Selective enforcement at Ontario Universities and Islam.

Yesterday, a link to a stunning National Post story was posted on a course being offered at an Ontario Canada university on rhetorical devices for better spreading and representing islam to a people fast wising up to it.

The prof. is a woman convert to islam who has the dubious distinction of being the first woman president of ISNA.

Below, a segment of an article linked here, by David Haris of INSIGNIS with some details about how this woman actually is.


Being Had for Dinner in Ottawa

Canadians are on their guard against the growing Islamist threat. After all, the last month alone brought the Boston Marathon bombing and arrests in Canada of suspected Iranian-linked al-Qaeda bomb-plotters targeting Canada-US passenger train routes. Add to that repeated stories of Islamist radicalism in Canadian neighborhoods and young Canadian Muslim terrorists abroad.

Against this backdrop, the last thing to be expected at this fraught time would be a public event in Canada’s capital showcasing a radical Islamist, boasting a master of ceremonies from the tax-funded Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, involving a respected mental health foundation, and including the wife of the highest office-holder in the land. Nonetheless, this is what is being planned for Ottawa this weekend.

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 The man who was told he could not audit the course because he was not muslim will be interviewed by Michael Coren Tuesday evening on SUN TV Feb 11 2014.

link an open line radio program aired tonight     
 on CFRA on this subject. 

(skip ahead 30 minutes)

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  1. Good to hear articulate voice given to this outrage. I hope a lot of people listened in to the CFRA show and that Michael Coren and Tarek Fatah and hopefully Ezra Levant succeed in getting the matter before a wider public.

    Plainly the course should be cancelled, but I think it would be a worthwhile result if the university was even just forced to open it to kafirs. An infidel auditor could sit quietly at the back of the room and then distribute weekly reports on Mattson’s tips & tricks, or perhaps record her if that can be done legally. Or more likely his mere presence would be so disruptive she would have to basically abort the program, and that’s also a good outcome.

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