Geopolitics, the fall of the EU, more moral inversions and leftism and Islam: Links 3 on Oct. 16 – 2015

Forward: Point De Bascule did a great feature post on the Coughlin talk in Ottawa. You can view it here.

1. Iran ballistic missile test condemned by US

(And yet the US funded it. Will wonders never cease)

The US has condemned a recent medium range ballistic missile test by Iran as a “clear violation” of UN sanctions and a sign of the country’s disregard for its international obligations.

The nuclear weapons-capable missile was launched on 10 October.

US ambassador to the UN Samantha Power said that her country was “deeply concerned” by the test firing.

(Yes they were concerned the missile might not work)

2. The terrifying moment Palestinian disguised as a reporter stabbed an Israeli soldier before being shot dead, as violence mounts

In these distressing images, a bloodied Israeli soldier lies wounded beside a knife-wielding Palestinian who was shot dead after disguising himself as a member of the Press.

Amid rising tensions in the region, the man dressed as a news photographer and then stabbed and wounded an Israeli soldier.

As soon as his guise was uncovered, the man in black jeans and trainers was shot dead by Israeli troops.


3. Palestinians set fire to Jewish shrine; Israeli soldier stabbed

(Video at link)

JERUSALEM (Reuters) – Palestinians set fire to a Jewish shrine in the occupied West Bank, and an attacker disguised as a journalist stabbed an Israeli soldier on Friday as tensions ran high after more than two weeks of violence.

Shortly after the arson attack on the tomb of biblical patriarch Joseph, Palestinian protesters threw stones over the border of the Gaza Strip at Israeli forces who fired back, killing two and wounding scores of others in the crowd, Palestinian medical officials said.

The worst outbreak in bloodshed in months has killed at least 37 Palestinians, including attackers and children in assaults and confrontations, and seven Israelis in stabbings and other attacks on buses and in the streets.

The latest round of violence has been partly fueled by Palestinian anger at what they see as increased Jewish encroachment on the Al-Aqsa mosque compound in Jerusalem, holy to both Muslims and Jews.

(Some pretty brutal spin there at Yahoo. The facts say it was a kind of false flag at al Aqsa where muslims quite deliberately provoked jews for a reaction that could be sold as a sacrilegious act, when in fact the Jews agreed not to use their own most sacred spot on Earth to avoid annoying the savages)

4. UK: Pro-refugee demo paralyses London’s St. Pancras station

(Ending publicly funded universities would also end the fantasy indoctrination that these students suffer from. When people have to pay for things themselves, they tend to want utility)

5. This appears to be the outside view of the shooting posted earlier from the inside the mouse view.

6. Video on the Croat border crossing closure. Its a few hours out of date as the border has been closed for a couple of hours now.

7. Germany: Communists and what might actually be the Nazi variety of leftists march in Cottbus

8. Dozens die in double suicide bomb attack on Nigerian mosque

Dozens of worshippers were killed after two suicide bombers blew themselves up in a mosque in the north-eastern Nigerian city of Maiduguri, said witnesses.

“All the people in the mosque died. Not a single one escaped,” said Muhtari Ahmadu, a trader near the scene on Thursday.

“We counted 42 dead bodies outside the mosque,” added Amadu Marte, a vigilante supporting the security forces in the fight against Boko Haram, which has carried out repeated attacks in the region.

(There go the 42 peaceful muslims we kept hearing about)

9. Ahmed the clock faker meets with North Sudan president, the genocidal maniac and supporter of slavery of black people, Omar Al-Bashir

(In all seriousness, I genuinely and truly hope that North Sudan offers Ahmed a job as their chief scientist and supreme military commander)

The Texan teenager was pulled out of class and handcuffed because a teacher mistook his clock for a bomb.

(BBC lies like a prayer rug as usual. The facts are well known. He was handcuffed for being belligerent and the charge was a mock bomb, or a device that was intended to look like a bomb. It clearly was that and he clearly was belligerent)

10. Some secular Turkish political party actually had the stones to put up a billboard with a drawing of Mohamed dragging his 6 year old rape-slave about. There was some blowback in Turkey. But at least they had more guts than the Daily Sabbah who won’t even show the billboard without a heavy blur on it.

