News-links for Sept. 16 2013 – 3

1. First Elisabeth Baggi now Elibiary?

2. Get ready for the government to spin this attack on the DC shipyards as ‘Workplace violence’. Just wait for it. Oh look! Here it is.

3. the gunman — described as a tall, African-American male — wordlessly sprayed fire from an AR-15 assault rifle.

Two other shooters are being looked for at this time as of 12:45 EDT

4. More news management for Americans?

5. Reagan National Airport halts flights due to Navy Yard shooting 

6. Largest case of military trial interference in US history? (Apparently to force a guilty verdict on the Marines who pissed on some dead taliban.)

7. State department in US defends its ludicrous assertion that Iran is no threat in Latin America and its influence is decreasing. 

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  1. #2

    If the guy doesn’t have a card in his wallet saying, “I am a certified member of Al-Qaeda Local 221, along with another piece of paper marked at the top with, “Al-Qaeda Orders”, and then “Attack DC Navy Yard” under that, they will simply lump this in with all the liquor store holdups and the carjackings that will probably happen in America today. And then, the mainstream media will back that distortion up to the hilt – unless, of course, it is a case of workplace violence. But it isn’t, is it. This is going to turn out to be recent converts to Islam practicing their religion – of course. And on it goes. And the American public keeps sleeping and sleeping…

    How can they be so absolutely sure this has nothing to do with terrorism so early in the game? What do they know that makes them so absolutely certain like that?

  2. And how can three men with weapons all coordinated be work place violence? It is terrorism by definition even if it is angry tax payers. There is no way three employees mad at the boss will decide to do this at the same time.

  3. Your right this is terrorism, the motive behind the terrorism is what we are waiting to hear. Now if the various government agencies would realize that we have brains and know how to use them.

  4. But Richard, the majority of “us” have very tiny brains and no idea how to use them. Did you see the video of the girl with the fake petition getting signatures for al-Qaeda care packages – and how successful she was being? Most people do not even know we are at war, much less who we are at war with. Imagine going around wartime Britain petitioning people for care packages for the SS – cookies for Adolf Hitler? We are nowhere near as smart as we were in 1940. The dumbing-down process is almost complete…

  5. #3 The press, politicians & Janet Napolitano were so hoping this was a white Tea party member coming back from Iraq or Afghanistan from Texas.

    Instead they have an African-American vet maybe from before the War on Terror, who has no PTSD, who lived in Texas among so many other places including the left coast (where he probably grew up), and in no way shape or form was a registered Republican, Tea Part Member or NRA member.

    Still Obama is giving it his all to demonize guns.

  6. On the other hand, he could have a giant grudge against the US Navy, and this could be workplace violence – If the other two shooters fail to materialize, that is…

  7. The other two have never been found and may not exist, the weapon used was a shotgun and two handguns, not the AR15 they are trying to demonize.

    One of the news agencies was saying that while the AR15 is semi auto it is still charged from a magazine, what they are too ignorant to know is that all firearms that aren’t single shot are charged from a magazine. The AR15 and many bolt action rifles are charged from a detachable magazine.

    A little knowledge can make you a laughing stock of those who have a lot more knowledge.

  8. Iran in Latin America:
    Puzzling. I’ve been reading an Iranian Shiah missionary blog in Spanish for a while. Super-polished, low key, really nice. But for the last couple of days I can’t get through:

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