Catching up but more to come. Some translations in the pipes for this week as well: Links 1 on March 4 – 2015

1. Marine Le Pen accepts Madonna drink invitation

(It is admirable when someone is ready to admit that a very public stand they have taken may have been wrong. Points to the singer for this one)

2. One of FBI’s most wanted terrorists captured in Somalia

Mogadishu. Somalia (CNN)A Somali-American on the FBI’s Most Wanted Terrorists list has been captured, Somali intelligence officials said Tuesday.

Liban Haji Mohamed was arrested as he traveled from an area controlled by terror group Al-Shabaab in southern Somalia.

The one-time cabdriver in northern Virginia is being held and interrogated by Somali officials.

3. Image captures light as both wave and particle for very first time

(Can this be the beginning of a new set of models on the nature of existence?)

4. Saudi Arabia awards preacher who says Muslims can have sex with slaves top prize and £130,000 for services to Islam

The king of Saudi Arabia has handed his country’s most-prestigious prize to a preacher who has previously said the Koran allows Muslims to have sex with female slaves.

Indian cleric Zakir Naik, who has also said 9/11 was an inside job, was handed the King Faisal International Prize for Services to Islam at a glittering ceremony in Riyadh.

A physician by training, the Mumbai-based 49-year-old has carved out a career as a charismatic television preacher, but his controversial views have led to him being banned from entering the UK.

And the winner is... Saudi King Salman bin Abdul Aziz presents Zakir Naik, president of the Islamic Research Foundation in India, with the 2015 King Faisal International Prize for Service to Islam

5. Was it a hate crime? Fears gangs of Asian paedophiles who preyed on hundreds of vulnerable white girls were racially motivated as PM brands it ‘abuse on an industrial scale’ 

A total of 373 girls suffered sexual abuse in Oxfordshire, a report into ‘indescribably awful’ child sexual exploitation has found – and now fears have been raised that the abuse may have been racially motivated.

Over 15 years hundreds of victims as young as 11 were groomed, raped and forced into prostitution by gangs of men ‘predominantly of Pakistani heritage’, a serious case review has found.

The damning 114-page report said victims were in a ‘living hell from which they couldn’t extricate themselves’ after ‘hostile’ officials wrote some off as ‘difficult girls making bad choices’ when they begged for help.

6. UK children suffered sex abuse on ‘industrial scale’

7. UK Cops Turned Away Bleeding Girl Sexually Assaulted by Muslims

If only she had burned a Koran or said something insulting about Islam on the train. Then she would have been arrested and public enemy number one by the evening. But all she was, was a bloody reminder that the UK has become a colony of its colonists.

Nearly 400 girls may have been sexually exploited in Oxfordshire over a 16-year period, according to a report that has criticised authorities for failing to protect victims.

The Serious Case Review said a paedophile ring was able to rape and abuse six victims for five years because the girls’ complaints were not taken seriously. They were reported missing 500 times between 2005 and 2010, the review said.

One victim described how she turned up at a police station covered in blood in the early hours, but was ignored.

8. Jihadi John family’s 20 years on benefits: How it’s cost taxpayers up to £400k to house fanatic and his relatives in upmarket areas

Jihadi John and his asylum-seeking family have milked the British benefits system for 20 years, the Mail can reveal today.

Housing the Islamic State executioner and his relatives in affluent parts of London has cost taxpayers up to £400,000.

One landlord said Mohammed Emwazi’s family were ‘parasites’ and ‘tenants from hell’. Incredibly, they are still believed to be pocketing £40,000 a year in handouts despite there being no sign of them in Britain.

9. Eric Holder most race obsessed AG ever

Thank you Wrath of Khan, Buck, M., ML., UK Pete, Daniel Greenfield, and so many contributors. More to come.

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34 Replies to “Catching up but more to come. Some translations in the pipes for this week as well: Links 1 on March 4 – 2015”

  1. Emwazi’s family is still pocketing 40,000 pounds a year, yet there’s no sign of them in Britain? Where are they sending the checks?

  2. 4/ Peace TV, ‘the world’s only channel specialising in comparative religion’! Priceless.

    Searching the site for ‘Buddhism’ yields two (2) results, one about Yusuf Islam (aka Cat Stevens: Buddhism mentioned as a way station on his journey to Islam ), the other about Maulana Abdul-Karim Parekh (‘His deep knowledge of other religions…in comparison to Islam puts him in a class apart amongst Islamic Scholars…. He is widely acclaimed for his Dars-e-Qur’an (discourses and commentaries on the Qur’an), Tarjuman-e-Qur’an (Translation of the Holy Qur’an in easily understandable Urdu, Hindi & Marathi), Lughatul Qur’an (Qur’anic Arabic Dictionary in Urdu, English, Hindi, Gujrati, Bangla and Turkish), Vigyan Yug Mein Islam Dharam (in Hindi), Aurat Ki Tauheen (in Urdu) and several other books.)

