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4 Replies to “Potential future German olympic stoning team practicing for the 2020 summer games”

  1. Caption competition?

    “The Bedouin attack the Welfare State”

    “He who casts the first stone, gets to wash Mohammad’s feet”

    “Anti-Feminist Protesters”

    “All in a day’s shirk”

    “Lynx – it drives men crazy”

    “Islam accepts no returns”

    “Blind Date”

    “Women’s 1500mm”

    “Mother’s ruin”

  2. “Beyotch probably had it coming!”

    I assume that by 2020, this will be Nuremberg Platz instead of a hole in the rock desert.

  3. There is only one truly important thing on the planet Earth today, only one vitally important issue. There will not be peace or justice in the world until the religion of Islam is completely destroyed and consigned to the dust-heap of history. Islam must join cannibalism and human sacrifice on the list of horrible ancient things that we just don’t do anymore. That is our sole real mission on Earth today, not the ridiculous end-of-the-world “climate change” scam they keep trying to talk us into. The ideology called “Islam” is a very bad thing for the human race and must be eradicated completely…

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