Etymology, PC Police, Turkey’s brazen behaviour, and much more: Links 1 on Dec. 5 – 2015

1. Sharia Law Supporter Omar Alghabra is the new Parliamentary Secretary for Foreign Affairs

Color me naive but I would think that elected representatives of a country should actually believe in the law of the land they represent and not want to overthrow the whole system and replace it with an Islamic supremacist one)

Omar Alghabra (MP Mississauga Centre), a Sharia Law Supporter, is the new Parliamentary Secretary for Foreign Affairs.

On 02 December 2015, Prime Minister Trudeau appointed a series of Members of Parliament to be Parliamentary Secretaries. In the Canadian parliamentary system, this person is officially designated to assist their minister with minister with his or her duties.

NOTE: The Muslim Brotherhood, founded in 1928 in Egypt has been listed as a terrorist group in a variety of countries including Egypt, Saudi Arabia and the UAE. The Jamaat-e-Islami has been banned or proscribed in some 25 countries. In January of 2015, the Muslim Brotherhood announced that they would return to a path of violence and that is members should “seek martyrdom.”

In April 2014, Tahir Gora published a paper that suggested that the Muslim Brotherhood and Jamaat-e-Islami would attempt to run multiple candidates in the 2015 federal election using the Liberal Party of Canada as its political entry point.[1] This is the well-worn path of “political entryism.”

The question must arise as to whether any candidates in represent extremist views brought into Canada by the Muslim Brotherhood, its proxies or its front groups. With some 700(+) dues paying Muslim Brotherhood members in Canada[2], the question is increasingly relevant.

2. Much has been written about the term, ‘Islamophobia’ and its origins. PP. Just called with a fascinating theory on how it operates as a rhetorical device. Yes, the term is an artifact by the OIC or the IIIT (International Institute of Islamic Thought) and very much a calculated term for exactly the effect it achieved. But why does it work? What is the first known instance of a term being coined in oder to quite literally in the original case, turn a fully rational paradigm on its head for special interests? Could that be a model for ‘homophobia or islamophobia?

3. Gunman in Germany with oddly non-German appearance arrested for wielding a firearm at shopping mall

4. AKP vows ‘meaningful support’ for Syrian Turkmens will continue

Ömer Çelik, a spokesperson for the AKP, speaking to reporters on Nov. 25, 2015. AA Photo

Ömer Çelik, a spokesperson for the AKP, speaking to reporters on Nov. 25, 2015. AA Photo

A senior member of Turkey’s Justice and Development Party (AKP) has underlined the government’s determination to supply “meaningful and qualitative” support to the Turkmens in Syria that will ensure their “material and moral security.”“Everybody should know that Turkey’s support for the Turkmens is meaningful and qualitative,” Ömer Çelik, a spokesperson for the AKP, told reporters late on Nov. 25. “We are standing by the Turkmens in every way. What I mean when I say ‘meaningful and qualitative support’ also includes their being equipped with some resources that will ensure their material and moral security, that will ensure their resistance against all kinds of threats against the existence of the Turkmens and that will allow them to oppose, in the required way, attacks on their region, as in the attack against Türkmenda??. There is no need to list it item by item in any way; Turkey is standing by the Turkmens materially and morally and with abstract and concrete resources,” Çelik said after a Central Executive Board (MYK) meeting chaired by AKP leader and Prime Minister Ahmet Davuto?lu.

5. Robert Spencer and the compulsory muslim spin doctor on Hannity

6. ISIS moves in on Afghanistan: Chilling pictures show jihadis have set up terror training camps as it’s claimed they have KILLED the Taliban’s leader and seized control of large parts of the war-torn nation 

Reports emerged this week that the Taliban leader was killed in a dramatic internal shoot-out after a meeting of commanders of the now divided movement turned sour.

The formerly united group has been severed by a bitter internal turmoil that has seen a splinter cell break away and declare loyalty to ISIS, which is steadily carving a trail of bloody destruction through the Taliban’s Afghanistan territory.

