Germany: Gang of youths punishes Kiosk owner for selling alcohol

(This may be a good time to read even the fist few chapters of G.K. Chesterton’s distopian future novel, ‘The Flying Inn’ while remembering it was written in 1914, 102 years ago)

An original translation by Nash Montana

From this German language news site:


Three men in a Neukölln Kiosk were attacked by thirty children and youths. The dispute was over the selling of alcohol.

The Gropiusstadt area in Neukölln is a social hot spot in Berlin south. The kurdish owner of a snack bar and kiosk, had to experience that last Sunday evening. Not for the first time, he says.

“Everytime during school vacation, the kids come gather here every evening and commit mischief on the plaza in front of the train station”, the 53 year old said on Monday. The night before, the so called mischief escalated.

“First about 10 to 15 children ages 9 to 12 or maybe 13, popped up. They very specifically were provoking us, and they knocked at the backdoor as well as the front door of my establishment and they tried to block the exit”, the owner says. The children threw stones and did damage to the side of the building.

The 53-year old called the police at about 19:30, but when police arrived, the children were gone already. But not for long.

One hour later, around 20:30, they returned, with reinforcements. “Suddenly in front of us there weren’t only children, but a group of youths ages 14 to 21”, the owner’s son says. The group hurled insults and they attacked, under the pretense that because alcohol was sold here, and therefore “they had to be punished”. According to the Kiosk owner they were all muslim youths.

Blow to the back of the head

The attacks escalated to hands-on fights, in which the son of the owner received quite a few contusions. His friend, trying to help, was hurt above the eye. The owner received a blow to the back of the head and went down. By the time he got back up, the mob had disappeared.

Now the police are investigating for breach of the peace, assault/bodily harm, and property damage. If the motive for the attack really was about selling alcohol, this couldn’t be confirmed by the police.

Additionally, the police could also not confirm if these attacks increase during school vacations. But it couldn’t be excluded. As a speaker for the Morgenpost said, the attack on Sunday night wasn’t the first of its kind.

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7 Replies to “Germany: Gang of youths punishes Kiosk owner for selling alcohol”

  1. This is the true face of how it’s going to be as the Muslim diaspora quietly grows around the world. Mark Steyn points out the demographic math of it in his book “America Alone”. Even if the Muslim population is far less than 50% that number becomes less reassuring when you realize that the percentage of children is much higher than the overall number. Then you pick up the paper and feel your blood run a little cold as you read that “Muhammad” has just become the most popular boy’s name in your country. I’ll bet they just love that one in Greece…:)

    How long do you think it’s going to take for women to stop going out alone at night and for observant Jews to start leaving the yarmulke in the car and for guys in kiosks to stop selling booze? Who would you put your money on – an old white guy with a walker, or a dozen 16-year-old boys in hoodies, brimming with righteous enthusiasm and hate? And it’s not a generalized hatred, it’s a very specific hatred toward you, the Infidel. It’s definitely personal. They do not think we have the right to live on this earth and they have the words of almighty God to back up that sentiment.

    I’m just going to come out and say it. Islam is a disease. It is the worst thing that has ever happened to the human race, including every illness, earthquake, flood and war. Islam divides people and creates conflict. It is dead evil. And yet we are inviting it into our countries without reservation. It is my personal opinion that we should not adopt this policy and should halt the Muslim influx immediately if we don’t wish to see raging street battles on the nightly news.

  2. From the way the Moslems are acting there is no set percentage of the population before they start asserting themselves, as the world goes down the tubes the lower the percentage has to be. And once the big push starts in one European nation or nations there is not sense trying to make the rest of the world think they are peaceful. Once the masks come off the come off all around the world. I am not sure that Europe is going to fall and remain Moslem until liberated but I am sure that there is going to be a lot of fighting and can see the possibility when the US and Canada are supporting the resistance groups in occupied Europe.

    One thing to remember is that a successful counter revolution of the violent kind only need between one quarter and one third of the population supporting the fight and actively fighting. Another thing to remember is that there have been very few battles where the losing side didn’t have enough men and weapons to resist and win the fight. As the organic animal byproduct hits the air circulatory system this year because a lot of people are going to want to surrender because they have been taught not to resist.

  3. “Now the police are investigating for breach of the peace, assault/bodily harm, and property damage.”

    One would hope that the Kiosk owner will be found innocent of all three charges and that a mob of ‘youths’ will not subsequently riot over this acquittal, but I’m not confident this will be the certain outcome. From recent reports of events in Germany, the Kiosk owner should have realised his selling of alcohol would have incited the muslim youth again the kiosk thereby deliberately causing this breach of peace. I don’t have the details of the fight, but it is more than likely that his face repeatedly assaulted a child’s fist and possibly bruised or skinned their knuckles leading to the second charge of assault/bodily harm. The kiosk owner’s third charge of ‘property damage’ probably stems from the damage caused by the kiosk walls to the ‘youth’s stones set on ballistic trajectories. After all, they were children’s stones being damaged by an adult’s property – why should German society put up with this exploitation of the young?

    In a sane Germany, it would be the ‘youths’ who would be expected to be investigated and charged instead of ethnic German folk having to make enormous concessions to accomodate the ‘diversity’ behaviours of these ‘youths’.

  4. Insane. Time to put these Islamic nutcases out to pasture. Who the hell are Muslims to be telling Europeans what they can and can’t do in their own countries? Could a German or a Frenchman open a store selling alchohol in downtown Riyad? Nope. So why let Muslims dictate what Westerners can and cannot do in their own lands? Get them out. Send them back before it’s too late. I fear that a massive war is brewing against Islam in the West. And it will be ugly. If Western governments are so concerened about the Muslims, they should avoid the imminent conflict by removing them to the Shiria country of their choice – post haste. People have had enough.

    • It seems like our political classes have decided to force things to get so bad that a massive war against muslims is the best case scenario. A crime beyond naming as this problem could have been fixed so easily not that long ago, simply by upholding our own laws and values and adjusting immigration in favour of people who hold more Jeffersonian values.

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