A few more links for Feb. 2 – 2016

1. John Cleese has a few worthy things to say about culture and the effects and consequences of political correctness on it.

2. Ashraf Fayadh: Saudi court quashes poet’s death sentence

A Saudi Arabian court has overturned the death sentence of a Palestinian poet convicted of apostasy.

Ashraf Fayadh was instead sentenced to eight years in prison and 800 lashes, his lawyer said.

Mr Fayadh has denied the charges, claiming that another man had made false accusations against him.

His death sentence caused an international outcry with hundreds of writers, actors and artists appealing for his release.

Mr Fayadh’s lawyer, Abdul Rahman al-Lahim, said the court in the south-western city of Abha had also ruled that his client would have to issue an announcement of repentance in official media. The lashes are to be carried out in 16 sessions, he added.

(I guess they will have to do it Pakistan-style. Wait till he leaves the jail building and an angry mob kills him, his lawyer and any family members not actually part of the angry mob)

3. Denmark re-extends border controls on German frontier

The government said it believes large numbers of migrants are still attempting to enter the Nordic country. The move comes as IOM reported over 67,000 people crossing into the EU in January with an increase in minors.

Danish Immigration Minister Inger Stojberg said Tuesday that Denmark will extend border controls on its frontier with Germany for an additional 20 days to February 23 in a bid to quell migration.

Stojberg added that the government believed large numbers of migrants could likely attempt to enter the country via Germany after Sweden imposed border controls.

4. US Sec. State makes stunning list of factual errors, historical revisions and even usurps religious authority by declaring Islamic State fighters ‘takfiri’ or apostates. Something Al-Azhar refuses to do.

This is from Dec. 5 2015. I just learned of it today. (Thanks guys and gals in the daily links) but apparently, Kerry restated some of this nonsense today as well, although no luck with video or audio of today’s hilarity yet. 

Kerry imam procto-exam-1

John Kerry, Ahmed Al Tayeb acing proctology exam

5. Here is an official US govt, document concerning the progress of a bill condemning ‘hate speech’ against islam. It would be interesting perhaps to read the1st amendment of the US constitution first and decide if this document seems somehow not in that spirit. More on who is involved here. 


Thank you Wrath of Khan, M., WTD., and all. 

Gates of Vienna, in anticipation of the likely German reaction to the defenestration of three ‘refugee’ children in a migrant home yesterday. decided to save the state of Germany the half million Euros on artist fees, focus groups, imam consultations and so on and just go ahead and offer them the solution they will end up with for free.

As an aside, I usually reserve the word ‘defenestration’ for friends who have a Microsoft machine and call me asking how to fix something. I generally suggest ‘reverse defenestration’, which is where instead of throwing the user out the window, the user throws out the windows.

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4 Replies to “A few more links for Feb. 2 – 2016”

  1. #2 Saudi death sentence

    It’s not as if the guy is getting off or anything. I can’t think of a better way to get a guy to commit suicide than to lock him in a cage for eight years, only taking him out every six months for a nice public whipping. Imagine how that would demoralize and terrorize and humiliate you, and then defeat you. Sure, he might be able to handle it for a while, but after the sixth or seventh whipping session a normal person would be pretty much done. The cruelty of Islamic law is beyond my imagination. It seems to create merciless followers who really and truly enjoy humiliating and hurting their fellow human beings. Islam has no positive attributes, much like cancer…

    *Note. This comment is in no way intended to be hateful toward any living human beings. It is only the ideology of the cult of Islam that I criticize and I know of no law that bars me from doing that.

    *If you ever wondered what the world would look like if Adolf Hitler and the Nazis had prevailed in World War II, just go to Saudi Arabia and look around…

    • Aw, gee, Chris…
      You don’t have to do the disclaimer thing. Everybody here loves every human. Love the Mohammedan, hate old Moh’s filthy teachings.

      ya got that, hate-speech police? we be cool now, man?

  2. If I were a Moslem I would be very upset with Kerry telling me what my religion says, God knows I get mad at the Atheists who try and tell me what Christianity is suppose to believe.

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