Geopolitics of Islam and leftism, state taxonomy and more: Links 1 on Feb. 2 – 2016

1. Germany: 3 children injured after being pushed [ by their father ] through windows of refugee shelter

(More here at the DM)

2. US Senator: Stop Arms Sales to Saudi Until They Fight ISIS

A Democratic senator called on the U.S. to suspend arms sales to Saudi Arabia until assurances are given that the Gulf kingdom is tackling ISIS and Al-Qaeda.

Senator Chris Murphy (D-NY) excoriated the “tsunami of money” used by Saudi Arabia to “export intolerance” worldwide. He identified madrassas in Pakistan as being the best example of how Saudi Arabia is funding extremism worldwide.

“In 1956, there were 244 madrassas in Pakistan,” he told the Council on Foreign Relations. “Today, there are 24,000. These schools are multiplying all over the globe. These schools, by and large, don’t teach violence. They aren’t the minor leagues for al-Qaeda or ISIS. But they do teach a version of Islam that leads very nicely into an anti-Shia, anti-Western militancy.”

(1 hour video)

3. Saudi Government Website Shows 9 US Nationals Arrested

(The term, ‘Nationals’ should probably be replaced by a more factual term like say, ‘passport holders’ as being American or being Canadian now seems to have more to do with what papers are in your pocket than any values, cultural frames of reference or even concepts of the value of life or property you may have)

Nine Americans are currently imprisoned in Saudi jails, with eight detained in the past three months, according to a website belonging to Saudi Arabia’s Interior Ministry.

The state-linked newspaper al-Watan reported Saturday that the eight recently detained Americans are being investigated for terrorism-related crimes.

The detainee list shows four Americans were arrested in November and December of 2015 and another four Americans were detained on Jan. 25. It says the eight are being investigated, but does not provide details about their alleged crimes or where they are being held in the kingdom.

The names, ages, genders and other personal details of the U.S. detainees were also not listed, however the website shows one U.S. citizen was arrested in March 2007 and convicted and has the right to appeal, though the details of the case are not provided.

4. This is apparently Aleppo. It seems that a learning disabled team of terrorists attacked 2 disabled small tanks while repeating the only two words they seem to know.

5. Here is some court-news out of the UK. Make of it what you will but it seems to be 17 hands worth of horror

6. Syrian man at refugee center under arrest for attempted homicide after 3 kids pushed out window

7. Finnish TV teaches women to avoid being raped by using incantations and magical gestures

8. French jihadists held for ‘plan to attack swingers clubs’

The six who were known to police for being radicalised were arrested as they planned to travel to Syria, according to reports in the French press.

The five men and one woman were all from the Lyon region and have been placed in police detention to be questioned on suspicion of terrorism offences.

According to BFM TV certain members of the group had been trying to procure arms with the intention to attack a swingers club.

No further details of where or indeed how the suspects had planned to carry out their attack have been revealed.

9. Anne Marie Waters on the new official state taxonomy of political groups. 

(The importance of the role of taxonomy cannot be overstated)


10. Molenbeek Mayor: We gave migrants shelter, but failed to coax them into European social life

(The initial deep-voice, voice over contains enough bovine waste to fertilize a small field)

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3 Replies to “Geopolitics of Islam and leftism, state taxonomy and more: Links 1 on Feb. 2 – 2016”

  1. 2/ Chris Murphy starts his talk by misstating Trump’s position on Muslim immigration. This act already compromises his credibility and/or integrity. He goes on to claim that Obama’s “plan” is working, to which I think one is entitled to laugh or at least smirk in response. He gets so far as to talk about Wahhabism, but only in the context of the CVE narrative which is the blinder that prevents the issue of resurgent Islam from being dealt with effectively.

    The only thing this fellow gets right is that the Saudis need to be reigned in. How he intends to do this while remaining chained to the politically correct BS is anybody’s guess.

  2. Yes the Saudi’s need to be reigned in, the big question is how this will happen? Right now with Saudi flooding the world with cheap oil to 1) stop the US oil companies fracking 2) Punish Russia for helping Iran and 3) create economic problems in Iran Saudi is in economic trouble. Saudi is fighting both a physical semi-conventional war against Iran and the Iranian puppets they are also fighting an economic war against Iran, Russia and any western nations that wants energy self sufficiency.

    The Economic war is hurting Saudi more then it is hurting the US despite what the Saudi puppets in the media say, and it is hurting Russia with rumors of Putin starting to make a list of Russian governments assets that can be sold in an emergence. Obama with his Iranian “agreement” and the businessmen that are rushing to do business with Iran have slowed the economic damage to Iran.

    The physical war is costing a lot of money and leaves the Saudi’s open to political blackmail because they need the weapons sales to replace what munitions have been used in combat.

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