11. Islamic State resident decides she doesn’t really like it so much and prefers the UK.

12. CAIR Demands Tennessee 7th Graders Learn ‘Muhammad Is The Messenger Of God’

The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) is calling on people in Tennessee to oppose a bill that would prevent public schools from teaching the principles of Islam and every other religion until students reach the 10th grade.

Tennessee state legislator Sheila Butt, a Republican, proposed the bill late last week in response to a grassroots campaign across the state by parents — primarily evangelical parents — against what they perceive as an inappropriate focus on Islam in history and social studies courses in taxpayer-funded middle schools.

House Bill 1418, if it becomes law, would prevent the teaching of all “religious doctrine” until students reach the last three years of high school.

CAIR labeled Rep. Butt’s bill “an anti-Islam bill” which is “tied to Islamophobic claims” in a statement sent to The Daily Caller


Thank you Buck, M., Johnny U., Wrath of Khan and many more. It seems to have started doesn’t it?
The things we all hoped wouldn’t happen if a few rational decisions got made a few years ago. Or even simpler, if a few irrational decisions didn’t get made a few years ago.

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10 Replies to “Geopolitics, the fall of the EU, more moral inversions and leftism and Islam: Links 3 on Oct. 16 – 2015”

  1. 12. “HOUSE BILL 1418 By Butt

    The state board shall provide curriculum standards for grades ten (10),
    eleven (11), or twelve (12) that teach comparative religion as it relates to history or
    geography, but no religion shall be emphasized or focused on over another religion.

    If the curriculum standards in grades prior to grades ten … include a reference to a specific religion or the role and importance of a religion in history or geography, then the state board shall ensure that the reference does not amount to teaching any form of religious doctrine to the students.

    This act shall take effect upon becoming a law, the public welfare requiring it.”

    The UK in 1988 had a similar attempt to defend children from a subversive and pernicious ideology which became Section 28:

    “Prohibition on promoting homosexuality by teaching or by publishing material.

    (1)A local authority shall not—

    (a)intentionally promote homosexuality or publish material with the intention of promoting homosexuality;

    (b)promote the teaching in any maintained school of the acceptability of homosexuality as a pretended family relationship.”

    It had no effect except silencing public debate. In doing so it created a vacuum of ignorance. So today same-sex attraction has become an Equality of Victims, where the minority control the majority, in which monogamy and heterosexuality are considered at the extreme end of human sexuality on the Kinsey Scale.

    “Sex and relationship education (SRE) is compulsory from age 11 onwards. It involves teaching children about reproduction, sexuality and sexual health.”

    “Sexuality” being the Myth. “Islam” being the Myth. “Socialism” being the Myth.

    It therefore takes a very brave or very upset person on a bus to confront and outrage this lot and then have the internet police knocking on their door.

  2. OPEN BORDERS ACTIVIST Beaten and Stabbed in the Back By Arab Migrants

    A pro-migrant, open borders activist is reported to be “very sad” after being stabbed twice in the back by a gang of “Arabs” as he stood outside a pizzeria in Dresden, east Germany.

    Twenty-nine year old ‘Julius G.’ involved himself in political activism while reading his degree in industrial engineering Technical University of Dresden. Now he may have fallen victim to his own politics, as the refugee advocate was attacked while waiting for friends in Dresden’s Neustadt, known as the city’s ‘left wing’, or ‘alternative’ quarter.

    Germany’s Bild-Zeitung reports police were called to Pizza 5 on Alaunstraße on Saturday after a group of six to eight men jumped the student in the early hours and stabbed him twice in the back, leaving him in a serious condition. A police spokesman said: “Several police vans searched the surrounding area, unfortunately without success. According to witnesses, the attackers were said to be North Africans”.

    West-German ‘Julius G.’ who has been a student in Dresden for five years told Bild: “I don’t know why I was attacked.

    “I waited opposite the pizzeria for two friends who were buying something to eat after we had left the pub and were on our way home”.

  3. Convert or die’ ISIS graffiti jihadis declare first European ‘caliphate

    The terror group’s logo was daubed on the wall of a restaurant in Gothenburg, Sweden.

    Chilling messages such as “convert or die” and “the caliphate is here” were also found covering the outside of Markus Samuelsson’s bakery.

