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35 Replies to “Does this mean we can now drive though the mosques?”

    • Why the Hell did no one drive a few HGVs through the middle and flatten the xxxxx lot ? Even the police were protecting the scum..when will the worm finally turn, there must be millions as angry as I am about this situation.

  1. They must rub in in our face?
    Their audio manager must be a pro. If they feel they have to pray in the street we can take down their mosques.
    I suggest they go back to the desert, no trafic there.

  2. Funny because when I was picketing outside my place of work with several others in the 80’s we were told by the police that there couldn’t be more than six of us or we would be arrested for obstruction of the highway…….This should not be allowed in England,full stop.It’s a Christian country,and Christian prayers/Churches would not be allowed in an islamic country.We live in England not Baghdad.Oh,for a leader who can instill the old values of patriotism back into our hearts,a leader who’s not afraid to take out the trash.

  3. I think this one by Kipling is appropriate.

    Rudyard Kipling (1865–1936). Verse: 1885–1918. 1922.

    Hymn before Action


    THE EARTH is full of anger,
    The seas are dark with wrath,
    The Nations in their harness
    Go up against our path:
    Ere yet we loose the legions— 5
    Ere yet we draw the blade,
    Jehovah of the Thunders,
    Lord God of Battles, aid!

    High lust and forward bearing,
    Proud heart, rebellious brow— 10
    Deaf ear and soul uncaring,
    We seek Thy mercy now!
    The sinner that forswore Thee,
    The fool that passed Thee by,
    Our times are known before Thee— 15
    Lord, grant us strength to die!

    For those who kneel beside us
    At altars not Thine own,
    Who lack the lights that guide us,
    Lord, let their faith atone! 20
    If wrong we did to call them,
    By honour bound they came;
    Let not Thy Wrath befall them,
    But deal to us the blame.

    From panic, pride, and terror, 25
    Revenge that knows no rein,
    Light haste and lawless error,
    Protect us yet again.
    Cloke Thou our undeserving,
    Make firm the shuddering breath, 30
    In silence and unswerving
    To taste Thy lesser death!

    Ah, Mary pierced with sorrow,
    Remember, reach and save
    The soul that comes to-morrow 35
    Before the God that gave!
    Since each was born of woman,
    For each at utter need—
    True comrade and true foeman—
    Madonna, intercede! 40

    E’en now their vanguard gathers,
    E’en now we face the fray—
    As Thou didst help our fathers,
    Help Thou our host to-day.
    Fulfilled of signs and wonders, 45
    In life, in death made clear—
    Jehovah of the Thunders,
    Lord God of Battles, hear!

    • Minnesota is hopeless. So is Wisconsin. Their universities are breeding grounds for hatred of America. Enemy training camps are everywhere. Somalis sharpen their teeth and claws.

      People they elect harm us. “Senator” Frankel [sp?].
      Can we get the Indians to take those places back?

  4. Paris drones: New wave of alerts (BBC, March 4, 2015)

    “Ten more drones have been spotted flying over Paris and reports say police are searching for four men after a chase in the east of the city.

    The latest drones were seen hovering near the Eiffel Tower and several other areas further away from the centre.

    Some 60 drones have been sighted since October, over nuclear installations and central Paris, the government says.

    The most recent have all been over Paris, prompting security fears after the murders of 17 people last month.

    Security at key sites in Paris was tightened last month after the killings by Islamist gunmen at Charlie Hebdo magazine, in Montrouge and a kosher supermarket.

    Flying drones over the capital is banned without a licence and no night flights are allowed over the city at all. The heightened security presence was thought to be one of the reasons why the unmanned aerial vehicles were spotted.

    There was a sighting in January over the Elysee Palace, home of President Francois Hollande, and last week near the US embassy.

    Police sources told French media that the latest drones appeared at around 22:00 (21:00 GMT) on Tuesday.

    One of the machines was spotted by police on patrol close to Porte de Montreuil, on the edge of the city, French news channel BFM-TV reports.

    They chased the drone in their car but lost track of it because of traffic.

    The report suggested that the drone had been recovered by four men further south at Porte de Vincennes but they fled in a black car on the nearby Paris ring road.

    The authorities have been unable to establish who is behind the drones….”

  5. Two men arrested in terror fraud probe linked to Syria (BBC, March 4, 2015)

    “Two men have been arrested on suspicion of money-laundering in a counter-terrorism investigation into large-scale fraud linked to British extremists travelling to Syria.

    The men, aged 29 and 23, were held at addresses in west and east London.

    Officers also searched four addresses in other parts of the capital.

    Scotland Yard said the arrests were linked to reports of vulnerable people being tricked out of money after being phoned by bogus police officers.

    Police are investigating allegations that victims were “cold called” and told their bank account had been compromised, and they needed to transfer money to another account. One elderly person lost about £150,000.

    The arrested men were being held in custody at a police station in south London.

    Police used search warrants at two addresses in north London, one in west London and one in south-east London.”

  6. Rue des Rosiers: France seeks three men for 1982 attack (BBC, March 4, 2015)

    “A judge in France has issued arrest warrants for three people suspected of being behind a deadly attack on a Jewish restaurant in Paris in 1982.

    The men, believed to be former members of a radical Palestinian group, have been identified 33 years after the Rue des Rosiers assault.

    They now live in Norway, Jordan and the occupied West Bank, French media say.

    Six people died and 22 were injured when a grenade was thrown and attackers opened fire inside the busy restaurant.

    Two of the wanted suspects are believed to have been the gunmen who stormed the Jo-Goldenberg restaurant and delicatessen on 9 August 1982, according to Paris Match magazine (in French).

    They are said to be a 56-year-old living in Norway, where he has citizenship, and a 60-year-old who now lives in Ramallah….”

  7. It’s all a big front, isn’t it… All the praying and the robes and the beards and the little holy hats are just phony window-dressing covering up a very nasty supremacist ideology – nothing more. The only reason that alcohol and pork and girls are banned is to give them something to get “upset” about with their Infidel neighbors – and excuse for causing trouble and being aggressive. It’s all phony as a 3-dollar bill. No Western country should allow Muslims to immigrate and no sane person should take anything they have to say seriously…

    • The ban on pork is because there are several nasty germs you can get from raw or rare pork, I think Mo the pirate was an alky and wanted to keep the booze away from himself, but the girls are probably because the fewer the other men got the more for him.

      • Yes. I can understand a dietary ban on eating pork (and shellfish) 1,400 years ago. There were some nasty illnesses from both these food products. As a matter of fact you can contract Hepatitis to this day from shellfish.
        However, if you don’t want to eat pork today that is your personal choice. To turn the mere sight of pork products into an offense is just plain stupid. But it fits in with all the other grievances muslims have with our culture… And we have allowed credence to their complaints. Decades ago we should have said “too bad, so sad, get over it and mind your own business.”

        • I agree with you and Eeyore, the bans don’t make much sense these days and the sight of them shouldn’t cause anybody any problems. The Moslems have discovered that they can use the “white guilt” that the left worked so hard to create (personally if I didn’t do it I am not going to feel guilty about it) to create a climate where they can force others to live according to their premedieval rules. The left helps them since Western Civ and its values have to be destroyed before they can built their one world utopia.

    • That is exactly right. In fact all of sharia law can be summarized as, ‘anything that advances islam is good and anything that holds it back is a crime and no other factor matters whatsoever, including innovation, pig meat, alcohol, drug use matter so long as whatever it is that is done is in the cause of the advancement of the supremacy of islam.

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