News links for April 8 2014 – 2

1. More confirmation about the Russian terror-tard’s sudden demise.

2. Here is one of the better examples of why Islam must be kept far away from schools. Well, far away anyway.

Yes. A muslim MUST believe something demonstrably untrue, and, by extension, murder anyone for blasphemy who would advocate that which may be true if it contradicts islam. Socialists behave much like this. In the Soviet Union, they made the theory of evolution illegal. Proponents of it could expect the gulag. As Communism is more religion than politics, they invented their own form of biology based on an idiot named Lysenko and forced evolutionary biologists to work from his ideas as it didn’t contradict Marx. Many examples of this already exist even in the west where fields of study have been terminated for having results contrary to the current narrative.

3. Russia to ban Hizb ut-Tahrir in Crimea
Russia to ban Hizb ut-Tahrir in Crimea
Hizb ut-Tahrir has been active in Crimea for a decade, where it has held many conferences and even publishes a newspaper.

World Bulletin / News Desk

Crimea’s deputy prime minister Rustam Temirgaliyev has revealed that the political Islamic group Hizb ut-Tahrir will be banned in the peninsula in accordance with Russian law after the Crimea was annexed by Russia.

4. Motion to ban Iran’s new UN envoy from entering the US passes the senate.

A measure that would bar Iran’s recently appointed ambassador to the United Nations from entering the United States easily passed the Senate on Monday, delivering a rare legislative victory for its lead sponsor, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Tex.).

Cruz, a first-term senator who is considering a run for president in 2016, has spent the last several days railing against Iran’s appointment of Hamid Aboutalebi as its new top envoy to the United Nations in New York.

(I believe the objection is that the new envoy was one of the people who stormed the US embassy and took it over during the revolution in Iran. However so was the last president and they let him in)

5. More parts of Ukraine declaring independence as move towards Russia? 

6. More on the CIA US secret training camp in Jordan.

7. UK court bans self-flagellation by mourners

(This one is gonna take some research and thought before any reasoned opinion. But it does look at first blush like the kind of thing which will end up being selectively enforced and a net advantage for Islam, much like the Quebec religious-symbols law that was proposed and died in the election)

I believe this is the sort of thing the ban is intend to effect:

Thank you Fjordman, M, and many people who sent in material. It has been a frantic day and I lost track of some of the sources. Will get it next time.

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  1. Czech Republic New educational project focuses on Muslims, Islam

    A new project launched by the Muslims In Czech Schoolchildren’s Eyes group and approved by the Education Ministry, offers free seminars and lectures that would acquaint pupils with Islam and the life and habits of Muslims, daily Lidove noviny (LN) writes yesterday.
    The lecturers want to explain to Czech children ¨what burka is and why Muslim women have to wear it, and also what Koran says about Jihad,

    […] The project’s sponsors include the U.S. embassy in Prague and the Anna Lindh Foundation, an intergovernmental organisation. The EU mission in Prague and the Prague Municipal Library also cooperate in it.

    […]the project has raised protests of the group called We Don’t Want Islam in the Czech Republic. “They sent me a few offending emails along with the demand that we should not promote Islam at schools. However, our project is no propaganda. Our only goal is to provoke a discussion and refute the media stereotypes,”

    Muslim prayer in Prague :

  2. #2. Lysenkoism:”and with Stalin’s approval, many geneticists were executed (including Isaak Agol, Solomon Levit, Grigorii Levitskii, Georgii Karpechenko and Georgii Nadson) or sent to labor camps. The famous Soviet geneticist Nikolai Vavilov was arrested in 1940 and died in prison in 1943.[9] Hermann Joseph Muller (and his teachings about genetics) was criticized as a bourgeois, capitalist, imperialist, and promoting fascism…” wiki

    Which goes to show, fear stupifies critical thinking. They can’t rationalize because it would be like dying to face themselves: so you must not be allowed to think it either; lest it be uttered, and they seen for the proud desolation of what they are.

    Skeptical thinking becomes a hate-crime and phobic, when they have all the venom and live the super-positive denial-life.

