Migrant crisis, demographic crisis, leadership crisis. Links 1 on Jan. 30 – 2016

1. Denmark explains why migrants who break into Denmark should have to pay their own keep, you know, like everyone else. 25 minutes.

2. Chris Christy: State department confirms Clinton definitively lied

3. Thousands of Greeks protest the closure of a play because some of the content was written by someone objectionable.

(They have a point. We are rapidly moving into times where what is not permitted is announced at the last minute and arbitrarily or even in the future to be enforced retroactively. These are tools no government should have)

4. German feminist welcomes refugees: ‘Better rapists than racists’

I have had a couple of comments alleging this is fake. It came I believe from Shoebat initially so, make of that what you will.

#4 is a fake. The ‘Ra’ of ‘Racist’ and ‘Rapist’are identical. Tweeted out with original earlier that said ‘Refugees’.

(It will likely be quite sad when this woman gets the data she needs to adjust her views to reality)

A Facebook page for the radical left in Germany had a message for young women: “diversity is more important than your security.”

Rote Antifa posted a picture of young feminist on Thursday, holding a sign that stated she preferred rapists from Syria and North Africa over nationalists in Germany who have demanded Chancellor Angela Merkel stop taking in more refugees.

“Prefer sexually active fugitive as German racists,” was featured as the pictures caption.

(A non-white rapist is “sexually active”. That is the penultimate example of cultural-Marxism)

5. Refugee child ‘attacked by four other youngsters at youth asylum centre’

(I believe we have now established that a muslim illegal is a ‘child’ till the day before he is eligible for state pension)

A REFUGEE child has allegedly been attacked at a reception centre for unaccompanied young migrants.

Swedish policeAFP/ GETTY

Swedish police have now arrested the asylum seekers on suspicion of assault

The child was allegedly set upon by four other residents at the centre in Sweden.

Swedish police have now arrested the asylum seekers on suspicion of assault.

The child was taken to hospital after the alleged attack at the centre for unaccompanied refugee children in Nässjö.

The patrol that responded to the alarm raised by staff arrested four people that are now suspected of abuse.

6. Poll claims 25% of Israelis fear a second Holocaust

New survey indicates levels of anti-Semitism rising worldwide; a third of Israelis believe European Jews should immigrate to Israel

January 30, 2016, 1:27 am 1

Holocaust survivors attend a ceremony at the former Auschwitz Nazi death camp in Oswiecim, Poland on Jan. 27, 2016, the 71st anniversary of the death camp's liberation by the Soviet Red Army in 1945. (AP Photo/Czarek Sokolowski)

Holocaust survivors attend a ceremony at the former Auschwitz Nazi death camp in Oswiecim, Poland on Jan. 27, 2016, the 71st anniversary of the death camp’s liberation by the Soviet Red Army in 1945. (AP Photo/Czarek Sokolowski)

Israelis are worried for the future of world Jewry, a new poll has found, with a quarter of respondents believing another Holocaust could take place and almost a third agreeing that European Jews should move to Israel.

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The complete findings of the survey by the World Zionist Organization will be presented on Sunday at a conference in Jerusalem devoted to new forms of anti-Semitism and the international boycott movement against Israel.

7. Attack on refugee center or Merkel false flag?

8. The plight of Syrian refugees is not on a par with Jews fleeing the Nazis

(Nice that someone noticed)

On Holocaust Memorial Day, I turned on the TV and watched as a woman wearing an immaculate Thirties suit put her young daughter on a train. “My mother saw me off on the Kindertransport and she took a handkerchief out of her bag in order to wipe my tears at our goodbyes,” recalled Susie Lind, “I knew I would never see my parents again. I have kept this handkerchief newly laundered ever since.”

“Child refugees are safer in a tent on the Lebanese border than in a dodgy boat on the Aegean Sea. Anything to discourage that hazardous journey is a good thing”

Susie was recalling her experience for the superb BBC One documentary, Children Saved from the Nazis: The Story of Sir Nicholas Winton. It is customary on such occasions to say that their suffering is unimaginable. I find it is all too easy to imagine. All you have to do is look at your own children and think that people want them dead. So, you over-ride every maternal instinct, which is telling you to keep them close, and hand them over to strangers who promise they will take them to safety in England. At the railway station, you strain every sinew not to show your children how you feel because you don’t want this, their last memory of you, to be one of sorrow or fear. As calmly as you can, you post your darlings into a future you will never know.

There is something odd going on with the ratio between boys and girls in Sweden. The latest estimates suggest there are 123 boys for every 100 girls among 16 and 17-year-olds. That’s an even greater imbalance than in the same age group in China.

The natural “sex ratio at birth” is 105 boys for every 100 girls, according to the World Health Organization – and official statistics show that in 2014, there were 108 boys for every 100 girls among Sweden’s 16 and 17-year-olds.

But the country now has 123 boys for every 100 girls in this age group, according to Valerie Hudson of Texas A&M University.

