BREAKING: Hungary has sealed shut its border with Croatia

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Hungary’s border with Croatia was closed to migrants at midnight, according to the foreign minister. The decision came after right-wing Prime Minister Viktor Orban met with his security cabinet.


Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto announced that Hungary would seal its border with Croatia at midnight. Barbed-wire fences on the border with Serbia have funneled people through official crossings between the two countries for over a month.

On Thursday, right-wing Prime Minister Viktor Orban announced that a fence between Hungary and Croatia had been completed and the border could be completely sealed off ” within an hour if necessary .” People without authorization to cross may submit asylum applications in two transit zones between Hungary and Croatia and, if permitted, enter at official crossing points.

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    • I know a fellow who actually made a T shirt with a picture of the Great Wall of China and a horde of Mongolians attacking it and the caption read:

      “Tear down the apartheid wall of China”

      Very few got the joke as I understand it

      • Does that T shirt remind you of “the wall” in Israel? 🙂

        PS: just by the by: All news from DW (Deutsche Welle) are to be taken with huge containers of Salt – if at all. Like the BBC (UH), the ABC/SBS (OZ) they out-al-jezeera AlJezeera itself.

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