    “I felt a sudden chill down my spine. It’s terribly painful, we feel threatened,” Samuelsson said.

    The Arabic letter for “N” – which has been used to identify Christians and drive them out of their homes by ISIS fighters – was also painted on the restaurant.

    Gothenburg is a hotbed for jihadist recruiting, terrorism expert Magnus Ranstorp described it as “the Swedish Centre for Jihadists”.

    Cops have launched a probe into the incident and will no doubt be on high alert in fear of a potential attack.

  4. Syrian army, backed by Iranian fighters, advance south of Aleppo

    BEIRUT (Reuters) – Syrian troops backed by Hezbollah and Iranian fighters made advances on Saturday in their offensive to retake territory around the northern city of Aleppo from insurgents and jihadist fighters, a monitoring group said.

    The campaign around Aleppo, which the army launched on Friday, is one of several assaults it has waged against rebel fighters since Russian jets began carrying out air strikes on Sept. 30 in support of President Bashar al-Assad.

    It has concentrated so far on clearing rebel areas south of Aleppo rather than the city itself, which is home to 2 million people and divided between government forces and rebels.

    The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said the army and its allies retook three villages amid fierce fighting in which at least 17 Islamist fighters and eight soldiers or allied forces were killed

  5. Chinese general says will never recklessly resort to force in South China Sea

    The United States says international law prohibits claiming territory around artificial islands built on previously submerged reefs and that the U.S. military would sail or fly wherever international law allowed.

    Beijing, however, denies it has militarized the South China Sea and has warned that it would not stand for violations of its territorial waters in the name of freedom of navigation.

    Gary Roughead, former U.S. chief of naval operations, told the forum the scale of the building of ports and airfields in the seas by China raised legitimate concerns.

    “I do not see an influx of tourists clamoring to visit these remote outposts,” he said.

    Some analysts in Washington believe the United States has already decided to conduct freedom-of-navigation operations inside the 12-nautical-mile limits that China claims around islands built on reefs in the Spratly islands.

    Malaysian Defence Minister Hishammuddin Hussein, also attending the forum, said the United States had briefed Malaysia on these plans, but that he feared getting caught up between two superpowers.

    “My concern is unintended, accidental, unintentional incidents on the high seas, especially between two major powers that at the end of the day will end up affecting smaller nations like Malaysia,” he told reporters.

    China has overlapping claims with Vietnam, the Philippines, Malaysia, Taiwan and Brunei in the South China Sea.

    • The key word is recklessly, China will use violence with great thought and malice aforethought. China like Putin sees a vacuum left by Obama as he weakens the US and they are rushing to fill that vacuum, they want to become the dominate power in the Far East. When you pay attention you discover that the areas claimed either have mineral resources, generally oil or are in a position to choke off travel in the South China Sea if China so desires.This is the reason Japan is rearming and the other nations are starting to build military’s that can resist China.

  6. Croatia diverts migrants to Slovenia after Hungary border closure

    OPATOVAC, Croatia/LJUBLJANA (Reuters) – Migrants streaming across the Balkans reached Slovenia on Saturday, diverted overnight by the closure of Hungary’s border with Croatia in the latest demonstration of Europe’s disjointed response to the flow of people reaching its borders.

    Hungary’s right-wing government declared its southern frontier with Croatia off limits to migrants, blocking entry with a metal fence and razor wire just as it did a month ago on its border with Serbia.

    Croatia began directing migrants west to Slovenia, which said some 300 had arrived and would be registered before continuing their journey to Austria and Germany, the preferred destination of the vast majority, many of them Syrians fleeing war.

    But their movement had slowed visibly, with dozens of buses lined up at Serbia’s border with Croatia through the night and into Saturday as Croatian police controlled their entry, a Reuters reporter said. Slovenia suspended rail traffic with Croatia.

  7. RE; # 9 , Clock Boy and his family of ;professional victims’ are just looking for a big pay day, they will sue everyone in sight , the school district, the police dept etc.

  8. #3 Israel (Schmeuters) Two Jerusalem teens are in hospital after one tried to kill the other. The Israeli Jewish boy is in critical condition; and the Israeli Arab boy is recovering from a car injury after attempting to flee. A third boy–an older cousin of the Israeli Arab–was shot as he attempted to attack police. Security camera films are linked from

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