Cologne’s police show that the officers have had to, for quite a while, take special precautions because of aggressive, young North Africans

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From this Danish news site:

Internal working papers from Cologne’s police show that the officers have had to, for quite a while, take special precautions because of aggressive, young North Africans. The Germans arm themselves with pepper spray.

Picture of officers: Police searching for suspects during the New Years Eve sexual assaults” at the main station in Cologne.

As a rule, Cologne police officers are not permitted to work alone when they arrest or verify the identity of young criminal north Africans – what they, within the police call, ‘nafris’ – short for what they in the police report write as ‘N.African.’

The young men are considered so dangerous and aggressive that police officers should only engage with these in pairs, but preferably in groups of three or more. This is what is found in internal working papers from an analysis project for the Cologne police, which journalists from the local newspaper Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger has been granted accessed to.

Most of the 4 people arrested and the 19 identified suspects for the New Year’s Eve atrocities are from North Africa. One of the suspects had already been in police spotlight as a ‘dance thief’ – that is, a member of the groups of pickpockets and handbag thieves who operate mainly in railway stations or in other large crowds who distract their mainly female victims, often with the use of sexual intimidation. That there are groups of young criminal North Africans is not a new and unknown phenomenon for the German police.

In the Cologne police’s internal analysis that was made before the New Year events, the ‘nafris’ are described as being extremely aggressive towards the police and any other officials with whom they come in contact with. The analysis reads that it is the “order of the day” that the youths display violent opposition to arrests or just by being asked to show their identity papers. Police officers have to assume that the young men also carry weapons like knives, pepper spray or brass knuckles – but they also grab whatever weapon comes in handy in their surroundings, such as big and heavy belt buckles or shards of glass from broken bottles or mirrors.

The strong resistance is not just spontaneous aggression that occurs in the situation with a young man. The violent and excessive resistance is a deliberate strategy the goal of which is to hamper the police work of the group, is the conclusion of the police analysis according to the Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger.

The analysis ends with recommendations that will make it possible for the police force to perform their work amongst a group of criminal North Africans without police officers being injured. This includes the recommendation not to engage or move alone amongst a group of North African youth, as well as recommendations for physical protection to prevent bodily damage from bites, punches and kicks.

When these young North Africans are caught by the police for a crime, they will, according to the Kölner Stadt-Anzeigers show information that often identifies them as underage foreigners without residence papers. This makes them ‘unaccompanied refugees’ to be transferred to social security services. This means, according to police analysis that the young men now “receive social assistance and cannot be expelled from the country as detention of these subjects are subject to considerably sharper requirements”.

According to the police these young criminals then often return to the streets of Cologne to engage in further crime, typically theft of handbags and robbery.

The German population seems in turn to have responded to the New Year’s Eve assaults by arming themselves. Sales of pepper spray doubled in 2015 in comparison to 2014, and after the New Year, the demand has further increased, writes the Süddeutsche Zeitung.

In the neighboring city of Dusseldorf the citizens have created a civil protection group, which has received a cool reception by the police, who describes them as an additional workload. The group in Duesseldorf went out Saturday night as planned, starting to patrol the nightlife, though without any incidents other than a small group of counter-demonstrators from the left wing, reports the TV station WDR.

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  1. Translation the Moslems are getting more aggressive and violent, the locals are banding together for protection and the German Government is upset over the idea of the locals defending themselves. Welcome to the new wild west “where the only law is a hook and a draw” ( from the theme song of the old TV show Johnny Yuma)

  2. (the Cologne train station)
    [with Google translate] For all the victims of this event in our hometown Cologne,
    which is training by appointment expressly free! [can’t find the date on this]
    [with Google translate] The Seminar: Krav Maga solutions in terrorism and hostage-taking situations found last Sunday in our new Cologne-downtown Krav Maga Location (in addition to the site in Cologne-Deutz) with an incredible number of participants from all over Germany, but also from Belgium and the Netherlands held ,

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