Belgian police kill man suspected of terror links: report

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Global Post:

An man of Algerian origin killed by Belgian police in a shoot-out on a motorway Tuesday was suspected of terrorist links, the Belga news agency reported, citing a spokesman for the federal prosecutor.

Belga said the authorities late last year responded to two requests for information about the man from France, suspecting that he belonged to a criminal gang with terrorist ties.

The investigation showed that the man was buying arms and other equipment such as bullet-proof clothing, and had linked him to an armed robbery of a restaurant, Belga said.

It said the authorities decided to arrest the man after receiving information that he was planning an attack.

No details of the incident nor of the man’s alleged terrorist links were given.

A search later of his home in Anderlecht, a suburb of Brussels, revealed arms, ammunition and explosives, plus other equipment which Belga said the police would put on display on Wednesday.

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