It is believed that members of the ISIS-led breakaway cell could be responsible for the as yet unconfirmed death of the Taliban’s elected leader Mullah Akhtar Mansour.

His death, if proven, exposes the strife among the Taliban’s top ranks as the group seems to be crumbling under ISIS’ growing strength in Afghanistan.










7. Brainwashing of our children: Britain’s schools are force-feeding pupils politically correct dogma about sexuality, climate change and British history. The result will be a nation LESS tolerant than before

‘When I get married — whether it’s to a man or a woman…’ my 11-year-old niece told her grandpa the other day. But I don’t think she thinks she’s a budding lesbian (would she even know at that age?).

It’s just the way she has been taught to think at her impeccably right-on school in the People’s Republic of Brighton.

It reminded me queasily of another niece’s experiences — this time at an overwhelmingly white, Christian state school in Worcester. Her dad had wanted to know why when she said ‘Mohammed’, she automatically added the phrase ‘Peace Be Upon Him’.

‘Oh, it’s what we’re taught we have to say in RE,’ my niece replied.

Did the schools ever consult us on whether we wanted our children’s heads to be filled with such politically correct bilge?

After 25 years’ ongoing exposure to this nonsense, I suppose I should be used to it by now. My elder son’s headmaster explaining to me airily how it just wasn’t the modern way to punish children for not doing their homework; my daughter coming home with the news that her primary teacher had advised her to ‘go veggie’ for a week; my younger boy being co-opted into some grisly global sustainability club, so that his school could win more eco-star ratings from an EU-sponsored green scheme.

Such indoctrination never fails to irritate. More than that, though, I am genuinely terrified about the kind of havoc these brainwashed mini-revolutionaries may wreak in the future.

8. The RAF is NOT the answer: Jeremy Corbyn tells a crowd at Abu Hamza’s old mosque that bombing in Syria will not ‘resolve all the world’s problems’ 

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn said bombing Syria will not ‘resolve the world’s problems’ during a rally outside Finsbury Park mosque.

Corbyn was speaking one week after a lone attacker tried to fire-bomb the Mosque, which once hosted hate-preacher Abu Hamza.

He told a large crowd: ‘Tonight in Finsbury Park we set an example, unity is our strength.’

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, right, spoke at a rally outside Finsbury Park Mosque in north London 
(Notice how if you are a non-leftist extremist or a non-muslim, you must chant ‘diversity is our strength’. I once was threatened with the police for not parroting that. But Corbin in front of a crowd of muslims gets to speak the truth, “Unity”, he explained, “is our strength”. How very, very revealing indeed)
(Article in French. Waiting on one of our French translators to respond to my begging. Daffers offers this comment however)
10. The New York Times does staggeringly dishonest graph which concludes that ‘right wing extremism’ is a much bigger problem than Islamic. Before you click over to Jihad Watch to read his analysis, how many ways can each of us find looking at this graph that exposes it as a fraud?



Thank you Shabnam, M., PP., Buck, DaffersD., and many more.

As a point of interest. Science now has managed to synthesize a new form of carbon they call, ‘Q form carbon’ which looks like it could have some pretty revolutionary industrial and military applications. Being able to manufacture at will, any size of transparent material which is harder than diamond and has a higher refractive index than diamond means entire new industries may be possible. Even if nothing else, it means you can have a cell phone you can put in the same pocket as your keys and not scratch the screen. The keys might be toast but not the screen.

Buck sends us this thoughtful video on Political Correctness now. Only a few minutes in but its already worth it. The implied threat in the phrase, ‘zero tolerance’ being pointed out in the video alone sold me on the film maker’s thought process.

At this stage, George Orwell is looking more like a time traveler than a prophet. No one can get that much right about the future and not actually have lived there.

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  1. It wasn’t only Orwell, Huxley, Heinlein, piper and others got the future correct, they did it by running the leftist programs to their logical conclusion. For those interested in one prediction that is rapidly coming true real H. Beam Piper’s book Null ABC about a time when the schools graduate functional illiterates and they ,look down on the literates.

