Jewish Americans at the olympics

Notice they didn’t ask for special clothing, to have the toilets positioned a certain way for them, to force people to eat Kosher foods that do not want it or did not request it or any other component of Jewish life or culture. Instead… they do this

This is the way to make your mark at the Olympics.

GO U.S.A.!!

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  1. Jews demand nothing but contribute so much.
    Muslims demand much but contribute nothing.

    If I could I would separate the World into two halves with a force field separating the two that no man can pass, nor man-made weapons or vehicles.
    In one half would be all the Jews, Christians and any person believing in truth, freedom of speech and justice.
    In the other half would be all the Muslims, Leftists, Liberals, Socialists and so on.
    The force field would operate for one hundred years, after which it would be dropped so that each half can observe the other.
    I suspect that the Judeo-Christian half would see great advances in technology and medicine. In the other half I would expect to see a total Caliphate, evidence of many wars and all the Lefties murdered or enslaved.
    If I had a wish, that would be it!

  2. And that’s how you dance the Hava Nagila folks!

    Meanwhile a Muslim woman in martial arts will get to compete with her veil forcing her opponent to grapple with the damned thing.

  3. A Muslim woman who has exactly no qualifications as an athlete at all once agian showing how islam dumbs down the whole world in every way.

    I mean its a lose lose for whoever competes against her. If you beat her, then you beat a poor helpless hijab wearing unqualified untrained Muslim woman. And if she beats you, then the headline reads just as badly for you or worse.

    It is like the man who fights a woman. It is a disaster either way.

    Not only should real countries get out of the UN and form a league of democratic states with the G8 and India and Brazil but it should start the democratic games and get out of the Olympics. Then we can position our toilets any way we want and all participants will actually know how to use them.

  4. I like your idea Eeyore, as I stated earlier the UN grew out of the allies in WWII, since we all see a major war coming (I hope we all see it) it is doubtful if the UN will survive the war and will be replaced by some organization that grows out of the allies who win the coming war.

  5. “Softly Bob” said “Jews demand nothing but contribute so much.
    Muslims demand much but contribute nothing.”

    I hope you don’t mind if I borrow that & use it, it’s brilliant.

  6. When*Pigs*Fly:

    Feel free. There is no copyright on ideas when in the business of counter-jihad. All for one and one for all.

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