(Sweden you are in trouble like never before)

Thank you M., Wrath of Khan, Oz-Rita, Gates of Vienna, SIMONXML., Maria J., Xanthippa, and many more.

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20 Replies to “Migrant crisis, demographic crisis, leadership crisis. Links 1 on Jan. 30 – 2016”

  1. It is nice when someone in the LSM notices that the modern refugees are not in near as much danger as the Jews in WWII, now if they will just keep their eyes open to the facts.

  2. Turkey warns Russia ofafter a new airspace violation

    ANKARA, Turkey (AP) — Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan warned Moscow on Saturday that it would be forced to “endure the consequences” if its jets continue to violate the Turkish airspace, after Ankara reported a new border infringement incident by a Russian plane.

    NATO-member Turkey said another Russian warplane violated its airspace on Friday despite several warnings – two months after Turkey’s military shot down a Russian jet for crossing over its territory. The past incident seriously strained the previously close ties between the two countries, damaging a strong economic partnership.

    “We regard this infringement which came despite all our warnings in Russian and in English as an effort by Russia to escalate the crisis in the region,” Erdogan told reporters before departing on a Latin American tour. “If Russia continues the violations of Turkey’s sovereign rights, it will be forced to endure the consequences.”


  3. EU leaders insist there is ‘NO LINK’ between the migrant crisis and New Year sex attacks in Cologne – and vow to bring about an end to ‘false accusations’

    European Commission wants to ‘unconditionally reject’ link, minutes show
    Officials are also growing concerned about possibility of a public backlash
    Hundreds of women filed sexual assault complaints after wave of attacks
    Internal minutes were taken at a cabinet meeting for officials on January 13
    See more news on the migrant crisis at http://www.dailymail.co.uk/migrantcrisis


    • Maybe that’s why there are so many “allegedly-s”.

      If a woman is found dead in the street with a knife in her back, has she been “stabbed to death” or “allegedly stabbed to death”?

      This is a one or zero item.

      • Back in the 1960s one criminal convicted for his crime (I forget what he did) sued the local paper for saying he had committed the crime before the trial. He won the law suit and after that the papers covered their backs by saying talking about the alleged crime and alleged criminal. Since then the alleged has been kept in after the trial because of appeals.

  4. Frankly, this would be a small price to pay!!!

    Jordan PM links Syrian refugee admissions to foreign aid

    AZRAQ REFUGEE CAMP, Jordan: Jordan’s prime minister warned Saturday that it will be “very, very difficult” to keep absorbing Syrian refugees unless his country receives significant economic aid and easier access to European markets.

    Abdullah Ensour made the link between refugee admissions and aid in unusually blunt comments Saturday, during a visit to the Azraq refugee camp. He spoke ahead of next week’s Syria conference where pledges of some $9 billion are being sought for 2016 to alleviate the fallout from the five-year-old civil war.

    The conflict has uprooted millions of Syrians, including more than 4 million who fled their homeland. Most live in overburdened regional host countries such as Jordan, which has taken in about 630,000.

    Deteriorating conditions in the host countries driven by aid shortfalls have prompted hundreds of thousands of Syrians to move to Europe.


    • Agree for Jordan, Lebanon, help Greece and Italy cope.
      Just don’t give that slimy Turk another dime. He’s made out like a bandit…which makes sense of course…

    • It would be cheap but the left will not allow this, they can’t destroy the west if their shock troops aren’t allowed into the west.

  5. They’re SHOCKED, I tell you – totally SHOCKED!!!

    UN chief ‘alarmed’ at Hamas vow to keep building Gaza tunnels, rockets

    United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon expressed “alarm” Saturday at Hamas’s pledge the day before to keep building attack tunnels from Gaza into Israel and to advance the development of rockets to fire at the Jewish state.

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    Ban’s remarks came days after he prompted furious criticism from Israel for remarks that the Jewish state alleged legitimized Palestinian terrorism.

    In a statement issued by his spokesperson, the UN chief said remarks and actions of this nature do “serious disservice” to Gaza’s population, and endanger efforts to rebuild the coastal enclave devastated in three rounds of fighting between Israel and Hamas since 2008.

    “Such statements and actions put at risk reconstruction, humanitarian and development efforts by the international community and Palestinian and Israeli authorities. They also do a serious disservice to the long-suffering people of Gaza,” said Ban.


  6. Item 4: rapists over racists.
    Current German state is increasingly resembling Hitler’s Reich.
    If those privileged women prefer rapists over democracy and honest reporting why don’t they take it further?
    Nazi Party had Band of German Maidens organisation (Bund Deutcher Madel), which inspired volunteering women to live in brothels in holiday destinations for officers until falling pregnant and giving birth.
    This particular leftie probably bought a story of a clairvoyant or something: you will meet smiling dark stranger (:
    It doesn’t matter that their offspring would be squatting in burned out ruins of the West.

