Antisemitism rapidly becomes a thing of the highest of bureaucracies

1: UN Watch Report: UNRWA Officials Operating 12 Separate Facebook Accounts Inciting Anti-Semitism

Above: UNRWA’s Mohammed Abu Staita posted this anti-Semitic cartoon on his Facebook page, openly identified with UNRWA, calling for Jews to be killed. Below: UNRWA spokesman Chris Gunness responds with denial and attacks on UN Watch.

2. EU Official Attacks Woman, Abuses Her as ‘Dirty Jewess’

EU Flag

EU Flag
Flash 90

Belgian police have concluded an investigation into a vicious anti-Semitic assault at a cafe in Brussels, in which a European Union official physically attacked a female co-worker, while verbally abusing her as a “dirty Jewess.”

The assault, in full view of other restaurant patrons, occurred on the patio of the “Italiano” cafe near European Union headquarters in the city, Haaretz reports.

A 50-year old Italian woman – a department head at the European Council – saw a man at the cafe holding a metal plaque engraved with “Mussolini” and praising the World War II-era Italian fascist leader.

3. German politician: Israel’s security fence is worse than communist Berlin Wall


BERLIN — Israeli organizations slammed Uwe Kekeritz, a German Green Party MP, on Thursday for claiming that Israel’s security fence and border system to stop Palestinian terrorism is worse than the Berlin Wall.

In comparison with Israel’s security borders, “the Berlin Wall is a toy” said the Bavarian politician in a nearly four minute video posted on YouTube in August. He spoke at a reportedly anti-Israel June event sponsored by the German Protestant Church.

Efraim Zuroff, the chief Nazi hunter of the Simon Wiesenthal Center and the director of its Jerusalem office, told The Jerusalem Post on Thursday, “It is obvious that Green MP Uwe Kekeritz learned nothing about the larger picture about Middle East politics and history during his visit to Israel.”


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3 Replies to “Antisemitism rapidly becomes a thing of the highest of bureaucracies”

  1. Yucki is right, antisemitism is to neutral a term, Jew Hatred while more emotion loaded doesn’t give the haters any wiggle room, hold their feet to the fire with loaded terms instead of neutral ones.

    • It’s best in German, judenhass.
      “Antisemitism” is a euphemism popularized by a German publicist named Wilhelm Marr in 1881. It’s meant to sound scientific, to replace the popular term judenhass.

  2. Qustion: What is it, about Jews, the world hates?

    Answer: They have a soul.

    Just as everyone hates an Asperger. What Asperger-spectrum are you? Very popular in early 2000s, something of their behavior you must silence in yourself. This is no longer normal. Around them you had to modify and change your language to avoid upsetting them, to accommodate. And suddenly they reveal Einstein, and many great pioneers had had the condition. Not pioneers today however, (are they now comrades), not leaders in their fields, the signs to look out for and to not employ are there for everyone to see – because they won’t fit in with the Diversity Crowd, snigger, snigger. ‘We only want to help you…’

    Souls are rooted and nourished in the pursuit of truth. Their G_d is perceived to be Absolutely, Unshakeably Truthful.

    Muslims on the other hand, are permitted by taqiyya to lie and deceive. Ergo, these submitters have no souls, (for Man does not live by booty alone), and therefore are rooted, like Disney-raised females and single-parented femboys, in their alter-egos, the fragile brittle vanity that must not be displeased – because they never forget a negative feeling.

    The Rainbow Paraders therefore love muslims, even though muslims do not love them or themselves, simply because they are exquisitely mountable depressed muhammad-dhimmis without a soul and therefore without compassion. And all lost orphans learn to become Communists for it is the most soulless and compassionless slavery going, because they can claim by centralized system-automation to be what they’re not. Like a reguar $5 a month charity payment confers goodness with a congratulatory signed letter with a paw print from a puppy twice a year.

    The Islamic cult where the males do the bidding of feminized super-critical males. Even sex with animals is legislated for.
    Scratch the surface of a muslim and you find another male on top of him enforcing muhammad’s unnatural replications.

    At Islam’s foundation is the Black Stone of Mecca.
    An Idol. To be revolved around once every lifetime.

    At Judaism’s foundation is the monogamous Adam and Eve.

    And a Jewish woman is made male when standing before any of them, that they start lashing out at her to intimidate to be like one of them and bring her husband down to the gutter-dogs that is all they really are. Filling jobs. Dull sparks to the next orgasm.

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