Leftist media destroys a truly decent human being for holding an opinion of the non-leftist kind.

Small consolation I suppose but at least someone bothered to actually expose this horror.

Intro by gates of Vienna:

The philosopher Henrik Gade Jensen is one of the finest debaters in Denmark. He served as a press advisor to the former Minister of Ecclesiastical Affairs in Denmark, serving one year during the Anders Fogh Rasmussen government before his career was ruined.

As is now the case with Lars Hedegaard, Gade was completely destroyed — in public — by false accusations and ‘guilt by association’ tricks designed by left-wing extremists. It has been ten years since it happened, and Gade still suffers from it. He was targeted because he was — and is — on the ‘wrong’ side of the fence: he criticized immigration policy and the EU. In 2003 he was brought down by a deliberate media smear campaign.

The video shows how this man of integrity is destroyed by false ‘Nazi’ allegations from a left wing extremist backed up by the mainstream media. After legal action, he forced the media outlets to apologize, acknowledge that they had no evidence for their slurs, and compensate him.

The video provides some kind of satisfaction for Gade Jensen. Dissidents outside Denmark in similar situations may find encouragement watching it.

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2 Replies to “Leftist media destroys a truly decent human being for holding an opinion of the non-leftist kind.”

  1. The war is on.
    Leftists are partners in evil, and they must be stopped. Radical Islam is one ugly sister. Neo-Marxist filth is the other.
    There is no more time to be lost in trying to convince these seditious bastards that they are wrong. They’ve finally made it clear which side their bread is buttered on.
    It’s all out war, I tell you…. it’s now a no-holds barred war!

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