  7. #4 is a fake. The ‘Ra’ of ‘Racist’ and ‘Rapist’are identical. Tweeted out with original earlier that said ‘Refugees’.

    • Thanks. It gets harder to tell when the real news is so amazingly awful, how does one tell? There is something coming which I cant verify but it seems irresponsible not to publish it. Anyway thanks Ill add your comment to it.

  8. The Syrian situation is constantly being presented as a case of Bashar al-Assad simply murdering over two hundred thousand of his own people for nothing more than having a few peaceful protests and yearning for the taste. of freedom The fact is that there is a never-ending supply of crazed Sunni Arabs in that region who are always on the verge of exploding into religious violence against anybody who is not of the exact same sect of Islam that they are, and they’re trying to take over the country. If al-Assad is allowed to fall he will be replaced by fundamentalist Sunni Muslims who will murder every Alawite, Christian, Yazidi, and any other group we’ve never heard of the minute they get in. Does anybody really think that there’s going to be a “unity government” and a “truth and reconciliation panel” and finally, democratic elections, if the “moderate rebel forces” win?

    I can’t help wondering what that two hundred thousand plus death count would look like if Obama hadn’t been helping those “moderate forces” from the beginning, or even, God forbid, quietly helping al-Assad? Then I wonder if there would even be a refugee situation if Obama hadn’t made such a perfect mess of every single foreign policy action he has taken as President? Then I wonder how many goals you have to “accidentally” fire into your own net before people start to wonder who’s side you’re on?

  9. #10 Why does Sweden have more boys than girls?

    Oh, my God! I didn’t realize that in Sweden, under-18 refugees can apply for family unification. That means that each unit in the huge bulge in 16-year-old unaccompanied male refugees can each bring in at least ten “family members”, probably a lot more than that. If the Swedish people don’t stand up and do something, the leftists are going to completely and irrevocably destroy their country. The next hundred years will be an ever-worsening dance of car-burnings, suicide-bombings, riots, honor-killings, targeted assassinations, fatwas, acid-throwings, rapes, Taharrush gangs, misogyny, wife-beatings, journalist murders and on and on…

  10. #4 Definitely a fake. In addition the “P” came from an edit of the “R”. You can see where the leg of the R was removed to make the P.

  11. Re: #4, regardless of whether the sign has been changed, why did the article refer to the woman as a “feminist”? Is she known to the reporter, and has she stated that she is a feminist? Or does the reporter think any female activist is a “feminist,” especially if she wears glasses. The reason I ask, is that real feminism has accomplished great things for women, and when lazy reporters pretend that all female activists are feminists, real feminism is discredited. Even if the original sign said she prefers refugees to racists, what does that have to do with feminism? Simply a non sequitor. I am a feminist, BTW. I like being able to vote, drive, work, and stuff like that.

    • I recommend Christina Hoff Sommers’ book, ‘Who Stole Feminism’ where she explains very well how feminism was stolen and made into an instrument of cultural Marxism, although she didn’t quite know about the Frankfurt school or Cultural Marxism. But she does come up with her own valuable taxonomy of ‘equity feminism Vs. Gender feminism, which in reality is old school feminism asking for equality before the law, vs. a vector for CM.

  12. Some links for #9:
    (only goes up to 8th grade and the other grades are listed elsewhere as “coming soon.”)


    (in case you thought that snopes is unbiased)

    More from Maryland on world history.

    From the lawsuit upload (quite a history lesson):
    21. … Plaintiff John Kevin Wood brings this action on behalf of his minor daughter, C.W., as
    her next friend. He also brings this action on his own behalf to redress the violation of his First
    Amendment rights of free expression, political participation, and information access, and his
    Fourteenth Amendment right to procedural due process.
    28. Defendants Charles County Public Schools receives federal funds and are subject
    to Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 and Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.
    29. Defendants Charles County Public Schools and its officials are responsible for the
    training and supervision of its teachers and administrators, including the training and supervision
    of Defendants Evelyn Arnold and Shannon Morris.
    69. La Plata High School without informing the students’ parents, however, used a
    second book in class, “World History (Survey): Patterns of Interaction.”

    The comprehensive (or survey) edition of this textbook includes the same level of
    authenticity and scholarship while covering a longer period of world history.
    textbook in 11 school districts in Maryland and is currently in use in
    40 of the 50 states in the United States of America.
    (Only La Plata uses the Survey edition, copyright 2009)

    If you cruise over to quizlet.com, you can see what students are studying when they take notes on this book. Chapter 10 seems to be the chapter that concerns the Woods family.
    (For example, This student gets this from the text. I’d say that the list is correct for #2 and #3 on Judaism.)
    Comparison of Islam to Christianity and Judaism
    -All these religions believed in the same, one God
    -All had their own holy book
    -They all trace their religious roots to Abraham
    -All believed in heaven, hell, and a day of judgement.
    -All contained God’s will as revealed through others

    See more student notes with : https://quizlet.com/subject/world-history-patterns-interaction-chapter-10/

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