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4 Replies to “Baffled right up to UN 16-18”

  1. The usual suspects telling the usual lies about what is going on in the world, i don’t know which is scarier the idea that they may believe what they are saying to the idea that they think we will believe them.

  2. Perhaps we should become hypervigilant whenever our govt. officials downplay any national security threat…

    Note how the (above) video opens with the November 18th FBI statement declaring they are unaware of ANY CREDIBLE threat of a Paris type of terrorist attack. FOUR DAYS LATER, San Bernardino experiences a jihadist attack.
    Recall also:
    hours before the Paris terror attack, Obama declared ISIL contained.
    Questions were raised about the timing of that declaration wondering if it signaled IS/ISIS/ISIL/Daesh to pull the trigger.

    Kerry’s declaration MSNBC: al qaeda ‘neutralized’ again, made hours before the Mali terror attack this morning raises the same questions…did Kerry’s declaration about ‘al qaeda being neutralized’ give the signal to the al qaeda terrorists in Mali to pull the trigger too?

    FWIW, the time stamp on the MSNBC video clip illustrates 4:19pm on a youtube sourced link which I viewed at 10:13 am 11/20/2015, suggesting the MSNBC report is at least a day old.

    Is this pattern simple coincidence or evidence of this administration being played as dupes/puppets by Muslim Brotherhood advisers within their administration or are they willingly complicit?

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