Egypt’s Al Sisi creates another tectonic level event with Al Azhar imams

It would appear that Egypt’s president Al Sisi has laid down the law with the graduates of the most powerful and prestigious academy of Islamic thought in the world. Al Azhar in Egypt. Notice all the Santa hats in the audience. Each one of them is an Al Azhar grad.

This looks a lot like he is explaining to them what exactly is going to be taught in mosques by these guys. It is at least, a viable strategy as opposed to the one of pretending that this is what they teach already.

Gates of Vienna has this to say on it here.

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14 Replies to “Egypt’s Al Sisi creates another tectonic level event with Al Azhar imams”

    • Not all of them, friend. I think there are a lot of pretty cool people in Egypt. As a matter of fact, 30 million of them hit the streets and risked their lives to demonstrate the fact that they do not want to be ruled by religious psychopaths. They’re really decent people, man. Arabs are alright. It’s their bone-headed religion we have to fight…

  1. This is the main guy on the planet Earth at this time in history. I love Abdel al-Sisi. God bless President al-Sisi. Long live Abdel al-Sisi. Why Hussein Osama treats him with such hostility, disdain, and disrespect I will never know or forgive, but I hate him for it – and rightly so. It’s almost as if he’s working for the other side or something… And as usual, the bad guys rub their hands together and say, “Excellent, excellent…”.

    Barry al-Husseini, beloved of the Prophet, Servant of Allah, Lion of the desert, Avenger of the Martyrs, Beloved Son of Islam, Shining Sword of The Jihad, is always so curiously popular with the enemy, isn’t he…?

    Hans Christian Anderson is currently doing cartwheels in his grave at his cemetery in Eastern Scandahoovia…

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