  2. The UK waSSp elite and UK waSSp Left deserve all of Islam. Best to construct an electronic wall around that disgusting island. Nobody enters nobody leaves.

  3. The amount of semtex found in Lyon was reported as 1kg initially and is also reported as 750g and 500g.

    This article downplays it as being drug related or potentially semtex used by a bandit for attacking ATM machines. The police were doing anti-drug operations in the area. It was found in a tree stump.

    I am sorry about not offering to translate it for you, but my French is not good enough.

  4. Political Correctness…

    Socialists ban words. Muslims ban images.

    Minds made Prideful in Submission within Madrassas and State Schools that induce memory and indentity warping.


    Mass Muslim immigration is imposing strains on western society that we cannot meet now, and we will be buried by in the years ahead. Perhaps if we could talk about that honestly we wouldn’t be sideswiped by the next member of the Amalgamated Union of Lone Wolves who – all together now – „appeared to be living the American Dream“.

    Dream on… Because a moratorium on mass Muslim immigration is – all together now – „not who we are“.

    One way or other Muslim immigration has to be stopped and reversed. Or else Western civilisation is finished.

  6. On PC video –
    Isn’t this the Bosnian immigrant to Sweden that did those videos on the insanity of Sweden’s immigration policy? It sure sounds like him.

  7. Actually this is due to a unifying international policies based on criteria.

    They are imperfect and flawed tool of socialist and liberal policies that prevail throughout the Western world for at least a few decades ago.

    It is based on the populist doctrines, ideas that anything goes, no matter how good or bad: you just have to understand.

    Islamophobia, racism, hate speech, homosexual, etc.

    They are distorted terms to reach an intentionally proposed to the political order.

    Racism: verbal or written expression, legal, expressing an identity or race.

    Homophobia: phobia human subject (a person).
    Homosexual: sex of humans.
    Alliance of Civilizations: [there is no such term] Something like civilized unify criteria, because if someone says this compound expression:
    He is saying that there are more civilizations,
     also of the human race. There is only human civilization.
    Multiculturalism: Word invented to unify criteria equally from political movements. There is only the culture of peoples or cultures and peoples. Actually a contradiction, it can cause error term. The culture of an individual is no more than a culture, it is much or little, or nothing, and intention in language is seen to manipulate a message to the term multi — — multiple. Related to nationality or double nationality do not necessarily have to be from different cultures.
    Globalization: this term is somewhat curious. Use the noun: global, while an action as common name. International or global (global, universal, etc): a term that identifies already exists.
    Gay: term English language; striking, rare. Really like the term homosexual.
    Immigrant: right to designate people who move for reasons of vital livelihood (work) to other areas of different cultures or history with respect to the initial country of origin or native term.
    Migrant: subject belonging to the same origin, history or race to the place you move through life support reasons (work).
    Alien: Terminon legal means; from outside ; strange, in the English language. Very popular in USA, for Mexican citizens and temporary residence documents.

    Fascism: misnomer. Attributed to conservative politics, right-wing or frame. It is used by ignorant people, or, intentionally to overturn history, because Fascism was born of the Italian Left before WWII. This term is extended from Spain to other parts of the world hiding their political origins of the European left.

    Fascist – Facha: Term uttered by ignorant people, or people interested in distorting history; referring or relating to the policies of the National Socialist movement, right wing, patriotic, or pictures (identity). It is a derogatory term completely, but something of great concern when it comes to left-wing groups and movements; insult for themselves or are autoinsultan, which is something enlightening to know the political and intellectual of those who use the term level.

    Anti-fascist – Anti-fa: See the term fascist. Anti: opposite, against, against. Usual leftist movements in Europe, which demonstrates the overwhelming and embarrassing ignorance of the political level and history in their end users.

