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5 Replies to “President of the Czech Republic offers direct opinion on the nature of the migration crisis in Europe in Christmas address”

  1. Just a few years ago, if you were to tell anybody that a time would come when large numbers of the population would question whether people owned their own countries or not, they would have told you that you were crazy. But the left own all the propaganda tools, don’t they. And they never, ever quit, do they… And the left, for some strange reason, have this core belief that the very idea of borders is wrong and racist and capitalist, and that a perfect world would be just one big place with no borders or names or anything. “Utopia”, I guess… And in Utopia, everybody would be a vegan and have nice coffee-colored skin and generic-looking features and everything would be effing perfect.

    Well, now we are seeing that the leftists are, as usual, completely wrong and should have listened when conservatives patiently tried to explain to them that such open borders would produce nothing but an endless flood of glowering, angry, dangerous-looking men heading for the country with the most generous welfare rates and the most rapable girls. Good thinking, lefties. Any other good ideas you’d like to stealthily impose on us? Any other really great lies you’d like to get behind?

    • Never underestimate the arrogance of the left, they think they are so special that after they destroy all of civilization the people who are left will realize that only the elite left can save the survivors from the chaos and will flock to the left for guidance. For those how have read about Charles Manson this was what he thought would happen after the race war he wanted to start, The left thinks of a much larger scale, they want not just one nation but the entire earth and are willing to destroy anything and anyone to achieve their goal of a one world socialist government with the self proclaimed liberal elite as the Royals and Nobel’s and the rest of us as serfs.

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