North Korea stages massive rally for the usual jingoistic reasons

H/T Magic Martin

I would like to make fun of this one as I did the previous few where it seems as if the North Koreans in ‘man on the street’ interviews were competing with religious Muslims for the worlds-worst poetry. But this one seems to have a sort of dark, Lord of the Rings Orcishness to it which seems more like it heralds a great deal of dead people rather than brainwashed zombies forced to say bad things about everywhere else in the world.

Which I think to them is limited to South Korea and the USA. Which I suspect they think is directly attached to South Korea.

Guardian story on this display here.

I still can’t help but wonder if this is part of a joint plan with Iran to divide US resources and a new 2 front war.

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  1. Norks as orcs? More like duped dorks. To wage war a country must expend resources. The norks do not do resources. Sure, they issued an extra cup of fuel for every tank and an extra bullet to every soldier, but I’m not concerned about their abilities.

  2. I was thinking more in terms of seeing their leader cause the deaths of all of these people. Even so. As what meager resources they have managed to get, mostly from China and blackmailing the US, has gone into war. To stop them should they decide to wage all out attacks on whatever they can would likely require doing more damage to them than we can stomach.

    They do have nukes even if they don’t land where they are supposed to.

  3. Eeyore you are probably right about the two front war, but you have to add China into the picture even if they weren’t pulling North Korea’s strings as soon as we are tied up in a two front war they will hit either Taiwan or Nam to steal the mineral resources there. Once the major fighting starts it will spread as nations like China try and conquer neighboring nations to steal their minerals to keep their citizens semi quiet.

  4. There are a couple of odd things about the video in the Guardian version though.

    1. The NORK officer at the start refers to destroying the B52 bomber and not the B2, which is the actual bomber that did the overfly of South Korea as a war exorcise. I think these guys may be about 50 years behind if the translation is correct.

    2. It also seems to me that they are threatening global genocide. Or else how does one interpret this? Not that I think they can do it, but where are the lefties and so on who attack every classical liberal and say nothing about this.

  5. You are right, they want to kill everyone don’t support them.

    I am really not that worried about North Korea, their equipment is outdated and the South Korean Army is much better then the North, this is a case of quality v quantity and the quantity difference isn’t great enough to off set the massive quality difference. Think hot knife and butter, the sticking point is once the South’s forces get near the Yalu the Chinese are going to interfere.

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