Marine Le Pen: ANTIFA is responsible for the desecrations at French cemeteries, the Jewish and Christian ones

It appears that the usual leftist cossacks are responsible for attempting to frame the classical liberal, now called ‘Far Right’ by the media and purveyors of the Frankfurt narrative,parties and are in fact responsible for this week’s attack on multiple cemeteries in France.

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  1. Five charged over Jewish grave vandalism in France (BBC, Feb 19, 2015)

    “Five teenagers have been charged with vandalising hundreds of Jewish graves in France in an anti-Semitic attack.

    The suspects, aged 15 to 17, are accused of the “desecration of burial places due to the religion of the deceased”.

    Tombstones were pushed over and vaults opened at the cemetery in the north-eastern town Sarre-Union last Thursday.

    Local prosecutor Philippe Vannier said the vandalism appeared to be part of a game that went wrong.

    Images on social media also showed graves daubed with swastikas and Nazi slogans. Some 250 were damaged.

    Mr Vannier said on Wednesday there was a clear “anti-Semitic motive” behind the act.

    Four of the boys have been assigned to juvenile centres, while a fifth has been placed in the care of “a trusted individual”, he added.”

  2. My following speculation comes with he warning that Maths were never my strong point;)

    1. I suggest that 110% of attacks – such as profanation of Jewish & Christian cemeteries, Synagogues, Churches, etc – are done by Anifas and assorted Leftist vermin.

    2. 150 % of graffiti and such on Mosques are done by Muslims (with perhaps the exception of “porking”, the latter showing a sense of humour. (Muslims cannot be accused of humour).

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