While Islamic horror expands and the US does dawa, some cracks in the narrative appear: Links 3 on Feb. 19 – 2015

1. Is Italy The Next Breeding Ground For ISIS?

As the Islamic State group expands its reach into Libya, the group also known as ISIS sits on the doorstep of a nation that has one of the largest Muslim populations in Europe: Italy. The militant group threatened to seize Rome in a video released this week showing the beheadings of 21 Coptic Christians from Egypt in Libya. Although the number of foreign fighters from Italy operating in Iraq and Syria, where ISIS has established its so-called caliphate, is on the lower end among Western European nations, Islamic extremism in Italy may grow as ISIS makes an effort to recruit in the country.

2. Beaten to death by the mob: Hundreds of savage ISIS supporters swarm over Syrian prisoners as they kick them to death before their corpses are dragged through the streets 

(Islam’s horrors are so depraved and imaginative in a diabolical way, it requires headlines of laughable horror. Just like the goddamned koran itself)

A sickening new video has emerged showing hundreds of savage supporters of the Islamic State kicking, punching and stamping three terrified Syrian soldiers to death before dragging their bloodied corpses through the streets chained to the back of motorcycles.

The barbaric footage is believed to have been filmed in the terror group’s de facto capital Raqqa and bears all the chilling hallmarks of ISIS’ professionally produced and edited propaganda films.

The gruesome killing of three Syrian soldiers is just the latest in a long line of horrific filmed murders released by the Sunni Islamists since last summer’s self-declaration of a caliphate in the vast areas of Syria and Iraq they control through a campaign of rape, massacre and brutal oppression.

3. President of Uruguay blasts former Guantanamo prisoners for ‘lacking a work ethic’ after they were resettled in his country and turned down jobs 

(This is an exceptional article. It is a total and utter refutation of the usual leftist narrative. And Uruguay is a socialist country. If anyone knows anyone who works for Justin Trudeau or Sheik Obama, they need to be made aware that this article speaks directly to the ‘root causes’ distraction from the fact of islamic jihad. More on this story here)

4. Sheik Obama does more dawa, making up history without citing examples.

5. Photos: Islamic State torches musical instruments, cigarrettes in Libya

Islamic State recently took to the streets burning piles of musical instruments and boxes of cigarettes in the Barqa province of eastern Libya.

The photos were published by Islamic State’s media wing on Wednesday, showing the items, which were confiscated by its religious police, being torched by fire by masked Islamic State members.

Instrumental music is banned according to the extreme form of Salafi Islam practiced by Islamic State.

6. Former NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani: ‘I Do Not Believe the President Loves America’

(I wonder if this tipped off a few New Yorkers?)


7. Muslims continue to throw rocks at Israeli trains despite having caused the death of a 4 year old girl. (Only 2 when she was hit)

(Perhaps Israel could take a lesson from this scene from an excellent Johnny Depp movie)

Thank you Richard, CB Sashenka, M., Maria J., and all. more to come soon.

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24 Replies to “While Islamic horror expands and the US does dawa, some cracks in the narrative appear: Links 3 on Feb. 19 – 2015”

  1. Re #2, Horror inflicted on Syrian soldiers by ISIS supporters. What does it take to reach this level of depravity? What about all those “peaceful” verses in the Qur’an? I just got back from one of those small-town Ontario, Christian-church inspired discussion groups about “Islam is a religion of peace” wherein the United and Anglican churches got together to tell us to ignore these kind of atrocities -nothing to do with Islam. Not everyone was buying it.

  2. Socialism has made the countries that adopted it poorer, and morally vacant to allow Communism to triumphantly herald an Egalitarian and fairer-share collective… That was the Fabian Plan… But Islam got in with the better idea: that you, did not have to change to accommodate the different narcissistic personality disorders, but you, by a once in a lifetime submission, get to go to the Party in The Sky and have a good time with your bro’s. Not by reading a lady’s magazine and confessing your shortcomings to each other, but memorizing a hard core men’s mag without any of the emotional guff, like feeling someone else’ pain. And you can demand your wives anywhere and anytime you want. *menses excluded.

    • Socialism has held the field for a long time now but its days are numbered. Since it can’t go on working, it won’t. I don’t know how many degrees of separation there are at present, but soon everyone will know someone who knows or knew someone who has been beaten, raped, knifed, burned, shot, blown up, beheaded or crucified by a Muslim. Maybe that’s already the case in the UK.

      Muslims aren’t patient enough to win by stealth jihad, the sure path to victory. If everyone is a conservative in his own field, as the physical protection of oneself and one’s family becomes more imperative, more people will seek to know the truth about jihad. The epiphany that comes with their understanding will discredit the socialists, Islam’s enablers. The pendulum will swing back, though across a field of corpses.

  3. Marine Le Pen, Leader of the political party Front National, took to the stage to speak to her supporters in Savigny sur Orge, a southern suburb of Paris, Thursday. Le Pen said, “it is with Russia that we will manage to fight against Islamic fundamentalism,” and accused former French President, Nicolas Sarkozy of being friendly with Qatar; a nation which “supports and arms fundamentalists”.

  4. 6/ It was a shot across the bow, a warning of what this president was going to do to America in the years ahead. But watching that 747 fly over NYC again it still seems remarkable that none of the many people who must have been involved managed to raise an objection or get word out beforehand.

  5. 3/ Poor babies. What they want is office space with big desks and high-speed internet and Uruguayan slaves to run around bringing them dates and coffee while they plan their next terror attacks.

  6. 4/ It will be their undoing. They have trapped themselves in a degree and extent of falsification that is not sustainable. They have set an historical record for balancing dominoes and with a massive policing effort forced everyone pretty much at gunpoint to tiptoe around them. It requires fanatical control:

    ‘During the preparations of Domino Day 2005 on 14 November, with only four days to go until event, a sparrow flew into the building and landed on several domino bricks, eventually causing 23,000 of them (out of 4 million) to fall. The sparrow was eventually shot…’

    The dominoes marked ‘Islam’ are the ones that start the entire precarious structure coming down, and IS is helpfully splashing them bright red.

    • As Lincoln said you can fool all of the people part of the time and part of the people all of the time but you can’t fool all of the people all of the time.

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