It is still very important that we educate ourselves and our peers on Islam

While the hour grows late it is true, we are not entirely past the point where educating ourselves and all we know about the basics of Islam in a dispassionate and well sourced way is of value. And while the amount of sources of information on Islam and its doctrine grows, some truly stand up high over others in terms of their scholarship and ease of understanding. One of my favorites is Geert Wilders’ book, Marked for Death.

The Rt. Hon. Mr. Wilders has given me permission to upload a segment of the audio version of the book, for which I chose segment 35 which deals with hijra in particular and the issue of moderate Islam. Please feel free to get this segment to whoever you feel needs to hear it, as well as encourage people to get the book, either paper or audio. This makes fantastic work out audio by the way. For those looking to raise their pulse for half an hour or so.

Please consider Geert’s book as a gift idea for family or friends for whom you may have opportunity to make a present for casual reasons. If they actually get around to reading or listening to it, they will thank you. If not right away, after a while. Trust me on this.

They will.

35 Marked for Death     
35 Marked for Death     

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  1. Most Westerners remain oblivious of the basic fact that Islam is completely alien to their fundamental assumptions about morality, religion, law, philosophy, knowledge, everything. It’s a massive library 1,400 years old that they have never entered, a parallel internet that they don’t even know exists, that informs every aspect of the world-view of even illiterate Muslims. The only reason Arabs have ever translated even as many books as Spain translates ever year is to get the tools and weapons and to gather the intelligence necessary to war with the enemy, us. Late as it is, we had better be reading the war manuals in their library.

    • It does for me. Click on the far left side of the little bar and make sure the bar on the right side, the shorter one, shows near full. It is a crappy player though, ill see if I can get a better one to work here.

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