An interesting story of orchestrated demonstrations and muslim faux outrage and pseudo moral high ground in the UK

Before the EDL forced the media to acknowledge the Rotherham mass rape and sexual slavery of white British Christian minors entirely by muslim, mostly Pakistani gangs, there was another town where the same thing happened called Rochdale. (Another city where it took EDL protests to get anyone to admit this was taking place if memory serves at all)

Only one British MP had the courage to come out and say anything remotely close to the truth about the events in this city. It was the MP for Rochdale, a man named Simon Danczuk who came out and said specifically this was a problem of the “Asian” (Islamic) community and now they appear to be getting revenge,

Simon recently was attacked by the press for sending a flirtatious text to a 17 year old girl that may have been perfectly in context with the nature of the conversation taking place.


But the local muslim community didn’t waste a second organizing protests demanding that a person of his low moral character cannot represent, presumably, the muslim child sex slavers in that community.

Now he is being investigated for rape.

Here is another photo of the txt recipient. 

Ms Houlihan claimed to be shocked by those “sexts” – but another Sunday taboid claimed that she also appeared on a website calling herself Goddess Rosalie Von Morelli, a financial dominatrix.

Here are some links on the scandal in Rochdale for which this MP courageously, and at the expense of his marriage, health and now career, attempted to set the record straight.

7 police officers will not be discipled in connection with the muslim sex slave gangs

Rochdale grooming: shocking failure over abuse

Two more Rochdale grooming scandal victims receive council pay-outs

Ten charged in Rochdale child grooming investigation

And many many more links here

On a totally unrelated note, here are two terms that we can think of as our words for the day


Honey trap




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  1. If you can’t dispute the facts find a way to destroy the person telling them, this tactic has been used by the left for centuries.

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