Protest against the self destruction of Europe in Sweden last weekend. Article and video

Leader of For Freedom in Denmark speaks at protest in Sweden

Original translation of Danish article on this protest by Liberty Dk.

From AvPixlat

Several hundred marched on Sergelstorg against Government mismanagement and irresponsibility

Around 300 people rallied on Sunday at the public demonstration in Stockholm city center to demonstrate against the government and the irresponsible migration policies that the other parties also supports. The people arranging the People’s demonstration have thus managed to double the number of participants since the last demonstration held this past September.
Among the speakers heard at the demo were Swedish writers Ingrid Carlqvist and Stefan Torsell, but also the Danes Hans Erling Jensen and Tania Groth (who leads the Islam-critical Group of Frihed). The latter gave her speech in English and Avpixlats envoy got a hold of her manuscript from which the following few quotes are taken:

“The EU has failed in their task of safeguarding our national economies and our safety, by failing to protect our outer borders. As Victor Orban, one of the few real leaders in the EU, said in his recent excellent speech – and I quote:

‘Immigrants are now not just pounding on our doors, but are breaking them down on top of us’.

This is the destruction of our countries, our lives and the lives of your children, your grandchildren. It is essentially genocide.
I am asking you to remember what Sweden used to be. How beautiful and how safe and that it was a country to be proud of, a country hailed worldwide as an almost perfect society.

Now Muslims and even returning jihadi warriors are flooding your country, demanding money and preferential treatment, while they are raping the Swedish women. Roma people are literally shitting all over your parks and backyards and robbing you blind.

We stand here because we now see with open eyes that we cannot wait for our governments to fix the issue because they are not going to. We need to tell people that it is OK to be angry. But use that anger constructively and with precision. No more political correctness nonsense and no more polite talk.
You need to show that Sweden has had enough! The time has come when you must either fight for your country or lose it forever!”

Her speech received much applause and cheers. Carlqvist and Torsell also received wide applause with their grim but entertaining reflections on the clumsy maneuverings among the nation’s elected representatives and opinion persecution from the old media.

A few counter demonstrators tried to disrupt the lawful demonstration with their eternal chant, “No racists in our streets”, but were completely drowned out by the booing of the protesters. Not even when a minute of silence was requested for the memory of the victims at IKEA in Västerås and at the school in Trollhättan could the counter-demonstrators keep their mouths shut. Their lack of respect was striking.

The initiative to these demonstrations comes from the private individuals Johan Widen and Therese Larsson – and friends. Keep an eye out – the next demonstration about the governments abuse of power till be held again in a month’s time.

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3 Replies to “Protest against the self destruction of Europe in Sweden last weekend. Article and video”

  1. And it is only now that women in Sweden remember men are supposed to be men and fight to the death for them. Though I doubt if their corporate-funded maternity-husbands nor the 40% female-genital and female-natured ‘fairness’ oportunists will actually support their country – welcoming whatever totalitarian Peace Force arrives in town. Musselma are mini-men, aka feminists. Both, before a normal tomboy woman, are revealed to be total penis-envy clones.

  2. In America, it is standard operating procedure by the Cosmopolitans to pooh-pooh private arms ownership “being Necessary to the security of the Free State” because it is asserted ‘how are you going to fight helicopters, tanks, armored cars and SWAT with your assault weapons? You will be overwhelmed in hours of your resistance!’

    Yet, it is seen here that all tyranny starts and ends with the personal, physical TERROR of individuals.

    Revolution. I think the Volk in almost every country in Europe must be reconsidering that voting to be RULED in order to create “utopia” was ever a good idea. Revolution’s time must be approaching at a fast clip now.

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