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3 Replies to “RT sources: invading jihadis in Syria plan chem-weapons attack on Israel”

  1. Even if such an attack did happen Israel would not fall for it because they know Assad has no motivation to fire anything at them to motivate them involved.

    The real purpose of this story is twofold

    1 to enhance the doubt we have about the PAST story about Assad being the one to use chemical weapons. Russian propganda is sly like that. I’m all for it in this case because I think it was the rebels too.

    2 to pre emptively cause doubt in Israel should the rebels actually do it. So Israel will think twice about striking at Assad’s forces in retaliation. Notice that it puts the reminder in for Israel that the rebels will be worse for Israel’s security than Assad.

    Yeah, the more I think about it the more this looks like a message specifically crafted for Israel’s consumption. Notice that they find a reason to include talking about WHY a rebel win would be more problomatic for Israel’s security.

    That doesn’t mean Pravda Today doesn’t have a point. Just please don’t fall for tthis attempt to mask propoganda as actual news.

    Oh and the gobbletty gook in the middle about changing territory is meant to freak us out with unceartanty. The rapidity of speach in that bit is meant to contribute to that. Always a little too much veague information delivered a little too quickly – that’s meant to cause a feeling of anxiety in general about the subject so we find ourselves not wanting to think about it- thus being suceptable to the point of view they want us to have instead of using our ciritcal faculties.

    I’m not joking about these RT clips being insidiously toxic. They are meant to affect us benieth our critical minds in ways we don’t notice. That’s why I so often feel the need to go into annoyingly painstaking detail- they’re designed fto f your head up instead of inform.

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