Links and news for Oct 18 2013 – 4

1. Wahhabis Remark at Hajj: ‘We will Kill You Shia Men and Rape Your Women’ (A little sectarian tension at the ole’ hajidoo!)

2. Boy of 12 sought for Manchester campus sex attacks

A 32-year-old woman was approached by two young boys and sexually assaulted by one of them described as of Asian heritage,

I wonder what sort of culture might tell a boy that young that its OK to sexually assault college age women like that?

3. More diversity and culture crushed by leftism and multiculturalism. A long standing tradition of Holland about to bite the dust.  Funny how its the very people who winge on about diversity that work three shifts to destroy it.

4. Russian police search apartments of Russian illegals.

5. Muslim Activist Who Accused Israel of Sex Crimes, Raped 15-Year-Old Girl

Nawaf Athamneh, the 52 year old resident of Kafr Qara, NIF-funded public relations hack, and editor of the far left anti-Israel former Machsom (Checkpoint) website and other outlets was recently convicted of raping a 15 year old Israeli girl.

6. ‘Playing with non-Muslims is haram’, Oz Muslim dad tells daughter

The father, who is a devout Muslim, also complained to the family counsellor about his ex-wife’s dressing style.

7. Saudis claim that camel urine may contain a cure for cancer.

(The people who make these claims should be forced to use it and only that should they develop cancer. People who want to affirm their disgusting and barbaric superstitions by tricking the ill and the desperate deserve to be made to live by their own advice)

(Thank you everyone for the links. So much news, so little ability to organize)

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  1. 3/ Rainbow Pete!

    “As an experiment in 2006, the NPS (en: Dutch Programme Foundation) replaced the black Pieten with rainbow-colored Pieten but reverted the characters back to the traditional all-black makeup a year later.”

    – Wikipedia

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