“In Rennes and in Paris, the ‘antifas’ ,militia in the service of valls* vandalise with impunity.”

An original translation by Oz-Rita

From Ripostelaique:

In Paris, this Sunday, in the streets of the 18e arrondissement, as well as in Rennes this Saturday, our compatriotes could witness the activities of a mixture of degenerated Leftists pretending to be antifascistes, assorted thugs, antifascist lesbians and pro-palestinians calling for an “Intifada” in the streets of Paris, shouting “ zionism = fascism”, asking for legalising all illegal immigrants without any controls. There was a whole threatening fauna that required a very strong police presence.

You will remember that during the protest march on the Day of Anger not one car was burnt, no policeman  injured, and yet the police have still arrested 250 demonstrators and Manuel Valls (Interior Minister) had made comparaisons with the 1930ies.

Yesterday, they (the police force) were on  highest alert, as you can see from pictures that show them in Paris, on the pavements, organised to protect shop fronts. Despite that the bookshop “Facta”, disliked by them, was vandalised, for the second time in a month. This is as surprising as is the extremely low number of arrests this week-end. 

Unless, of course, you understand what we have demonstrated for a long while now: the “antifa” are a political militia in the service of Manuel Valls (interior minister of the socialist Hollande government). Their role is to prevent resistant patriots to express themselves. And consequently, they enjoy the protection of our government, its police and its justice department…[…] … This is called rewarding the collaborators of the regime.


*Valls Minister of Interior in the Socialist Hollande Government. 

******Note by translator: I did omit some parts which refer to specific happenings of the past year in Paris that would need elaborate explanations for those not familiar with it. *******


And here is a video of the demonstrations in Rennes referred to in the above article. It is demonstratively a march against a meeting by “Le Front National” of Marine Le Pen. 


(At around minute 8 the MO of Antifa is well illustrated)

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  1. The French government has failed it’s citizens miserably, the primary duty of government is the safety and security of the state and its citizens.

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