Article and video on the leftist demonization of a German mass molestation victim

This was to be expected. An attractive indigenous German woman who was mass molested (digitally raped) and robbed by a gang of organized muslims (even though she went to lengths to say she didn’t know if they are muslim) purveyors of the multiculti and destruction of Europe cast her as a racist to offset the damage her testimony did to the public perception of their project. I should add, this was also a warning to any other rape victim to ‘shut up and take one for the team’.

Thank you Nash Montana for the translation of this video and article.

Online Bullying Campaign Against Selina

Abused, harassed and molested: The 26 year old Selina from Koblenz had talked about the attacks last week to which she was exposed to on her own self. And now she is met with open internet hostility.

Selina is shocked and extremely angry, when she thinks about the video that a completely strange to her man put on the internet. In the video are excerpts from her television interview, wherein she says that the men who molested her, were southern looking and spoke arabic. For saying this, the 26 year old is now attacked as being a racist and a rightwing radical.

“I would have said they were muslims”, she told the SWR in a second interview. “But I never said that anywhere, and I wouldn’t say it either, because based on how someone looks you can’t nail down what kind of religion they have.” The makers of the video also researched her deeply and they published her full name on the internet. “That has put the fear in me”, the young woman says.

The inciting video spread like wildfire across the internet and it even landed on the site of the islamist preacher Pierre Vogel. “As I saw that, I had to swallow hard and I was afraid. I wasn’t sure what would happen if someone really stood at my front door”, she says. “What if someone sees that that immediately believes it and has a radical background?”

Instrumentalized for Salafist Purpose

The inciting campaign against her went so far, that she received threatening phone calls at her place of work. But Selina will not let this sit and she is defending herself on her facebook site against the accusations. Eventually the man who made the video, got in contact with her. He asked her if what he said wasn’t true. “I explained to him that nothing was correct and I told him I would get a lawyer and sue him for defamation of character and business damage”, Selina says. It was a statement that showed impact: The video was taken down.

Selina has not notified authorities. The 26 year old did not expect such reactions to her public appearance. But she would do it all over again: “I will not let myself be brought down and that is exactly the reason I am talking about this”, she says.

[I have a prediction. Should this get more common, I bet a George Soros funded foundation will create ‘gang rape, rob and molestation survivor and therapy sessions, perhaps led by a figurehead like Lara Logan, where the real purpose would be to program the victims into carrying the narrative, making sure they harbor no ill will to muslims especially, or other cultures, and learn to cast the net in a way that continues the thinking of cultural Marxism. Perhaps blaming all men and US foreign policy for the actions of these uncivilized and undomesticated flotsam of Humanity. I further predict that to a degree sufficient to the purpose, getting these victims to spout off on MSNBC and CNN and CBC, it will work]

Thank you again Nash Montana for all the work in this post.

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  1. She must complain about the “hate speech” Germany is censoring anti Muslim rhetoric, so it will certainly be outraged at these personal racist attacks

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