It’s on. Links 1 for Dec. 27 – 2015

1. Germany: Düsseldorf 26.12.2015

(I believe these are Kurds demonstrating against Turkey in Germany)

Google translation under video reads:

This raises the question of what politicians or civil servants hundreds of policemen on the 2nd Christmas Day sends to the streets, because the protesters on Sunday did not have time? or was imminent danger and Monday did not go?

2. ISIS implicitly threatening to strike Canada

Baghdadi, the self-proclaimed religious supreme authority of all Muslims worldwide, said in his recorded speech the following (originally in Arabic):

“The battle today is not just a Crusader campaign, but it is a war waged by all nations of heresy against the nation of Islam… this is the battle of all unbelievers against all Muslims. Therefore, every Muslim is involved in the war, abiding by Allah’s order to carry out the duty of jihad in the path of Allah… this war is the war of every Muslim… O Muslims, prepare yourselves to your war everywhere… O Muslims, joining the fight in this war is a duty upon every Muslim. None will be excused. We call on all of you to take action everywhere… We promise you, with the permission of Allah, that everyone involved in the war on the Islamic state, will certainly pay a heavy price, God willing, and surely will regret [taking part in the war].”

Agence France-Presse has reported on December 10, 2015 that Swiss fugitives planned to carry out terrorist attacks in Geneva, Toronto and Chicago.

3. Vienna: Police Step up Security Precautions After Tip

Police in Vienna say they have stepped up security precautions after a warning to several European capitals about the possibility of an attack using explosives or firearms between Christmas and New Year, but they see no need to call off any events.

Vienna police said in a statement Saturday that the tip from an unidentified “friendly” intelligence service came in the days before Christmas. It said authorities also were given several names of potential attackers, but examination of that list and other investigations brought no “concrete further results” so far.

4. Family of Mengistu slams Hamas for ‘the worst hypocrisy’

The family of Avraham (Avera) Mengistu, a mentally ill Israeli who crossed into Gaza back in September 2014 and has been held by Hamas ever since, condemned the terrorist group for its hypocrisy on Saturday.

The criticism comes after Hamas issued harsh criticism against the Egyptian military, which was caught on camera gunning down a naked mentally ill Gazan man who waded into the sea and crossed into Egyptian territory earlier in the day.

“It is infuriating and shocking that the terrorist organization that is holding a mentally ill man, instead of returning him home as expected, dares to cry that ‘this is an act worthy of condemnation and opposes the laws and humanitarian agreements,’ and demands to put those responsible on trial,” said Mengistu’s family in a statement on Saturday night.

“This is the worst kind of hypocrisy.”

Mengistu’s family noted he has been held for a full year and three months by Hamas, after crossing into Gaza under the same circumstances of mental illness as the Gazan man who entered Egyptian territory on Saturday.

5. The New York Times reminds us of what sharia law looks like with the case of the Afghan woman, accused of burning a koran by a typical imam who was covering up corruption she had discovered, and subsequently beaten, dragged, stoned and burned and thrown off a roof. Basically the whole hudud shy of crucifixion. Article and video at link.

6. UK’s ‘Disney’ Muslim family was headed to visit worshiper at mosque of San Bernardino terrorists

It’s beginning to seem like — contra CAIR and the Washington Post — Donald Trump had nothing to do with the visa revocation that stopped a British family as it sat on the tarmac at Gatwick Airport waiting to fly to the U.S.

Malik and Farook in July exiting customs in California

Malik and Farook in July exiting customs in California

There were clearly red flags in the histories of some members of the Mahmood family.  A Facebook page with the name of the 18-year-old — one of the nine “children” traveling with the two adult brothers — contained endorsements of Al-Qaeda and the Taliban.  And Mohammed Tariq Mahmood’s brother had some kind of red flag, given that he was denied entry by Israel eight years ago.

But now Breitbart London’s Raheem Kassam and Liam Deacon report that the 11-person group was coming to the U.S. to visit an extended family member, Muhammad Mahmood, who owns an auto repair shop in San Bernardino, California, and attends the same mosque as Syed Farook and Tashfeen Malik, the terrorists who killed 14 people at a Christmas party on 2 December.

7. UK Anti-Terror Cops Reveal Muslims Offer Almost No Help in Combatting Extremism

(That would be because muslims are unlikely to help combat islam, since the ‘extremism’ moniker is a total deflection from the facts)

Muslims are boycotting Prevent, the British government’s anti-radicalisation programme, with community leaders accounting for less than a tenth of extremism tip-offs.

The vast majority of tip-offs are instead coming from public services, such as schools and hospitals, or the police.

The Times reports that although the figures include extremism of different varieties, including far right, they show the hostility in Muslim communities towards the so-called Prevent programme, and raise concerns that police are being denied information that could prevent terror attacks.

Earlier this month, the Waltham Forest Council of Mosques, which represents tens of thousands of worshippers in east London, said was boycotting the scheme, while Muslim leaders in neighbouring Newham accused the scheme of “spying on our young people”.

8. Daesh kidnaps women and children to sell as sex slaves on social media

MORE than 7,000 young women and children have been kidnapped from their homes and sold into slavery in a chilling new moneymaking operation by Islamic State leaders.

Turkey was last night facing questions about its role in the war against the extremists as it was claimed IS had been running their human trafficking business from offices in a Turkish city.

As coalition air attacks pummel IS revenue-generating oil fields, the warlords have been forced to diversify and are now focusing efforts on targeting and abducting innocent civilians in Syria and Northern Iraq.

Their pictures are posted on social media feeds including WhatsApp and the Messenger for slave buyers to peruse from the safety of their homes. Women fetch an average £15,000 while children are thought to command about £10,000 each.

