A couple of news items summarized

Johnny U who monitors Hungarian news sent this point form summary of a news conference in Hungary:

-all matters concerning Hungary in Brussels EU headquarters under investigation as a result of Hungary’s position on migrants.
– at least a dozen such matters 
– ie atomic energy plant supplying half Hungary’s needs now may be forced closed by EU in favor of green energy which Hungary can’t afford
-Hungary will be subject to terrorist attacks because it is part of Europe and consequently is strengthening it’s police and armed forces.
-Brussels trying to impose green energy at cost of 100 billion forints over and above current energy costs without compensation.  Hungary is trying to negotiate this expense and if no agreement can me made it may sue EU to minimize expenses. 
-will have to build fence against Romania because they are expecting large stream of people through that country.  If Croatia, Slovenia, Germany and Austria close their borders they will be forced to build. People smugglers will then divert flow through Romania. 
-250000 migrants passed through Hungary refusing registration as per Schengen rules
Xanthippa sent in this link to a story in Sweden which might be getting translated for us but summarizes as police in Northern Sweden are currently chasing a man with a machine gun and knives.

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