Two items, Denmark PEGIDA and violent riots at Calais

Here is an RT video of today’s PEGIDA demo in Copenhagen, which would of course been totally uneventful and a nice day with, what I am told, was an excellent speech by Tommy Robinson and Paul Weston and Ann Murray Waters was there as well but then ‘ANTIFA had to go attacking everyone and sniffing the vile gasses of their own sanctimonious excreta.

Meanwhile, In France, the people who ANTIFA are ready to overthrow their own culture and history for, started a riot for their ‘right’ to break into the UK and live off taxpayers and impose islam on everyone.

Calais in lockdown after 50 migrants force their way onto Spirit Of Britain ferry – forcing staff to blast them with WATER CANNONS

The Port of Calais was closed this evening after a storm of migrants broke into the harbour.

Around 500 migrants stormed the site and around 50 made it on to the Spirit of Britain ferry, where they remained for several hours until they were removed by police, with the port now reopened.

It came after a protest organised by French leftists to support migrants living in squalid conditions in the northern city of Calais drew around 2,000 people, according to organisers.

In this video, Calais invaders riot over conditions they created for themselves.

Here, police escort a number of muslims who thought hijacking a ferry would be the best way into the UK

Here, a cheering crowd of invaders break barriers at Calais

The Telegraph on the “storming of the Ferry”

Migrants managed to break through the Port of Calais' defences and reached the deck of the P&O Ferry 'Spirit of Britain'

Migrants managed to break through the Port of Calais’ defences and reached the deck of the P&O Ferry ‘Spirit of Britain’ Photo: Louis Witter

The port of Calais was temporarily closed on Saturday after a ferry was stormed by 50 migrants from the nearby “Jungle” camp, earlier visited by Jeremy Corbyn.

Up to 500 migrants had broken off from a protest march through the town about migrants’ conditions, according to the mayor, Natacha Bouchart.

Around 150 then broke through the port’s perimeter fence, and 50 made it to the gangplanks of the P&O ferry Spirit of Britain. Photographs later showed the migrants standing on the upper decks of the ferry.

(Gee whiz if I didn’t know better, I would say that Jeremy Corbyn, the leader of the UK Labour party, was guilty of the same kind of incitement that they keep jailing Tommy Robinson for except Corbyn was inciting illegals to use more violent action to commit additional crimes to illegally enter the UK while Tommy advocates peaceful demonstrations to restore rule of law and equality for all underneath it)

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