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11 Replies to “Polygamy by muslim ‘refugees’ to Europe. Laws? We don’t need your stinkin laws!”

    • My thoughts too. They were not “fooled” by his declaration of *exactly* 3 girlfriends: they just didn’t care. We see this in the UK, Canada and perhaps elsewhere. Our leaders and intellectual elite are intent on bringing Islam into our countries and they very well know all that comes along with that: FGM, polygamy, oppression of women, gays and non-Muslims, increased violence and crime, etc. Damn them all, the traitors….

      • Our self proclaimed elite want to force us into a one world socialist government utopia where they are on top enjoying everything and we are on the bottom living like all poor peasants. This is why the are trying to hard to destroy all forms of local culture and history, they don’t want us to have any differences and their thought control laws (hate speech laws) are designed to see that we don’t think any but the politically approved thoughts. Think the woman in on of the Harry Potter movies that wanted all teaching methods to be ministry approved methods and content.

  1. Yes, that’s what I was thinking. What a gig … the “girlfriends” get special benefits from the German government because they are single mothers. I don’t understand why … if same-sex marriage is allowed in Germany (not sure that it is, but probably is), why not plural marriage? That way this man will be responsible for his 4 wives and their children, not the taxpayers.

      • Once civil marriage laws define gender out, “marriage” becomes abstract and meaningless. You may as well “marry” a dog or a tree or a looking-glass.

        Western law that accommodates serial monogamy isn’t all that great either. Four wives, one at a time, children born to each. That’s divorce court and good luck with child support.

        Plus illegitimate children in the West account for a substantial proportion of live-births. How do we organize that one?

        by obviating the issue - the baby-parts industry

        • We are in a very nasty moral position but I believe we will pull out of it, in times of great danger people tend to turn to religion and it is becoming obvious that we are in a time of great danger.

          Don’t forget Polyandry and line marriages when you are talking about what may be coming. A line marriage is where there are several wives and husbands who sift beds nightly. People who want variety can come up with a lot of different things they call marraiges. I read about the line marriages in Heinlein’s “The Moon is a Harsh Mistress”. That is also the place where I learned about the non explosive kinetic kill weapons that are now the rage of military SF. They are the major reason we want to control the orbitals, when you are at the top of the gravity well you don’t need anything but rocks to bring your enemies to their knees.

          • Why call any of that “marriage”?
            If it’s for the cake and champaign and dancing music, I get it. Reason enough for me. The parties are ideal opportunities to meet eligible singles of the opposite sex.

            Otherwise these miscellaneous liaisons could be managed as contractual agreements governed by prevailing property laws. Dissolution of partnerships is also codified under estate laws.

  2. i don’t see why this hajji can’t tell the jerry’s that his goats are also his wives
    & add ’em all to the benefits list ..

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