His own children thrown out the window: Father admits brutal act

An original Translation by Nash Montana

From this German website:

The family drama in Lohmar has been cleared up: The children’s fall out of the window was not an accident, but a crime. The 35 year old father of the three was arrested under the suspicion of having committed the crime, he has confessed to it.


“Yes, it’s true. The father of the children has confessed to having committed this”, a speaker of the Police in Bonn on tuesday had confirmed to FOCUS Online. But it is unclear yet as to what motivated the 35 year old to do such a thing. “The motivation for the act is probably a family dispute”, says the speaker.

A seven year old girl and her 5 year old brother received heavy injuries when they fell out of the window on the first floor. A one year old child seems to have received no injuries, but has nonetheless been admitted to the children’s clinic. At first it was unclear, if the children were pushed or if they fell out when they were playing.

The children were pushed

A witness alerted the police, after having seen that the children were pushed by a man. The Bonn homicide division immediately picked up the investigation and had arrested the father of the three children. The accused at first had denied having anything to do with it. But the prosecution and the police have in the meantime, gathered insight that the children were indeed pushed out of the window.

Already back in Januarey, the father of the children was reported for attacking his wife. He was reported for domestic abuse, and a ten day restraining order against him was in effect. He later moved back into the apartment with the agreement of his wife.

Attempted murder

In accordance with the prosecution, the man has been charged with murder coupled with inflicting serious bodily harm in three cases and has been arraigned before the magistrate.


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  1. The story has the ages mixed up:
    “But it is unclear yet as to what motivated the 5 year old to do such a thing.” …probably should read 35 year old
    “A seven year old girl and her 35 year old brother received heavy injuries “ …probably should read 5 year old brother.
    “In accordance with the prosecution, the man has been charged with murder …”
    Did the 7 or 5 year old child die from their injuries? The story speaks of prior domestic abuse against his wife, but no mention of her presence during the father’s assault against his children. Is his wife also a victim?

  2. What’s the big deal? most canadians would push their own mother in front of a bus before admitting the truth about islam or multiculturalism.



    I am noticing a massive removal of photographs and video from the Internet that are critical of Islam or Muslims.

    I am aware that this has been happening for awhile now but it has really ramped up as of late.

    I am certain that this has to do with the heads of major social media and search engines ordering this to be done.

    One only has to look to Mark Zuckerberg and his recent agreement (caught on videotape) with Angela Merkel at a security conference to begin sanitizing Facebook of all “hate speech” or the slightest criticism of Islam or Muslims.

    This trend is extremely disturbing.

    I recently looked for a photograph that was quite common a few months ago, relating to segregation of little menstruating girls from their peers because they were considered “untouchable filth”. That photograph is now almost impossible to find in a decent format.

    This trend is also applying to video as well.

    Please advise your readers that the moment they see video or a photograph or a page on a website, download it, screenshot it and store in on at least 2 external hard-drives.

    It seems that we are almost into the memory hole and the darker part of the tunnel leading to mass global censorship.

    William Wilson
    San Clemente

    • are you basing this backup everything to 2 external hard drives plan (which I do anyway, websites do keep backups) on not finding a single image?

      Yes there have been some weird things going on, mostly centered around facebook, there was this a little while ago, https://freespeechdefense.net/2016/01/false-security-warning-on-a-png-file-at-facebook/ they recanted, but for sure facebook are doing some stuff, but pngs worry them, there are a couple of recent exploits going around, this was just today https://fin1te.net/articles/xss-on-facebook-via-png-content-types/
      now I have seen some funny behavior by FB as I said, I suspect these recent updates are cover for some level of censorship http://newsroom.fb.com/news/2016/02/news-feed-fyi-using-qualitative-feedback-to-show-relevant-stories/ but the verdicts not in.

      They have made no secret of blocking content in Europe, especially in Germany, there is nothing that can be done about that. But you should note, they are being honest about what they are doing there.

      Of course this is inexcusable https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i3KfQoFHEDs, they did back down and removed the ant-israel page, and if we keep on top of them, they might actually loose the bias.

      Here we have an interesting case https://vkchatterjee.wordpress.com/2016/01/28/jihadwatch-org-being-censored-on-reddit/ i looked into it, i cant find evidence that the mod is a muslim, but he sure is anti jihadwatch, but reddit is run by volunteer moderators, if we don’t get involved. nothing will change. They have armies of technically able people i guess living on state benefit able to spend their time doing stuff like this, which puts us as a disadvantage, as most of us schmucks that are able, have to work for a living and fund them.

      So again, I ask, what research did you do apart from being unable to find some picture of menstruating girls being called unclean, that’s not a secret by the way, it’s common knowledge that girls at that time of the month are not allowed into mosques.

      For those of you out there, I’d agree we should all have a backup of everything anyway, icloud, dropbox, anything remote, i’ve walked into too many disaster scenarios not to suggest it, lost theses 2 weeks before submission, the only pictures of a father, and only 2 weeks ago, a budding actresses father lost all her childhood videos from drama school when he didn’t understand what format really meant (easily recovered). I see no evidence of images vanishing on the internet, but anyway, we all have backups.

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