An update on the Hindu Vs. Muslim riots and killings over a restaurant bill

When Vlad first posted an article on this the term, ‘communities’ in the original article made me suspicious enough to post it as a possible Muslim Vs. everyone else issue. Clearly that was indeed the case.

From The Hindu.Com

 Dhule, January 11, 2013

Dhule riot: police arrest eatery owner for inciting violence

Amruta Byatnal

Even as the police on Thursday arrested one person in connection with the communal violence that broke out here on January 6 following an altercation, the curfew, which was imposed following the violence and the ensuing police firing that claimed six lives, was extended.

Dhule Superintendent of Police Pradeep Deshpande said that Kishore Wagh, the owner of the Maratha Mutton shop — the eatery where the scuffle broke out — was arrested for inciting violence and causing damage to property and remanded in police custody till January 13.

Meanwhile, at the Macchi Bazaar chowk, where the eatery is located, people on both sides of the ‘border’ — as the intersection is known here — fear that peace will be difficult to come by in the town. According to the people of Dhule, who are not unknown to communal violence, the feeling of frustration, fear and loss that they witnessed in riots that paralysed the city in 2008 has returned.

“We don’t know whom to trust. We live right on the border with Hindu and Muslim families. Everything was fine between us, and suddenly this happened. We fled our house and ran to save our lives,” Gita Prajapati, a resident told The Hindu. Ms. Prajapati said her brother was badly hurt in the riot. “We don’t know who hit him. He has injuries on his face and hands.”

While more than 200 people, including policemen and members of the two communities were injured in the violence, six Muslim people died in the police firing, prompting Muslim leaders to allege that the police was prejudiced. As The Hindu reported earlier, houses of both Hindus and Muslims were gutted, and property was damaged. Members of the Muslim community have alleged that that the rioters indulged in arson and loot with the police support.

This prompted thirteen Muslim corporators on Thursday to threaten to resign if the government failed to institute a judicial inquiry into the incident. “We have demanded an independent judicial inquiry into the incident. The families of those who were killed also need to be given appropriate compensation. If the government fails to do so within a month, we will all resign,” said Feroze Lala of the Nationalist Congress Party (NCP).

The riot was sparked off by a brawl that started over the issue of paying a restaurant bill of Rs. 30. According to the police, two Muslim youths got into a fight with a Hindu restaurant owner over the issue. The owner hit the two, who went out and returned with a mob of over 50 people. The restaurant owner, too, had called people by then.

According to an eye witnesses who did not wish to be named, both the parties went to the Machhi Bazaar police chowk, but the police refused to register a complaint and asked them to resolve the matter by themselves. It was then that both sides started pelting stones at each other. The police arrived on the scene soon after, and was caught in the violence.

However, the account of what happened after this has contradictory versions. According to the police, the Hindus were largely quiet and the Muslim side of the mob was throwing huge stones and acid-filled glass bottles. PSI Bhaskarrao Pagar, who was at the scene when the incident happened, told The Hindu that policemen were getting injured in large numbers and it became difficult to control the mob. “That was the last option left with us at that time. If we had not taken the decision to start firing, the violence would have grown beyond limits. It is the best that we could do.”

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7 Replies to “An update on the Hindu Vs. Muslim riots and killings over a restaurant bill”

  1. With the corruption in the main media, I now take ANY violent crime that is reported without any identifier as committed by muslims. Sorry for the non-violent and WESTERN law abiding muslims, but that is the other side of the coin of this media protection racket the criminal elements in the muslim community are beneficiaries of, because I know I am far from being alone in this.

  2. Restaurant bill? The muslims regard India as Islamic land and dhimmi Hindus should know that muslims are entitled to free board and lodgings whenever they wish. It’s all there in the Pact of Umar.
    “We shall keep our gates wide open for passersby and travelers. We shall give board and lodging to all Muslims who pass our way for three days.”

  3. ”When Vlad first posted an article on this the term, ‘communities’ in the original article made me suspicious enough to post it as a possible Muslim Vs. everyone else issue. Clearly that was indeed the case.”

    This particular incident probably gave the MSM scum a bit of a problem as they couldn’t use the codeword ‘Asian’ without implicating the Hindu victims as well and they the MSM are certainly never going to label these barbaric dregs of the human genetic pool for what they really are – muslims first, last and always.

    Seneca III

  4. 2 Muslims don’t want to pay a 30 rupee bill, get smacked by the Hindu owner. Muslims go and come back with 50 Muslims. Owner probably knowing they would be back with a mob calls for help and has protection. Muslim mob grows and unlike Hindu side which remained quiet, Muslims throw huge stones and ACID filled bottles. Many cops start getting injured because of the stones and acid being thrown by Muslims. Police fear Muslim crowd getting uncontrollably violent and had no choice but to shoot at the violent Muslim mob killing six. Muslims complain police played favorites ignoring that they were throwing stones and acid filled bottles severely injuring many police could be the reason why the police fired on them in the first place and not the Hindus who were quiet. Muslim politicians claim victimhood. Meanwhile Muslim politicians were inciting violence against Hindus that may have contributed to the Dhule affair in the first place. Only the Hindu owner gets arrested. What is fair about that?

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