    What did geneticists then have that was so fearful to them? The preachers of Human Destiny? Only that were nothing but a fragile evolutionary accident. There is no such thing as a One World Government Ideology on Earth. Likewise for the Muslim, neither a Heaven to be continually wrapped around a houri. Nature, like the lilies, reveals all.

  3. Sometimes 13 highway shootings outside kansas City are just random shootings….
    (Reuters) – Investigators in Kansas City are searching for one or more gunmen who have been firing at area motorists over the last month, hitting at least 13 vehicles and injuring three people, police said on Monday.

    “We are having a rash of these. It’s crazy,” said Marisa Barnes, a spokeswoman for the Kansas City Police Department. “Luckily there have only been three where there have been injuries.”

    A rash? Like the chick pox or poison ivy? What next random guys spraying poison in Texas Walmarts causing an evacuation or men shooting up transformer stations? Nah could never happen.

  4. Explosion near Pakistani capital of Islamabad kills at least 17 (CNN, Apr 9, 2014)

    “A blast in a fruit market in the Pakistani capital Islamabad killed at least 17 people Wednesday and injured at least 41 more, said police spokesman Shaukat Nawaz.

    The blast was close to a bus stop at the entrance of the morning bazaar at a time when vendors arrive and set up for sale.

    There has been no claim of responsibility so far, Nawaz said.

    The Pakistani Taliban announced a ceasefire in March which extends until Wednesday.”

  5. #2 Small correction. Lysenko-michurinist pseudoscientific nonsense was about genetics, in application to agriculture. The evolutionary theory was never illegal in the USSR.
    The Soviet scientists were very good really, despite all the moronic ideological pressure from “The Party”. Not surprizingly, under the Stalinist leadership, countless scientists and intellectuals were imprisoned for “antisovietism” and for being “cosmopolitan reactionary agents of the western capitalist bourgeoisie”. When it became clear that such repressions are counterproductive for the development of sciences in the USSR, Nikita Khruschev took steps to slightly ease the ideological pressure on scientists. But humanities and social sciences were still supposed to follow the official CPSU line of “Marxism-Leninism”…

  6. Lysenkoism: saving the few for the loss of the many.

    Is a Muslim, nature or nurture? Nurture.
    Is a Communist nature or nurture? Nurture.
    Is the sexually-identified, man, beast or object nature or nurture? Nurture.

  7. Yucki,
    Yes, it was.

    I quote from the book “Zhivago’s children – the last Russian Intelligentsia” by Vladislav Zubok :

    “When the young nuclear designer Andrei Sakharov arrived at the prestigious Academy of Sciences, along with a group of nuclear physicists, he joined an informal coalition there struggling against Lysenko’s allies to achieve a greater scientific freedom. The party apparatchiks were quick to notice that none of the young academicians were party members and that most of them (although not Sakharov) were of Jewish background.”

  8. Another (rather funny) quote from the same book:

    In some circles of educated friends in Moscow, recalls Ludmilla Alexeyeva, the discussion proceeded like this. Those who sided with the “physicists” said: “All this blather about social justice, democracy, equality, ‘the people’, proletarians-of-the-world-unite. Look what it got us… We are up to our throats in shit, and you are still chitchatting.”

  9. Yucki.
    I don’t know. Actually, most russians have never heard of Rush Limbaugh, so it’s hard to say.
    The guy’s name is Victor ? Perhaps Victor Shenderovich ? He’s indeed a sharp and humorous dude.

  10. Yucki the real story behind this fellow is rather worth it I think. He was a singer during the Soviet era and did a song that was about a cowboy and the cowboy life. The commies would not tolerate a song that seemed to romanticize anything American so told him not to sing it.

    His form of rebellion was to sing the song anyway and pantomime the ideas and mock Soviet authority by singing goofy scat instead of the words.

    If you do not know any of that, then its hysterically funny. But when you do know, this becomes what it was. A brave and needed poke in the eye of those who would dictate everything you can think and say under the rubric of political correctness.

  11. WoW !
    My Russki friends catch on fast to nonsense that endangers, ‘been there, done that’.

    This quote leads into an interview with Victor Topaller:
    “We are not better than native-born Americans, and of course not smarter. We’ve just been to the last stop of this bus.” – Sergei Dovlatov

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