What is Germany now? Links 1 on Jan. 11 – 2016

1. Mosque vandalized with ketchup but officials won’t call it a hate crime

(I guess Ketchup is Halal now?)

Muslim officials in Kentucky say the vandalism was motivated by bias against Islam but law enforcement says perpetrators left no symbols to indicate hate

A mosque in western Kentucky was vandalized on Friday, but law enforcement officials said the vandalism had been carried out with ketchup and they did not think it was a hate crime.

The Council on American-Islamic Relations said in a statement on Sunday that it was calling on law enforcement to investigate red markings at the Islamic Center of Owensboro as a possible hate crime.

The statement said officials at the mosque believed the vandalism was motivated by bias against Islam.

Cair spokesman Ibrahim Hooper noted an increase in anti-mosque incidents across the nation.

Sgt Scott Wedding of Daviess County sheriff’s department, however, said deputies were called to the mosque on Friday afternoon to investigate markings that turned out to have been made with smeared ketchup.

2. Ever wonder what Hell might look and sound and almost certainly smell like?

(This appears to be Bangladesh where even the Wiki has a hard time hiding the fact that it was Hindu and Buddhist before forced conversion and jihad to make it muslim)

3. Police presser on shooting at Calgary club:

According to Wallace, one shot entered the bar and the shooter squeezed off two more while wrestling with front door staff, but police say several shots were fired into the club.

“Two bouncers that work out front, I’m not going to name them, but they grabbed this guy immediately,” he said. “They pounced on him. Those guys are heroes and they deserve nothing but praise, they stopped this from being so much worse.” […] Hours before the nightclub shooting, a man reported that he had been shot in the leg by a passing car in the 5500 block of 8th Avenue S.E. The victim in that shooting was known to police and taken to hospital in non-life threatening condition.

(Was anyone heard to shout anything in a foreign language I wonder?)

(Mohamed ? = 200%. I don’t know if these are the same guys but there are FB pages for both these Moes who seem to live in, or be from, Ottawa. Moe 1 & Moe 2 and more here sort of at Global News)

4. Muslims it would appear in Germany have become so efficient that they have found multiple uses for what Germans would view as only a container for transportation. What true innovators the migrants are and how much they can teach us!

5. Hamburg police record 133 cases of New Year violence





Police in the northern German city of Hamburg said Sunday they have recorded 133 cases of offences including sexual assaults allegedly committed against women during New Year’s celebrations.

Investigators have not identified any suspects for the assaults that allegedly took place at the port city’s party avenue Reeperbahn.

But victims have described the perpetrators as having “African, Arab, or south European appearance”, a police spokesman told AFP.

“It can of course be possible that the perpetrators belong to one group, but at the moment, the descriptions are different,” said the spokesman, when asked if a parallel could be drawn to the assaults reported in Cologne, on a far larger scale, where assailants are allegedly of North African origin.

6. Australians nice enough to build a sports stadium into a mosque










Perth’s $1.4 billion football stadium will include expanded prayer room facilities from those at Domain Stadium which have been rarely used.

Former Victorian premier and Hawthorn president Jeff Kennett has branded three prayer rooms being built at Burswood — to include washing facilities, a shoe rack and bookshelf — as unnecessary and overly politically correct.

(Video at site)

7. Expat Chinese American reminds the American people the value of their rapidly diminishing freedoms.

8. Clare Lopez: “To Be or Not To Be: What ‘Muslim’ Actually Means

The entire debate about what it means to be “Muslim” and shariah-compliant might be solved with a quick lesson in Arabic grammar.

This is because the word “Muslim” contains in its Arabic meaning its own definition.

You see, the word “Muslim” in Arabic has two parts: the “Mu” prefix and the triliteral root that forms the word “Islam.” That root word, “Islam,” is a verbal noun that means “submission.” When an “Mu” prefix is attached to such a root in Arabic, the resulting noun means “a person who does the thing that root word denotes.”

Therefore, with “Islam” being a verbal noun meaning submission, “Muslim” therefore means “one who submits.” Submits to what? To Allah’s will, which is shariah. Islamic Law. Thus, anyone who presents as a Muslim is by definition shariah-adherent, because that’s what the word itself actually means. If someone claims to be a Muslim, or converts to Islam, or was born into Islam but does not apostatize or separate from it, then it is reasonable to conclude that such a person is shariah-compliant—at a minimum, tacitly—unless and until told otherwise. And the converse must also be true: one who does not submit to shariah, one who does not adhere to shariah, does not meet the linguistic definition of “Muslim.”

9. Here is a funny little animated graphic mocking the German policy of arms length.

10. Oz: Man arrested at gunpoint on Tullamarine Freeway

A 24-year-old Broadmeadows man has been charged with 25 offences at an out of sessions hearing at Broadmeadows Court.

Mohamed Abdou was charged with a number of offences including reckless conduct causing serious injury, evading police and unlicensed driving.

There are also warrants of apprehension in addition to today’s offences that were executed.

Mr Abdou was also charged with thirteen other offences dating back to the middle of last year.

He has been remanded overnight and will face Broadmeadows Magistrates’ Court tomorrow.

(Video at site)



Thank you M., Sassy, Oz-Rita, Nash Montana, Gates of Vienna, Dumbstruck, and all.

The leader of PEGIDA, who the state has defamed before, has now been charged with sedition for his choice of T shirt.

Lets parse this a little.


So a German citizen has been charged with incitement against the state for wearing a T shirt which is critical of a government policy that pretty much no one in Germany would vote for today if given the choice. But even if they would, democracy is at its core, the idea that we the people have the right to be freely informed, to form our own opinions about government policies and their effects, and then to freely assemble with the like minded, or for the purpose of persuading others to our view. This is so fundamental to democracy that to remove any one of these aspects eliminates democracy altogether.

We know that media was suppressed. I mean know it, not suspect it in terms of the rape, rob and grope of NYE. We suspect based on the various videos and eye witness accounts that the police are politicized and acted against the PEGIDA demo in a brutal and non-democratic way while utterly failing to do anything to protect the women or people of multiple cities under attack by gangs of muslims. And now we know that having an opinion contrary to government policy on an issue which has staggering and obvious implications for the future of Germany gets you a charge of incitement against the state.

We can say with authority now that whatever Germany is, we know what it is not.

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