More on the German police false flag op against PEGIDA in Cologne

Oz-Rita has translated more from the man who was at the Kolne PEGIDA demo and reasons that the police used agent-provocateurs to false-flag the peaceful demo.

From this Facebook post

Here we have prepared a video recording which clearly shows that the police let the fire cracker thrower, who in part provoked the collision between Police and Pegida, escape through the barrier despite my request to hold him in order to check his identity.

The excuse from the police that they did not know, is wrong, because shortly before the video started I had alerted them to his presence by shouting it out to them, loudly. When he realized that he had been recognized,he pulled out a green card in check card format, which means it was a police badge. Their assertion that he was from the press is therefore just a protective claim.

All the other videos have shown that the demonstration gave absoluty no reason to cancel it and to pursue the citizens with batons, to beat us up with batons, to bomb us from behind with the water canons while we were retreating and to injure the citizens with tear gas.

The police indulged in an incredible orgy of violence and stopped the event even though all videos prove that from the part of the demonstrators there was not even a hint of violence which would have justified these police actions.

Mr. Jäger, Interior Minister of North Rhine Westphalia and a very great Nazi hunter has already allowed in advance that an event is broken down to suit the media.

One thing has become very clear to me: The politicians wanted to make an example of Pegida to prevent more citizens from joining it in the future, and produce the “news” that Pegida events are violent. They also wanted a distraction from their failures on New Years Eve in Cologne.

We will ensure that Mr. Jäger will be held to account and will answer question about this.

– Holm Teichert –

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14 Replies to “More on the German police false flag op against PEGIDA in Cologne”

  1. Yes, disturbing, isn’t it? Not to discount the vileness and seriousness of the gropefest and its subsequent cover up – not in the least – but Muslims will be … well, Muslims: it’s not unexpected (to those of us who are paying attention, anyway). But there is an especially bitter taste in observing one’s police turn against their “own” people, those very citizens that they are supposed to be protecting.

  2. This has been going on for absolute years, but at last we have something that perhaps can expose the anti-democratic corruption at the heart of our democracies. This man has done us all a great service, I just hope that he manages to get what he saw out into the mainstream so we can bring these people to justice, because that is what they need to see, justice. The real Nazi’s are people like Mr.Jäger, as Winston Churchill correctly pointed out beware of Nazi’s dressed as anti-Nazi’s..

      • Oh I am not, this is going to be a long process, even if it is so late that the only thing we can do is place their name goes down in the history books as traitors to democracy, that sir is good enough for me.

    • Yes DaffersD I too think this one, although not so obviously in-your-face is one of the most significant “look behind the seven veils” I have seen. I think we all should spread (both of his letters) as wide and far as possible and just hope that there are still people about whose attention span is longer than that of a humming bird on speed and who will read.

      “The real Nazi’s are people like Mr.Jäger, “

      This does not come out in the written translation, but when he calls Herr Jäger a very great Nazi Hunter, he was bitingly (if subtly) ironic. This interior minister is accusing honest German burgers like those in PEGIDA of being nazis. In German the expression is: “Die Nazikeule schwingen” .

      What is it with those interior ministers?! The one in France is absolutely bottom of the barrel – he is taking the brave folk of Riposte Laique to the courts (his friend with or without benefits is the execrable Christine Taubira, Minister for Justice) for DEFAMATION not once but twice. A method to cripple them financially and shut them up that way.

    • Matt,
      I appreciate your comments on the GoV groping-jihad thread. I was sweating it out with you guys – though under the bed, under the rug, under the floorboards.
      Your perfect nutshell: “[T]his is macro, not micro.”

  3. I posted a link to that video on a “Liberal” site just as a test. I got responses claiming this guy is
    a Nazi of course. They don’t seem to appreciate the fact the police there are using the same tactics
    they use against Leftist demonstrations here. Like the anti globalization protests where in Toronto where the “anarchists” wore the same boots as the police. Irony

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