Welcome to the unbelievers: Your women will be our whores, your children our slaves”

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The global trademark, which propelled Germany’s train stations to fame in the summer of 2015 – downright dances for joy for the arriving refugees and helpfulness without limits – is gone. The attacks of muslim men on women during Cologne’s New Year’s eve celebrations has become a watershed moment in Germany’s Willkommenskultur (Welcome Culture). And many are asking themselves the question: Was that scenario just the beginning?

Trafficking of women among young combatants

The Sociologist and Economist, Gunnar Heinsohn, teaching at the NATO Defense College in Rome, has drawn a dismal picture in the Neuen Zürcher Zeitung, of what is to come the citizen’s way in the near future. Heinsohn flew to the Caliph-home of the newcomers, of which he heard nothing good: The mass raping of Yesidi and Christian women, the trafficking of women among young combatants, the beheading of european men, and over and over the proclamation directed at the Kuffar, the unbelievers: “Your women will be our whores, your children our slaves!”

Youngsters in roaming- and loot mode

While in traditional societies a wife is gained through the earning of an income which can provide for the family, many unsuccessful youngsters, according to Heinsohn, are permanently stuck in a “roaming- and loot mode”. In other words: When one hundred well to do men each have four wives, then there are three hundred men left with empty hands.

Therefore it is not the war and more the lack of women in their own country, that has driven these youngsters to Europe. For better or for worse, Germany and Austria have therefore to prepare for “agressive migrants with reasonable basic primary care, and time without end on their hands, who – very well connected with their smartphones – will hunt for females within their vicinity, which in turn cannot defend themselves and are left without protection”, says Heinsohn in the Neuen Zürcher Zeitung.

Lower class girls brutally abused

As unzensuriert. already reported, this is exactly what the town of Rotherham by Sheffield in England went through. The town has 250,000 citizens, of which 8,000 of them are Pakistani. The Sociologist Heinsohn presented to facts again to the NZZ readers: ??Great Britain is still nurturing a Welcome Culture without any consideration as to the component of instinct and aggression. And so it finds its way naturally and uninhibited. And via this way, the city has pretty much admitted that between 1997 and 2013, about 1400 girls from age eleven and up, and mostly having grown up in Britain’s underclass, were brutally abused.

They had been made submissive for gang raping with alcohol, drugs and beatings. Since 2002, reports aren’t being completely suppressed. But still, until 2013, everybody from the mayor to the janitor stuck together in this cover-up. If anything fell through the net, the talk was never of Pakistanis, but always of Asians. To avoid having to point out young muslims, an entire continent was blamed.

Heinsohn knows why the police didn’t listen to mothers, and why feminists remained ironclad silent. The fate of the girls, according to Heinsohn, wasn’t as important as the progressive nimbus of these Ideologists. The Worker’s Party with 57 of 63 seats in Parliament was of course on the same boat with such internationalism. Professional social workers did not bring up these crimes into the public, “because that’s where the media people sit, that will portray them as neonazis and therefore destroy their existence,” Heinsohn says to the NZZ. And the blanket statement was: “Only phobics could claim that 3.2 percent of the entire population could be a threat.”

State authority surrenders female citizens to their doom

That is why 18 years pass until in December of 2015, muslim offenders finally stand before the court. Therefore, what the women of Cologne so painfully experienced, has been a long known fact in Britain. Heinsohn’s analysis about the events of Cologne:
State authorities, afraid of being accused of racism as well as being afraid for their own lives, had surrendered its female citizens to their doom. Public institutions concealed the situation for as long as possible. High ranking officials go with it. But the more or less free internet destroyed the conspiracy. And still, the people from the Zweiten Deutschen Fernsehen (ZDF) got away with their omission of facts by claiming it was a misjudgment.

An arm’s length distance of foreign men

“At the same time they started campaigns against citizens who just waited for the chance to build up the danger of a few muslims”, replicates Gunnar Heinsohn in the NZZ. But he failed to mention this peculiarity: Cologne’s Mayor, Henriette Reker, publishing a behavior codex for women. According to it, women should always keep an arm’s length distance to foreign men. So it should come as no surprise to anyone, when women in Germany do not dare anymore to light heartedly move around in public spaces.



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2 Replies to “Welcome to the unbelievers: Your women will be our whores, your children our slaves””

  1. So who will face obstruction of justice charges in this cover up? How will these women be compensated for this conspiracy of silence and betrayal? Will anyone be sent to prison? Will the politicians be removed from office? Will these so called refugees or immigrants be deported? Will the UK stop importing sexual predators and stealth jihadists into their midst? Who will be sued for negligence and for reckless disregard for the publics safety? Without these sort of drastic changes, the admission that there has been a cover up is meaningless.

    • It is unlikely that there will be more then a few wrist slaps for punishments with the designated fall guys being transferred and in short time promoted. Germany is in full totalitarian mode and won’t move out of this mode until forced to.

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