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One Reply to “Paul Weston at Danish Counter-jihad conference July 4th in Mosbjerg Folkefest”

  1. The war appears to be that against the
    Intellegence of critical thinking.

    Neadertal-homosapians are just in the way.

    Muslims have practice the art of downbreeding in every nation they subdued to perfection. Dumbing-down to technicians everywhere else.

    Universities are filled with new races promoted and advanced above their own intellegent individuals by those who sucked the kool aid to believe they are more representative and clever than they are.

    It is not anti-West. Communism destroyed their own cultures to Ground Zero as Muhammad is destroying every new culture to Ground Forever-Islam.

    The religion of Collective Socialism has envigorated the religion of Pecking-Order. Totalitarian ideologies targetting the children.

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