashion. I have just witnessed the outright demonstration of quasi-military force they mustered without any abiding need in order to intimidate a quiet, law abiding, peaceful protest in Birmingham yesterday.

      Just three hundred or so of us, many middle aged and middle class, a significant proportion of which needed walking sticks or younger kin to make it through the afternoon and the appalling weather.

      But the Constabulary were there in huge numbers – there they were in body armour and helmets, clubs in belts, war dogs trained to savagely bark and bark almost to the point where these poor creatures were straining their vocal chords. There were Police cars and vans in uncountable numbers, loudhailers telling us as to what we should do or not do, where we must go as free men and women in our own land, shuffled off to a distant, deserted Industrial Estate whilst the ANIFA were permitted to foam at the mouth in the centre of what was once the second city of this land but is now little more than Islamabad West.

      I wonder, do these uniformed, hyperventilated, ill-trained, self-serving State drones actually think they are going to survive the wrath of the native common man?

      Well, perhaps they do think this; these days they are not recruited according to their ability or intellect, only according to their willingness to subordinate their moral compasses to the needs of their daily sustenance, future pensions and the common purpose of their senior officers.

      Well, that is the way it is but I suspect that come the day there will be little mercy for such as these, and no doubt this will come as something of a surprise to them. So be it.

  2. Amazing, I would never have believed it. A French hero arrested for being…a French hero. Incredible. Sad. To arrest a hero of the Republic who thousands would march behind straight into hell itself, simply astounding.

    L’offensive islamique en Europe: un Têt numéro 2 ?

    Cet article a été publié pour la première fois en anglais en Novembre 2015. Quiconque oserait publier cette traduction en France serait presque certainement attaqué en justice. Ce texte représente en effet un archétype “d’incitation à la haine” selon la définition imposée par le Politiquement Correct régnant actuellement en France. Plusieurs personnes ont déjà été lourdement condamnées pour des textes bien moins musclés que celui-ci.

    Les lecteurs sont fortement encouragés à diffuser le lien menant à cet article à tous leurs contacts francophones (transmettre un lien ne vous fait courir aucun risque juridique).

    (Texte rédigé par Matthew Bracken, novembre 2015)

    “Alors que le nouvel an approche à grands pas, nous assistons aux préludes du dernier round d’une lutte titanesque entre trois grands acteurs. Trois grandes forces à l’œuvre dans nos sociétés vont droit à l’affrontement en 2016 et leur confrontation sera comparable, en termes historiques, aux Première et Seconde Guerres Mondiales.

    “Deux de ces grandes forces qui travaillent nos sociétés ont formé une coalition de fait contre la troisième. Elles ont forgé une entente tacite dont le but est l’annihilation totale de la force la plus faible tant que leurs puissances combinées sont assez puissantes pour le faire. Une de ces forces agissantes est prête à partager le contrôle d’une grande partie du monde avec l’autre force à l’œuvre au sein de nos sociétés. Une de ces forces n’a qu’un seul but : la domination totale de la planète entière. Quelles sont donc ces trois forces que nous venons de décrire ? Ce sont l’islam, le socialisme internationaliste et le nationalisme.

    “Permettez-moi d’expliquer les aspects les plus significatifs de chacun de ces acteurs, ainsi que la façon dont ils participent du cataclysme à venir en 2016.”


  3. For those expressing their shock over the actions of the leftist dominated French Government remember it was the French Revolution that gave Karl Marx his ideas, that the name communist came from the 1870s revolt in France and that Napoleon developed the first true secret police that went after political opponents. Historical patterns are playing out now and the world is once again striving to ensure the survival of freedom and civilization.

    I have long said that the success of the counter revolutions will depend on which side the military and the police decide to support. The 1961 revolt of the Generals was the Legion and the Colonial regiments only, the core body of the French Army supported de Gaulle. For a military coup to succeed you need at least 1/2 of the military to support the coup. Ironically you only need 1/3rd of the nations population supporting it for a revolution to succeed. As this year continues its march we will discover which percentage is necessary for the individual nations.

    Question have the European nations purged their military of senior officers and NCOs like Obama has done? And have the national police forces purged their numbers? These two questions are very important to anyone planning a counter revolution.

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