    Orwellian: ambiguous, the English writer who in his later years corrected and returned to common sense. Anti-Mason and suspicious at the end of his life. Used by advanced users in bits and philosophy of debug information. (Betsy).

    Billon: figure in the English language, which differs from Europe or Latin figures. It is not the same amount to zero for the same, so does trillion (reference amounts and calculations). This term has caused losses in shares of stock markets around the world, falling prices for factories and the bad news in English translated into other languages ??in the world.

    NGO stands for Non-Governmental Organization. But that does not mean it is non-profit. Which shows an intention to charity and diverse help where monetary donations can not come to an end or intended final destination. Its members often have high salaries and live in luxurious houses or faces. It is also a focus of Western corruption consented to enter or divert resources or financial budgets, in addition to put political retired or active political supporters and nations.

    Federal Reserve ; Misnomer, it’s no reservation, and not federal, is a private bank business in the US currency, for many years. See private money monopoly and country debt.

    Liberty, Fraternity and Equality …: the friendly country of France slogan. Controversial, according to some experts, it has removed the phrase that was the original motto …:
    … Or Death.

    Mason: In recent centuries of history; It was an anti-Christian movements and related satanic Jews (Jewish sects) sect, secret, criminal, and. And today is considered illegal in many Western countries, where the image appears like a smoking club or intellectuals. Recall that the Masons were embedded in political and orders (contract killings) crimes secretly his adversaries were made. The dollar bill (of Spanish origin) was changed with the triangle symbol and message as an example to follow in the future.

    Climate change: The term is absurd per se. It is known that the weather changes constantly inevitably even still there were no human being on Planet Earth. The climate is related to temperature, but nobody talks about controlling the temperature of the sun planet (planet and its official patent owner), or other planets changing climate or temperature. The word change is related wrong way to try to say: against air or environmental pollution. But nobody appears to space junk that turns around the earth and usually falls in fields or rural areas. It is considered by many experts for a total fraud or tax subsidies to businesses through governments and laws.

    copyright: there is no such definition. If one looks closely. Copy and law. Well, if you copy the right (authorization or standard law) it means authorizing back, generally. Therefore it is understood as a modern word for times behind in technology. But it means more than that, as there are letters that suggest protection on something to have bought it even with their corresponding receipt. Therefore it is understood as a limitation of the right (Limit rigth). Its symbolism appears on climate change convention recently.

    And countless examples where users should be alert, check and search for information, to be sure that they will not deceive them with easy terms and erroneous thoughts, especially since the policy or political matters.

    Homo ereptus, nearthdentalis homo, homo sapiens, homo sapiens-sapiens invented those terms do not exist for species and sub-human species, as it has only been a species: human, for humans. Deformations for various reasons; diseases, wars or battles, assaults and injuries, and several of the human body atrophies, have originated by people with Darwinian ideas continue subsidies elite group and then export it to school children.

    Race: term almost eliminated in public and private accesses internationally, where search results appears the word ethnicity. The races are like other living species.

    They are politically incorrect examples, or rather, is to show people that it is often necessary to doubt things before accepting something, especially if imposed generally. Someone said centuries ago that the Earth was round and laughed, took him for mad ( by C.C. )… laughter came from the prevailing elites in the courts and castles.

    Oh and by the way, I forgot to say, the American term is accepted to designate the US, since I can remember in Spain.

    But America should be called: Colombia, by Christopher Columbus.

    The term Hispanic: is right for everything related to the Spanish Empire and medieval times Hispania. Hispanic countries are:

    Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Italy, Greece, parts of France, Portugal, parts of Germany, parts of North Africa, most of America, the Philippines, parts of Central Africa, and southern Africa, including parts of modern Japan and other countries such as Ireland for a few more decades of documentary form.

    Caucasian term: no, except for the inhabitants of that part of the world, and not for a race. In any case it would be successful white or Iberian term (Siberia).

    Very important to remember the culture and history, as failure to speak a language does not mean being a descendant or from further centuries of reign.

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