live feed of the DC Naval yards attack

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  1. Has Obama spoken yet? It’s been hours.
    People who criticised Bush for appearing unprepared after 9/11, when he heard the News sitting in a kindergarten, well at least he gave a quick response.
    This attack happened in Obama’s town of residence and he still hadn’t said anything. Perhaps they can’t drag him off the golf course.

  2. @Whutupdue

    For people who don’t click through your link – it now says there aren’t shooters there. It’s under security lock down as standard operating procedure in this sort of situation.

    That feed now says the information is “unfounded”

    “Joint [email protected]
    Reports of an active shooter or other emergency situation at Joint Base Anacostia-Bolling (JBAB) are unfounded.”

  3. @Richard: Obama will probably take this opportunity and re-start the anti-gun campaign, ignoring the fact that it’s not guns who kill people, but it’s people who kill people.

  4. My thoughts and prayers go out to those who have lost loved ones in this horrific tragedy. As more information comes out we are still getting bits and pieces. Sadly however the MSM and the left will get miles of political capital from this. Because of a person again with severe mental health issues perpetrated this act the cry has once again arisen to disarm everyone.Many of the workers in that building held concealed carry permits in VA and other states but were forbidden to bring guns onto the Naval base or into DC which has draconian gun laws. The Police and the Security services realistically cannot be everywhere, protect every person, and diminish or predict all threats.

  5. Rita he is trying to use executive orders to change some things, I think the things he wants to change require Congress to act but that hasn’t stopped him before.

    Henry Winkler tweeted a screed about guns and has been receiving back a lot of angry replies about how it was the man not the gun and how Winkler seems to have jumped the shark in real life with his tweet.

    A lot, probably the majority of people realize the war on terror isn’t over and want firearms to defend themselves and their families, look at what happened in Colorado. The two leaders of the gun control movement in their legislature were recalled and now the people who orginized the recall election are pushing to have the laws repealed.

  6. BTW every public shooting in the USA since 1950 in which more than 3 people were killed has taken place where citizens are not allowed to carry guns.

  7. That make sense, the killers aren’t fools, they don’t want to go to some place where people shoot back, they wouldn’t kill as many if they did. Unfortunately you can’t convince the big government types of this fact.

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