    The four (4) search results for ‘Hinduism’ include the those same two pages plus another for Maulana Parek, then the biography of Zakir Naik himself. That’s some specialization.

  3. Malaysia: Nik Raina: Free At Last

    Borders Bookstore Manager Nik Raina Nik Abdul Aziz said that legal battle with Islamic authorities over a charge of selling and distributing a book deemed to be against Islam had changed her and made her realise her larger role to ensure other Muslims are not harassed for doing their jobs.

    Given a discharge not amounting to an acquittal by the Shariah High Court today, Nik Raina said she had been a shy and reserved person before the raid on May 23, 2012 on the bookstore where she worked, but her ordeal had turned her into a more outspoken person….

    Nik Raina had been charged with selling and distributing the book “Allah, Liberty and Love” by controversial Muslim writer Irshad Manji.

    • But the battle goes on for this rebellious Malaysian Muslim –

      I will fight Islamic authorities till the end, vows Kassim Ahmad

      Kassim had apparently accused some ulama (religious scholars) in Malaysia of imitating the “priesthood caste” system. He riled up Muslims on both sides of the divide when he questioned the use of hadith to interpret the Quran, and described Prophet Muhammad as “just a messenger of Allah”.

      In his lecture titled “The nation’s direction in the next 30 years”, Kassim also questioned the hijab (Islamic headscarf) worn by Muslim women, saying that “the hair is not part of the aurat” (parts of the body which need to be covered, according to Islamic teachings).

      Kassim said his lawyer had filed his appeal to the Shariah High Court and he would leave it to him to make the arguments in court.

  4. The reality of these mass gang rapes by Muslims, is not just for pleasure, but also the satisfaction of power over Whitey.

    In addition, the rapists are doing what the Koran demands, and the example of Muhammed. The rapes are on such a scale, that it amounts to war against the UK.

    When combined with beheadings, mass criminalty of the Muslim population, beatings and murders of isolated White Englsih, and the huge amount of Muslims on Benefits, this is really a war on UK from within.

    We will lose this war to impose sharia in the UK, unless we take drastic action. We cannot allow an enemy within the gates.

    • It’s all about real gut-level macho stuff when you get down to it – not about anything remotely religious or spiritual. It’s all about a big macho man standing over your beaten body with his arms folded across his chest as he roars like a lion. They love that. They need that. They do not negotiate to a win-win solution. Their game is always “Heads I win, tails you lose”.

    • Through out recorded history the rape of the conquered women was used to show the conquered men and women who the rulers were, it would cause some rioting and rebellion early in the occupation but it also stopped a lot because the men know if they rebelled their women would be raped. This tool of war wasn’t really removed from the western arsenal until sometime in the 19th Century.

  5. #9
    Eric Holder most race obsessed AG ever

    God bless this honest, brave black cop for standing up for the human race and speaking the truth. Eric Holder is clearly a racist and clearly intent on persecuting the Ferguson Police for political as well as personal reasons, and it’s good to see a black man take a stand against such an obvious bad actor. The tragedy is that is even needs to be pointed out that in a predominantly black neighborhood, most of the police stops would logically be people of color, not because of racism, but because of math.

    Holder carries on exactly like the black version of some stereotypical white politician from Little Rock Arkansas, circa 1935 – back in the good ol’ days when a white man never went to prison for killing a black one and a black person couldn’t get a decent job or live anywhere near Ferguson Missouri to save his life. Mr. Holder is right to be outraged by those awful realities, but he’s making the whole world pay for it now, and that just isn’t right. The word leftist passive-aggressive politically correct types use is “redress”, never “vengeance”, or “payback”, which is what it really is.

    It shouldn’t even have to be said, but igniting and fueling a black/white race war in the United States is definitely not a good idea for anybody. One has to wonder why Barack ***HUSSEIN!!!*** Obama would intentionally do such a thing…

    • A man like this one can be a role model for young men black or white.
      Too bad he hasn’t been given the prominence he deserves. Even so, we’re going to need him and others like him any day now.

      • I have been following him since he was elected, he has fought to preserve or rights and our freedom, and he has made the entire left mad at him. Anyone who does that is OK in my book.

        Yes we will need him and more like him in the days to come.

