Explanation for attacks on muslim shops in Sri Lanka

While the BBC is busy calling rape victims Nazis for defending themselves, at least the Sri Lankan media is bothering to offer an explanation for these events.

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Sunday Leader:

By Raisa Wickrematunge

Clothes from the store were strewn on the ground and The mob shattered glass, and Army personnel were deployed to defuse the tension

This week saw a storm of controversy as Pepiliyana was struck by a couple of attacks on Thursday (28) night.
The Emerald Trading Company was subject to a sudden arson attack when a domestic matter spiraled out of control. Emerald Trading, which is a car salesroom, is owned by partners Murshid Sadun and Amjad Sathik – who also happens to be a captain at the national carrier Sri Lankan Airlines.

A domestic issue had arisen regarding one of Emerald Trading’s employees, a Muslim boy, who had been in a relationship with a Sinhalese girl. The issue was quickly resolved. However, the girl’s father had complained to a monk about the issue. Following the complaint, an eye-witness saw a monk leaving one of the temples in Pepiliyana followed by a group of youths, mostly under 25 of age. The group carried stones and, people were later to discover, kerosene.


Daily News:

[…] love affair between a youth and an underage girl had been the reason for the attack on this reputed textile store in Pepiliyana. A violent group attacked and pelted stones at the popular clothing store causing severe damage to the premises and merchandise.



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