BBC Left wing bias, so predictable its actually funny.

This time, the BBC had to find some by-the-book out there leftist prof. from the University of Texas to obfuscate and avoid any actual pertinent facts about the French riots and try and stuff it back into the usual commie narrative talking points. Poverty, (without explaining why) unemployment (without explaining why) and “being disenfranchised” all the while giving the current socialist government of France a pass for the responsibility because they have only been in power a few months. None of this of course is pertinent or even information about the riots. Just classic slapstick BBC propaganda. Like the CBC in Canada, if we didn’t have to pay for it, it would be funny as hell.

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  1. One of the interviewed, who, it’s as clear as sunlight on a bright day, is lying through her teeth, says the French government should know who they are. Let me tell you this: we western european autochtons KNOW who you are. You are lying, cheating, deceiving, criminal parasites.

  2. I was just thinking of ways of embarassing marxist media like BBC and ABC, you know like prank setup to show them up for what they are.
    Then I thought I would probably be arrested if I succeeded. Still I like the idea.
    For example I remember the story of woman who claimed to be jewish and wrote a book. After winning a lot of prizes and awards she revealed that in fact she was not jewish. As you can imagine there was uproar and she was promtly stripped of her government sponsored awards and outcast. It caused the PC crowd much embarrassment.
    Im sure there are many ways to embarrass bbc/abc/cbc. I love to see them exposed.

    The are a lot people in Australia who are ignorant of the facts about France, when I try to explain they usually dont believe me. These media blackouts dont help.
    PS no mention of French riots in tonights msm news.

  3. BBC = government funded propaganda wing. Can anyone tell me the difference between the BBC and North Korea TV, (aside from the fact that North Korea TV actually tells the truth once in a while)?

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