  6. #1
    I can’t help wondering if at least a few of these A-list celebrities haven’t harkened back to their roots, before they became radical Democrats, when they were American children, and start to get a whiff that something is rotten in the state of Denmark. Frankly, it is beyond me how people can see Obama clearly supporting the Muslim Brotherhood and the Qataris the Turks, and not have a little red flag go up in the back of their brains – and that goes for about a hundred other weird things happening today as well, like why they’re pussy-footing around with ISIS and not arming the Kurds and… know the rest…

    I’ve never heard Marine Le Pen say anything about invading Europe and starting a pure-French Jew-free empire, or building a network of concentration camps or anything else too Hitlerish, so maybe Madonna noticed the same thing and wondered why somebody was going to the trouble of calling Marine a “Nazi”, over and over and over and over again…

    It would make a huge difference if a few A-listers were to wake up, put their country and their own existence ahead of their careers, and start “noticing” things – other than climate change – and asking a few questions. Like, what exactly did the US Government do to rescue the embassy workers in Benghazi Libya? And not a bunch of Democrat bafflegab about how the brave men and women of the US Armed forces were on it 24/7 doing their utmost blah, blah, blah, but an actual answer. Like what about the fighters at the US base in southern Italy? What about the AC-130 in Tripoli? That’s why the CIA guys were “painting” the mortar crew with their lasers – and the planes never showed up! Think about it, Ben…

    • You mean if, for a change, the trendsetters started setting some trends that actually mattered, and tried to bring their fan base with them, instead of slavishly reinforcing their slavish indoctrination? Maybe after enough overzealous jihadis have mistaken allies like Ben Affleck for the enemy in their war on the West, and in place of acting pain the stars begin to feel some. But maybe not. George Clooney apparently was masochistic enough to get himself hurt for real pretending to have his fingernails pulled out by a Muslim terrorist wherever that was supposed to be. It would probably take more than one fallen star.

      • I mean, does Sean Penn really want the world to be taken over by Muslims? Would Sean be happy living under Sharia and having to pray five-times-a-day? I know he hates America, but does he want to be living in Saudi Arabia? He is Jewish, after all. They’d kill him first, as a matter of course, no questions asked…

    • You have to remember that the current crop of actors are taught to emote not think, they are taught that their emotions will never betray them but that their intellect will.

        • There are a few who are conservatives, Stacy Dash is one and hopefully someone like Dwayne (the Rock) Johnson, Vin Diesel, Bruce Willis or some of they younger crop of actors will stand up for freedom.

          I really wish Bush had commissioned some why we fight movies.

  7. France to double number of Islamic university courses

    French Prime Minister Manuel Valls on Tuesday announced that the state would finance double the number of university courses on Islam in a bid to stop the influence of foreign funding of training of French imams.

    In a speech in the eastern French city of Strasbourg, Valls said that improving home-grown Islamic education was essential to defeating the ignorance that makes “Islamist extremism and the far right feed off each other”.

    […]“The rise of far-right populist politics, in Europe as well as in our own country, feeds directly off the rise of jihadism, terrorism and radical extremism,” he said. “It is a situation that puts our democracy, our society and our capacity to live together in extreme jeopardy.”

    more on the page :

  8. 3. There must be a Muslim on the Interwebs claiming that discovery is in the Qur’an, the all-knowing science book.

  9. Technology & Science

    “Anti-terror” invention designed to spray Muslims with PIG BLOOD is “deeply offensive”, says faith group

    American tinkerer hit with Islamophobia claims after applying for patent on controversial invention

    An American inventor has unveiled an offensive “anti-terror” system designed to spray Muslims with pig blood.

    The highly controversial device is the work of tinpot tinkerer Franklin R Lacy, who works in Tampa, Florida.

    He has applied for a patent on a “system for protecting against terrorist and illegal invasion” which cruelly exploits the Islamic ban on eating or even handling pork.

    […]He learned of the strict Islamic laws on pig blood during “extensive travels” in the Middle East.

    His invention involves placing containers of clearly labelled pig blood in sensitive areas, in the hope suicide attackers would avoid detonating a bomb nearby for fear of getting covered in it.

    These vials of blood could be attached to trip wires and spray Muslims with the forbidden substance if they enter a certain area.

    “It will keep suicide bombers from blowing themselves up near the container of pig blood because they believe that they would be guaranteed not to go to heaven,” Lacy wrote.

    […]Fiyaz Mughal, director of the interfaith group Faith Matters, said the device has “been created by someone who seeks to humiliate specific faiths”.

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