9. Europe-wide terror warning includes threat to London in jihadi plot BEFORE the new year

(Note to European Citizens: Watch Corsica. When law enforcement protects the enemy and not you, the Corsicans seem to have picked a course of action which gives the least violence and most effect for this stage of the conflict)

LONDON and capital cities across Europe have been warned about the possibility of a shooting or bomb attack on or before New Year’s Eve.

The terror alert was handed to Austrian police this evening from a “friendly” intelligence service, as evidence grows that jihadi sleeper cells are planning to hit Western targets.

It has prompted police across the continent to increase security measures in a bid to prevent a Paris-style copycat attack on an unknown location in Europe.

The warning made specific mention of the threat to shoppers and revellers in “crowded spaces” and warned that the strike could take place between Christmas and New Year.

A statement released by police in Austria said: “In the days before Christmas a warning was sent out by a friendly (intelligence) service to numerous European capitals, saying that it could come to an attack involving explosives or a shooting between Christmas and the New Year in crowded spaces.”

10. On the rampage in Calais: Shocking footage shows hundreds of migrants stealing from lorries and threatening motorists as many more attempt to storm the Eurotunnel on Christmas Day

Astonishing footage from Calais has captured the moment hundreds of migrants stormed the streets in an attempt to break into the Eurotunnel on Christmas Day.

Car drivers were forced to squeeze through the crowds of people – many of whom were pushing prams – as they strolled down the middle of the road.

Local authorities admitted that ‘since the traffic was low’, it was decided to close the A16 highway in both directions until the crowds could be dispersed.

‘Around 4pm, hundreds of migrants, in small groups, attempted to break into the site,’ said the Pas-de-Calais prefecture.

The port of Calais has become a key destination for the thousands of migrants and refugees who are trying to enter the UK.

It has led to the evolution of the Calais migrant camp, known as The Jungle, which has become so well established that it is even now home to restaurants, barbershops, churches and mosques.

Its inhabitants have arrived from all over the world, including Syria, Eritrea and Afghanistan, most claiming to have fled violence and war in their home countries.

More than 6,000 people are now believed to have made temporary homes in the make-shift camp, including orphaned children, the elderly and disabled.


Thank you Oohh God!, M., Richard, Gates of Vienna,  Nash Montana, Wrath of Khan, and many more  and apologies to anyone I lost track of. Its that time of year.

For those of you that read the page, ‘The Agenda and view of this site‘ you may see that in 2008 the idea was clearly expressed that the purpose of the site was to wake up liberals to the facts of islam and how it contradicts liberal principles in whole or in part, but mostly in whole, so that it can be dealt with before actual Nazis take to the streets and gain popular support perceived to be the only people ready to act in the interests of a classical Europe.

That may not seem profound today but in 2008 it was a worthy idea. Below, a video from this summer in Sweden where some self proclaimed National Socialists (Nazis) pull off a rather brilliant and necessary stunt, giving affluent neighborhoods a small taste of the consequences of the policies that they create and support who’s effects are mostly felt in working class areas. Nonetheless, these are Nazis. The cure has a cost so close to the disease that it would still be far preferable if the rest of us did something first. Even the Corsican solution is a vastly preferable one. Observe:

This is rather well researched. One of the best musical parodies

Here is a recent Robert Spencer speech. If anyone has problems with the audio please leave a comment. It is an excellent speech and I may have posted an earlier version of it with some audio problems before.

The issue in Corsica is ongoing. There is a lot to say about this but for the moment you can catch up on the news via Google translate or if you speak French via F De Souche 


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  1. Here is an uncomfortable thought regarding the recent history of slavery. For whose benefit did Nazis provide slaves? According to Edwin Black et al, European offices of industry giants like IBM, Ford, and VW reaped the profit of free labor. The IS, however, squanders its citizens and slaves because its pleasure is in terror, not nation-building. Their weakness will become our strength as soon as we figure out how to take advantage of that.

    • Given the progress that has been made in robotics industrial slaves are no longer necessary and the free market laborers have been priced out of the market by the labor unions. For this reason if there is to be slavery in the west, and I will admit some people have some psychological problem that seems to require they have slaves to boss around, it will be of the sex slavery type being adopted by ISIS. Slavery has always been defeated by technology, the farm labor slaves of the Roman Empire were freed by the invention of the horse collar. A horse eats three times the amount of food as a man but without the horse collar does the same amount of work, with the horse collar it does ten times the work. That freed the slaves from most agricultural jobs, the only reason it hung on so long in the US was because the slaves were needed to pick the seeds from the cotton so it could be made into thread. Once the cotton gin was invented slavery was on the way out, most people don’t realize this and don’t think things through.

      If you have slaves they are a a large investement and you have to take care of them, if you have the 19th Century attitudes they are not useful in a factory since factories are dangerous and you can ignore the free laborer who is injured or killed but in order to prevent slave revolts (some at least) you have to take better care of the slaves and any crippled have to be housed, clothed and fed for the rest of their lives.

      The weakness of any slave society is the slaves themselves, you have to worry about slave rebellions and you have to worry about the slaves being in contact with your enemies because they are natural spies. They have to learn to keep their masters happy without reveling their true feelings and have to learn quickly how to hide things from their masters. About the only way to combat these weakness are to instill a feeling of patriotism in the slaves. This was done in the slave States and what most people don’t know about the US Civil war is that the first black regiment was a Southern regiment raised in New Orleans and that other black regiments were raised by the south that fought for their states and freedom for them and their families after the war was won by the South. (An inconvenient fact of history that the left ignores) Given their arrogance the Moslems will probably be unable to instill anything but fear and hatred in their slaves so the can be used as an intel source if the right people make the approaches.

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