BREAKING: EDL Demo site attacked

The site for todays EDL demonstration was attacked by from three to four HUNDRED screaming Muslim youths throwing bricks and glass bottles.

The EDL were not allowed anywhere near the site. Our man on scene, EDL Buck will write up a more detailed report shortly. Check back in an hour!


this report courtesy of EDL Buck:

I’ll start at the begining. I arrived at Kings Cross at around 11 am, met up with some familiar faces and we went to the dolphin pub for a drink.

At 12 we left for the tube station to catch our ride to Blackhorse Rd station, good atmos. Left station and was corraled by the police until all had arrived. We were than marched in fits and bursts towards the demo point. Police had to clear the road ahead of us of muzzies and unwashed UAF types. Nearing our rally point we came under attack from missle (Bricks bottles etc) so mthe police diverted us down a side road. where we were kettled for several hours without toilet facilities, not a pretty sight while 3-400 muslim youths were pelting the stage with more bricks etc causing the stage to be taken down while tempers started to flare in frustration.

Some of the lads attempted to charge the police causing the cops to baton several skulls. A while later Kevin Carroll turned up and explained to us that we would be heading back to the tube station (And he looked none too happy about this). The walk back to the station took a couple of hours as the police had to clear the Muslim defence league scumbags ahead of us.

Upon reaching the station we saw it was blocked off the a combination of UAF and MDL so the police marched down a side road where we were kettled again with toilets, until around 10 pm. The police called a section 60 and we were all searched had our details taken for the police national computer handcuffed and bundled into various police vehicals/buses 1 EDL to 1 cop and dropped off at kings cross where we were de-arrested and told to go home. This is a new tactic by the police, we think it was to get us so pissed off that we wont go on future demos.


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  1. Other then casualties of this crap. I would like to know if it was just Islam or was it the Nazi organization calling themselves ‘anti-fascists

    Thank you

  2. The screaming mustards need to do this more and more and the more people that see them do it will start to fight against these fucktards

  3. If this is what’s going to happen then figure out a way to make this sort of thing work for you.

    I remember a demo that was supposed to happen. Only a few EDL showed up and were escorted away by the police. The screeming mee mees then went berzerk and attacked the police and reporters and smashed cars. The vids were available for all to see.

    Hmm… What’s Trafalgar sq like this time of year? Lots of tourists from all over the world I should imagine. Each one with a nice new working camera or phone that captures video. Hmmm…

    It doesn’t matter if you don’t have permission to hold the protest if you don’t actually hold the protest.

  4. dam good idea! just suggest yr going to hold a rally then 1 or 2 turn up watch the fireworks video it then post the antics for all to see

  5. “…The EDL was not allowed anywhere near this site….” Says quite a lot dontcha think?
    Because of the ILLEGAL actions of MUSLIMS, the ENGLISH DEFENCE LEAGUE was not allowed to act WITHIN the law. This underscores who has the power (at the moment). But, just as Greece is now, as the populace gets pushed over the edge, they will take back what was rightfully theirs and wrongfully given away (or sold) by their government. Once again “As the divide between public will and government action widens, the wave of unemployment will swallow the present ruling parties.”

  6. OXaO it was both working hand in hand.
    We were not allowed our legal right of peaceful protest and freedom of speech. A dark day for Britain indeed.

  7. Suggestion to the EDL: Arrange a march in support of the Queen, and carry posters of her face.
    Attacking these is actually treason.
    Whether the police react correctly or not, at least the people in the towns can see who is on whose side – and make the lies about your purpose harder to uphold.

  8. Georgina – Thats a Brilliant Idea,when they see Posters and Plackards with a Photo of their “Boss” being pelted with stones and Bottles,it will show the Guys in a Different light to the Nation,and the last thing the Police will want is to be seen is supporting the opposition to the Queen..Great Idea.

  9. Yes, and we will soon be in the same boat with those lilly livered suckers we call police in Toronto, doing the same kind of policing. Instead of arresting the perpetrators of crime, the islamic extremists, they try to appease and commit crimes of freedom against decent citizens…The people who create these policies need to be voted out, fired, put back into the middle of a mob of rioting islamics who are frothed up and eager to cut limbs and heads. Then maybe we would get some appropriate policies happening in Canada and in England.
    How disgusting, how outrageous, NEVER SURRENDER< BRING OUT THE DOGS<

  10. The march in support of the Queen idea is excellent. Also, marches in tourist areas and places where there are lots of uninvolved people with phones. I also suggest flash mobs, people with different colored jackets appearing randomly at a given time, spelling out a message with the colors of the jackets and somebody on a building videoing the whole thing, minutes later everybody leaves randomly, put on YouTube and send to media or make adverts. Also, do silent demos with signs outside selected businesses.


    This is precisely what has got the authorities so worried. They know that Islamic ideology does not allow Muslims to compromise, so they bend over backwards to appease them at the expense of the rest of the population.

    Now the political authorities are in a tizz. If the EDL will not bend or compromise, the stage is set for confrontation. Politicians, who are 100% responsible for this mess ( and they know it), realize that the public will blame them, and look for other solutions.

    So it is the British Freedom party.

  12. “The march in support of the Queen ”

    Not a bad idea but I wonder how she and the government would view this and how they will react?

  13. Re wonder how she (the queen) and would view this?

    I think that sort might tut tut the EDL for their “oickishness” but believe you me they tut tut with a bit more oopmh over what the likes of Choudhary and his man harem get up to.

    You KNOW whenever she sees Choudhary and his sort, she imagines what their heads would look like on the end of a pike.

    The people the EDL protest against burned a flag and yelled “Queen and country burn in hell.” But we all know they were really saying “Queen burn in hell.”

    Nope, Choudhary and his hand picked harem of buy toys won’t be stopping by the palace for tea.

  14. Sorry that should have read Boy Toys, not Buy Toys. I would never wish to imply that purchasing toys implies that one is a predatory homosexual who keeps a harem of young men. Furthermore – just because Choudhary left his wife and now surrounds himself with young men means nothing I’m sure.

    Lots and lots of non muslm men prefer the company of young men to their families and that doesn’t… doesn’t mean… um… Oh- I guess it does.

  15. It is scandalous beyond words that people exercising their democratic rights are constantly being attached by other groups who claim to be anti-fascist. There are reports, that these so called UAF are of that same element who were outside Liverpool Crown Court earlier this year- during one of the gang rapists trials of underage, White British girls. Anyway, the most astonishing part was: they were not there to support the RAPE VICTIMS, nay, they were out in a show of support for the PERPS! Well; if that was not enough to clear away any doubt as to who the real fascists actually are, then what will it take? The public need to be properly informed as to who these so called UAF actually are and what they actually stand for. It is obvious that the UAF and their element despise the ordinary folk and worse than that, are working over time to deprive them of their most basic democratic rights

    One thing is for sure: People do not need patronising dolts such as , UAF or any other self interest group telling them how to think, particularly if these self interest groups are being publicly funded and craoking like corn crakes for their supper! It is offensive in the extreme!

    More than ever, people need a voice against this anti-democratic onslaught, and to know exactly what opposition legal groups such as the EDL actually stand for. Public opinion is very fickle, and in this MC/PC climate, more so!

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